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Publication numberUS1525943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1925
Filing dateDec 14, 1922
Priority dateDec 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1525943 A, US 1525943A, US-A-1525943, US1525943 A, US1525943A
InventorsMarble Walter B
Original AssigneeMarble Walter B
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Vanity case
US 1525943 A
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W. B. MARBLE VANITY CASE Feb. 10, 1925. 1,525,943

Filed Deo. 14 1922 1N VENTOR afm/my@ BY WM A TTORNE Y Patented Feb. 10, 1925A.



vApplication led December 14, 1922.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, l/VALTER B. MARBLE, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vanity Cases, of which the following is a specification.

Y This invention relates to vanity cases.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a compact article of the character described -and a device so constructed and arranged that toilet accessories such as rouge and powder compacts contained therein will be readily accessible.

Another object of the invention is to provide an article of the character described that is simple in construction, comprises few parts, is neat in appearance and can loe economically manufactured.

Further objects of the invention will appear from the following description taken in connection with the drawings which form a partof this application and in which,

Fig. l is an elevational view of a device of the class described showing the vanity case in open position.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of the construction shown in Fig. 1, the case being closed.

Fig. 3 isa transverse sectional elevation showing in top plan the vanity case with the cover removed and Fig. 4 is an elevational view partly broken away showing the swiveled member on which the toilet accessories or compacts are mounted. I f Y The invention briefly described comprises a vanity case consisting of a pair of hinged members such as abase member and a cover and a member mounted intermediate the base and cover and having means for securing Ythereto a plurality of `toilet accessories. 'Ihe cover has secured thereto a miror and the intermediate member is swiveled to the vanity case and has secured thereto a pair of compacts such as a rouge compact and a powder compact arranged back to back or facing outwardly. Either of these compacts may be used at will by turning the intermediate member on the swivel. In this way the user of the case can utilize one mirror when applying the rouge or the powder. Further details of the invention will appear from the following description.

The vanity case illustrated comprises a base 10 and the cover 11, these parts being Serial No. 606,844.

hinged together by complementary hinge members 12 and 13 connected by a pivot pin I4.

A mirror 15 is secured to the cover 11.

vThe toilet accessories, or in this instance,

the rouge compact 16 and powder compact 17 are carried by a disc 18 having an annular flange 19 formed thereon. The flange 19 is swiveled on a pin 2() having a head 21 disposed within the flange and a ring 22 mounted on the pivot pin 14.

The central portion of the disc 18 is dished as shown at 23 and has a central opening 24 therein.

The rouge compact 16 is placed in the,

dished portion 23 of the disc 18 and thereafter the powder compact 17 is placed in the annular flange 19, the rouge compact and powder compact being arranged back to back as shown in Fig. 2 and each of these compacts facing outwardly with reference to the disc 18.

The annular flange 19 has formed therein a groove 25 for receiving a split ring 26 and the ring 26 engages the outer peripheral portion of the powder compact and retains the powder 'compact and the rouge compact in position.

As shown in Fig. 3 the groove 25 does not extend entirely around the annular flange 19 b-ut is interrupted at 27 and 28 and therefore the ends of the split ring extend inwardly and may be engaged when it is desired to remove the ring. The disc 17 at itsV dished portion 23 has formed. thereon a pair of tabs 29 for the l 15 is then available and either of the cornpacts may be used. When it is desired to use the other compact the intermediate member is lifted and swung on its swivel pin 2O and again dropped to the position in which the shoulder 32 will rest on the flange 33 of the base 10.

invention; is capable of modification andl that changes in the construction and inthe arrangement oit theV various cooperating parts may be made Without departing from;

the spirit or scope of the invention as expressed in the following claims.

l.' A vanity case comprising acasingconsisting of a pair of members, and a member sWiV'elcdf'intermediate said casing members andwhaving toilet accessories secured -to its opposite faces.

A vani-tycase comprising a casing consist-ingof` a pair of members, anda member disposed intermediate said casing members and reversible about one-o its diametersfand having toilet accessories secured to its opposite faces.

A" vanity case comprising a casing consisting of a pair of hinged members, vand a member sW'iveled intermediate said casing members and `having toilet accessories secured to its; opposite faces.

e. A vanity case comprising` a casing consisting of a pair of members, and a'member swiveled lintermediate said casing members and having toilet accessories secured to its opposite faces, one of the casing'members having a mirror.

A- vanity case comprising a casing consisting of a pair of hinged members, a-member swiveledintermediate said members, a mirror secured to' one of the casing members, and means for securing compacts'tov said intern'iediate member-,arranged 'back to back.

6. 'A vanity case comprising a casing consisting offa pair of'hinged members, a'member swiveled lintelunediate said members to the hinged connection therebetween, a mirror secured to one'o-ffthecasing members, and means `for securing compacts to said intermediate member, arranged back to back.

7. A vanity case comprising a 'casing consisting of a pair ot hinged-members, a member swivel'ed intermediate said members' to and pivot-ed on the hinged 'connection therebetween,- a mirror secured to one of the casing members, land means for securing compacts to said intermediate member, ar-

Ysisting ot a pair ohinged members, a membermo'unted ii-itermediate` said members, and reversible about one of its diameters a mirror secured to one of the casing members, and means for securingcompacts to said intermediate member, arranged back to back.

9. A vanity casecomprising abase membervand a cover -memberhingedthereto, a member swiveled vto said hinged connection, a: mirror-1secured -to the coverv member 4and means for securing 'a pairf oi compacts to said swiveled member,- arranged back to bach.

l0. A vanity case comprising abase member;A and a cover Amember 'hinged thereto, a member swiveled"=to2and.fpivoted on said hinged connection, a -mirrorf secured to the covermember and-means for securingmapair oit'- c'onjpacts to` ysaid sWiveled-fmember, arranged back to back.

-11.- A vanity case cox'np'risinga.- casing consisting or' a base andE acover-or said base adapted yto engage. yandclose on said base and a member lmountedin; said casing', said member having an openingfwithadished edge for receiving-fa comp-act.andfmeansvtor securinganother compact -to said member, ar- 'anged-b'aek-to back With said firstcompact, Saidecuring meansand Icompact -secured therebyy coacting -to secure said first compact in the dished opening.

l2. In a vanity case, asWiveled member, andmeans Jfor securing apair of c ompacts to `said member, facing in opposite directions.

13. Ina vanity case, arswiveled member, andy single `means for secu-ring -a pair Aof compacts to said member, -facing in opposite directions.

liluA vanity case comprising abase, a

coverehinged -thereto,ga disc pivoted to and sWiveled on the hinged connection between the basevand cover, andfa pair of compacts arranged back to` back and secured to said disc.

In Witness whereof, Il have hereunto `set my hand this 2nd day of December', 1922. l/VALTER- B. MARBLE.

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U.S. Classification132/295
International ClassificationA45D33/00
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