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Publication numberUS1525786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1925
Filing dateJun 14, 1922
Priority dateJun 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1525786 A, US 1525786A, US-A-1525786, US1525786 A, US1525786A
InventorsWilliam E Waldo
Original AssigneeSamuel E Starr
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Gas outfit
US 1525786 A
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Patented Feb. 10, 1925.


1,525,78e PATENT oFFlcE.

oHio, Assrenoia cnous-HALF rro SAMUEL E. STARR,

or roLnDo, onro.

Application ledlfunc 14, 1922. Serial No. 568,104. v

To ZZ Iwhom t may concern:

`Be it known that I, WILLIAM E. WALDO, a citizen of the United States `of America, re

j q siding at Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, have invented new and useful Gras Outfits, of

j which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to` gas generating outfits. j j This invention has utility when embodied `as a braaing or soldering gas installation from the fluid fuelsource,`having more particular adaptation as a` piece of dental equipment. Y i

Referring to the drawings j Fig 1` is a side elevation of a portable liquid fuel generating outfit for dental use; j

Fig. 2 is a section on an enlarged scale of the carbureter of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a section on the line III-III li`ig.2.` i

Woot bellows 1 may, through line 2, supply air under pressure. This pressure air line has branch 3 past adjustable valve 4l to carbureter 5. This carbureter 5 comprises a main lower chamber 6 having spiral wick 7 therein. Lateral extension 8 provides filling opening 9, which, when the liquid fuel, as gasoline, is supplied thereto vmay be closed by cap 10. While the wicking 7 as attached to diaphragm or partition 11 tends to hold such against this top partition to form a tight tortuous or spiral way 12 over the liquid fuel or gasoline 13 therebelow, the side walls of the wicking serve by capillary attraction to lift this liquid fuel. This wicking extends practically tothe bottom of the chamber 7 so that the fuel may be used well down from olie-half `full without opening a short circuitbetween the line 3 and the outlet 14.

The current of air from the pressure supply line 3 is in communication `outside the spiral wicking 7 and such air tends largely to travel along the spiral way, although some portions thereof may go through the wick walls. In either event this air travel serves to pick up the liquid fuel at a rate to enrich this air supply. This carbureted fuel passes from the carbureter chamber 7 by opening 14 in the wood partition 11. This wood partition 11, while desirable for mounting the wicking 7, may not be as eifective for isolating the chamber 7 from balancing or stabilizing chamber 15 and accordingly adjacent this partition 11 there may be placed a supplementary sheet met-al partition 16.

lnmaking this `housing 5, such may be produced as a light weight` structure for the `eneral housing, and this partition 16 be formed of light gage sheet metal as galvanized sheet iron. This duct 14 through the partition l1 passes into the balancing chamber 15 through opening 17 in the partition 16.V

The pressure supply line 2 has main portion 18 adjacent the branch 3 from which may flow past adjustable valve 19 air supply by way of line 2O disposed inthe balancing chamber 15 vin a position over and in proximity sufliciently past the duct 14, 17, from the carbureter.chamber (i to have injector action in accelerating or drawing the fluid fuel into the balancing chamber 15. Remote from this line 20 and preferably back from the outlet therefrom is discharge line 21, the iiow of gas into which frointhe balancing chamber 15 may be adjusted by'valve 22. This line 21 extends to burner 23 which is preferably of a type having main or central supply 24thereto as constant or non-adjustable, while valve 25 may adjust the flow of air and fuel in line 26 as an annular series of jets about the central jet of the burner 23. Accordingly, by adjusting the valve 25 in the branch 26, the burner 23 may be changed from a slender or needle type of flame when this branch 26 is fully closed to a broader or fatter flame, as branch 26 is open. This valve also adjusts the central needle flame. Accordingly, the burner has adjustments for reaching into or locating very minute places to heat or weld, as in a small place in a tooth, or back ina honeycomb radiator for automobiles, or it may be opened out for a larger heating.

Adjustments at the burner at the carbureter or fluctuations in the pressure air supply, say as due to the intermissions in the pumping of the bellows 1 may be stabilized to work only gradual changes in the flame at the burner due to the mixing' and stabilizing action of the supplemental chamber 15.

What is claimed and it is desired to secure by United States Letters Patent is 1. A. gaseous fuel mixture delivery means provided with a central delivery duct, a surrounding adjustable delivery duct, a mixing chamber from which the delivery ducts are supplied, a pressure air supply for the mixing chamber havingbranehes in parallel, and a liquid fuel chamber in one of said branches.

2. )L 'gaseous fuel miXture delivery means provided with two delivery ducts, oneadjustable as to the other, a pressure air supply for the ducts, said supply having` a branch, and a definite continuous course duct-providing fuel supply in said branch, whereby there majT be uninterrupted flow in each branch.

A gaseous fuel mixture delivery means provided with tivo delivery in parallel ducts, one adjustable as to the other, al pressure air supply for the ducts, said supply having a brzuufhn aud a fuel supply in said branch, said fuel supply provided with an youtlet and said pressure supply havin an opening adjacent said outlet for injector action upon the fuel supply.

4. ,fr carbureter embodying a definite continuous open tortuous air passage as a liquid fuel reservoir providing a gaseous Wayeover the liquid fuel and provided with a fuel cairrying air outlet from said Way, and a pressure air line adjacent said outlet as an injector for accelerating the fuel laden air Withdrawal from the Way.

5. A carburetor embodying, a Wick chamber as a fuel reservoir, means providing a nori'ual fiow of a gas through the chamber to an outlet, and aninjector -disposed to provide a blast adjacent said outlet for accelerating fuel Withdrawal from said chamber.

6. A ycarlmretor 'embodying a fuel chamber, there being a Wick in said chamber providing a definite continuous terminally open tortiious air way above the fuel with the chamber providing' lthe remaining` sides of said way along said fuel, a second balancin chamber in coi'i'nnunication with the first or fuel chamber, saidsecond chamber coacting to stabilize fuel delivery, ,and a pressure air supply having a branch to each chamber.

7. Av carburetor embodyingV a fuelchamber, there being a wick in said chamber providing a definite continuous terminally open tortuous air Way above the fuel with vthe chamber providing the remaining -sidesyof saidway along said fuel, a second .balancing chamber 'in communication With the first or fuel chamber, said second chamber coacting to stabilize fuel delivery, and a pressure air supply having a branch to each chamber, said branch to the secondjchamber being disposed `as tothe communicationl between the chambers to accelerate flow from the first chamber into the second chamber.

In Witness whereof 'I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification261/104
International ClassificationF23D99/00
Cooperative ClassificationF23D21/005, F23D2206/0031
European ClassificationF23D21/00B