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Publication numberUS1525745 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1925
Filing dateApr 2, 1924
Priority dateApr 2, 1924
Publication numberUS 1525745 A, US 1525745A, US-A-1525745, US1525745 A, US1525745A
InventorsChauncey T Keefer
Original AssigneeChauncey T Keefer
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Original package for cigars or cigarettes
US 1525745 A
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C. T. KEEFER ORIGINAL PACKAGE FOR CIGARS OR CIGARETTES Filed April 2, 1924 Patented Feb. 10, 1925 -onnoiiirsiz tr. steam, or smarosmmvmsny, Marceau.

omemimmemea ron crenns on creamer-rs.

Application fileam rn 2,1924. cseriarinbxtosrsr.

To all whom it may ooncemt.-

Be it known that I, Citnunoizr T. Kn'ernn, a citizenof theUnited States, residing at Stanford University in the i county 'o'ii Santa Clara and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improveinents 1n Origlnal Packages for Cigars or Cigarettes, of which the "tollowlng 1s a specification.

Tobacco products, particularly cigarettes, have been heretofore packed :IlIl original 1 packages preferably of: a flexible;paper constructlon, the packages being torn opem at their ends to 'per1nit1ac'cess "to :behad to the cigarettes and to admit of their beingwithdrawn endWise therefrom. :These packages have inany a 'disa-dvantages,E the -:-most perti nent being that' after the end isvonceitorn open, the cigarettes drop therefromztthr(nigh the opening and become'daniaged and unfit for use; another being that when but' two or three cigarettes remain in-the package,

the body of the package is" not sufiicie'nti to prevent the cigarettes from becoming broken, due to the collapsing and twisting of the side Wallsoi the package. wBoXesin the form of originalpackages have? been employed, each consistingot ua-receptacle part and a lid, the cigarettes being=positio-ned in the receptacle part insupernnposed layers and removable therefrom by a side- Wise movement on the raisingof the lid: and

the holding of the receptacle in a substan tially horizontal position.

The object of my 1nvent1on isfto provide an original package for cigarettes which is attractive and novel, diiieringtrom the conventional forms now in use,-a1;1dwhich may be cheaply manufactured,rand which when opened is held wvith its taces in a substantially vertical plane :presen'ting the cigarettes to the smoker 'iir an endwise position in a manner similarto that presented by the use of the more expensive cigarette cases. Another object'-is -to provide an original package whioh is, relatively; flat, and which will fitwithini't hefcoat or vest pocket without bulging, and one Which Willf'prevent the cigarettes from 'being 'damaged eithe when t e rec p acle s filled r ne rly empty.

My improved original container for to bacco products, particularly cigarettes, consists of a substantially rigid package of paper, board or composite material construction consisting of complementary half sec- ',hinge1d-'po'rtion resting in-the palm of the a hand between the thumb wand finger, -and with the construction in a substantial lyvertical position, thus admitting of the ready rgrasping and endwisewithdrawal of the desired cigarette ivhenvthe tree edges offthe complementary half. sections are permit-ted to: separate and the *package to: become pen. It ispreferred thateach-half section of my original container be lined "with 1 a sheet of foil orWaXpaperto preserve the; humid condition of the cigarettes, and that this lining be permanentlysecuredto the receptacle sections. ,It is afurther object to; incorporate a cigarettefretaining stripdisposedparallel with the hinge portion one co-operating with each complementary section for providing a .spackagein each complementary section for retaining the cigarettes, and a further object "-is t0 Iprovifdewan elastic' retaining means preferably sebured to the exterior surface of one complementary section forstretching A to "embrace both sections and retain 1 their meeting edges mama when it isdesired to maintain the package closed,

TVViththeabove nientioned and other ob- Hjectsin' viewfthe invention consistsin the :no'vel construction 'and combination of parts whereinafter described, illustrated in the accompanying draWings,%-and-set 't'orth in the claimshereto appended, it beingunderstood -=that various changes inthe form, propor- -t-ion,-siz e' and mino-r details of construction Within'the scope of the claimsinay be resorted to -Without departing from the spirit or-sacrificing any of thefiClvantages ot "the invention. p

iT0ffl1OI'B'fLl11y comprehend the invention, reference is directed to the accompanying draw ngs Wh rein:- i

Figure 1 is a View in perspective of the preferred embodiment of my invention disclosing the receptacle in closed position.

Figure 2 is a view illustrating the receptacle in opened position and disclosing one complementary section containing cigarettes, and the other one empty.

Figure 3 is a cross sectional view disclosing the manner of arranging the cigarettes in the respective coniplen'ientary sections, the dotted lines indicating the elastic rctaining member.

Figure 4- is a view in detail section of one of the complementary sections illustrating the lining and disclosing an out-turned peripheral edge.

Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 4- illustrating an inturned peripheral edge.

In the drawings, wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts, the numerals l and 1 designate the complementary receptacle sections each consisting of side walls 3 and end walls 2 disposed at substantially right angles from the face of the back or bottom wall at of the respective sections. The walls 2 and 3 connect at their ends and are preferably disposed at right angles to each other. The complementary sections 1 and 1 may be of built up structure or may be cast or moulded from composite or pulp material, cheapness and rigidity in manufacture determining the exact construction to be employed commensurate with the size of the package desired. The side walls 3 of the complementary sections 1 and 1 are hinged together as at 5 by a flexible strip uniting the sections to form a container or package so constructed that the edges of the remaining side wall 3 and end walls 2 of the complementary sections will contact as in Figure 3 when the sections are moved to closed position. Each section is provided with a lining 6 of suitable flexible sheet material, such as foil or wax paper to preserve the quality of the contents of the package, and this sheet material is securely held in position in the respec tive complementary sections as by adhesive or glue or in any other suitable manner. Uniting the free edges of the end walls 2 of the respective sections 1 and 1 with their edges disposed parallel with the axis of the hinge strip 5 are the cigarette retaining strips 7 of any suitable material such as paper. These strips retain the cigarettes within the respective complementary sections 1 and 1 in parallel relation with one end disposed adjacent to the hinge strip 5, this arrangement positioning the. other end of each cigarette adjacent that edge of the respective sections removed from the hinge strip. A suitable means for retaining the complementary sections in closed position is employed and in this embodiment the same consists of an elastic 8 held to one of the sections in any suitable manner as at 9, and the elastic is adapted to be stretched around the complementary sections when the meeting edges thereof are in contact to retain the receptacle in closed position. Any suitable printed or advertising matter 10 may be associated with the exterior surface of the package.

The package being assembled as in the drawings and the cigarettes being packed therein as illustrated, the operator in using the package removes the elastic 8 from around both complementary sections, positions the hinged portion of the sections in the palm of one hand, and opens the receptacle by separating the free edges of the complementary sections from each other. This presents to the smoker two rows of cigarettes in endwise relation and admits of his selection and endwise withdrawal of the desired cigarette from the package.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Let ters Patent of the United States is:

An original package for cigarettes or the like comprising two complementary half sections, a flexible strip uniting said sections along one edge and constituting a hinged connection, each half section comprising a self sustaining fibrous body including a bottom and side and end walls extending at substantially right angles therefrom with the co-operating ends of the side and end walls disposed at substantially right angles to each other, providing a receiving recess in each section, the peripheral edges of each side and end wall contacting when the half sections are in closed position, a strip of material disposed parallel with the hinge forming strip and uniting the free edges of opposing walls of the respective sections and extending across the respective recesses for retaining cigarettes in said recess in parallel relation, an endless elastic member secured to one of the half sections and adapt ed for stretching to embrace the hall sections and retain the same in closed position with their edges in meeting relation, and a moisture proof lining covering the inner face of each half section said lining secured to the peripheral edges of said half sections.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.



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