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Publication numberUS1526341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1925
Filing dateApr 1, 1924
Priority dateApr 1, 1924
Publication numberUS 1526341 A, US 1526341A, US-A-1526341, US1526341 A, US1526341A
InventorsCerretta Jeans Walter
Original AssigneeLeeds Kinematograph Repairing
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Amusement apparatus
US 1526341 A
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F b, 17. 1925. 1,526,341 W. C. JEANS AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed April 1, 9 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Feb. 17. 1925.

1,526,341 W. C. JEANS AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed April 1, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 17 4o 49 40 49 /0 49 I \n K\n 1i-\r// Patented Feb. 17, 1925.




YApplicationfiled-April 1,' 1924,9 Serial No. 703,414.

Be it known thatI; MTALTERHGERRETTA" Janus; a subject o t the King of Great Britain, oi? *Tlie Panoptican, 22 New Market improvements in Amusement Apparatus,

of which the following is-a specification;

paratus, and has for its chief objectto-provide forthe.=p-laying'or directing of balls by means of a liquid charged pistol.

'According to the invention the pistol is adapted to be charged with fluid, the discharge of which may be governed or con trolled by a valve released by hand operated devices to start the flow of fluid through the pistol. The apparatus may also comprise a water tank or like receptacle wherein the ballsto be played normally float on the water or rest on the bottom of the receptacle and wherein on the insertion of a coin or token clockwork or like mechanism of the pistol. The coin or token on dropping may fall into a cup or on to a tray capable of releasing a brake associated with the clockwork or other mechanism to allow a cam to operate a lever connected to a valve and the construction and timing of the cam will be such as to allow the lever to return to its normal inoperative position after a predetermined interval. The pressure of each charge of fluid to the pistol may be governed or controlled by a small motor and pump or other appropriate mechanism and a weight or spring may be employed for returning the actuating lever after operation by the cam.

In order that the invention may be cleary understood and readily carried into effect the same will now be more fully described with the aid of the accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a side elevation of the water pistol showing the hand operated valve mechanism in dotted lines for controlling the discharge of the fluid from the pistol.

Figure 2 is a plan view of'Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a diagrammatic end of a portion of amusement apparatus showing the application of the invention.

Figure at isan enlarged view oi a detail hereinafter referred to.

1 This ainvention relates to amusement apposition when released.

may be released for controlling the charging Referring to thetdrawings, 10' isthe water pistol having assoclatedvuth 1ta-valve-11 mounted in. a cylinderor casing 12',thro-ugh which i the fluid medium for charging the pistol passes "from air-inlet or service pipe 13 and thence through the tube-14E to the barrel=oi"the--pistol16. The valve- 11 for controlling? the fluid entering the pistol 10 may be actuated by thetrigger 15, a linl: lfi secured to the outer extremity- 01 the rod' of valve- 11 1 connectingthe trigger and pistol and a spring (not shown) serving to return the valve or trigger to its normal bracket 1O upon which the pistol 10 is pivotally mounted at 16 is formed with ciroular slots 16 cut in the base portion and the pistol 10 is provided with a orresponding slot whereby lateral adjustment of the pistol may be obtained, the vertical adjustment about the pivot 16 facilitating the aim of the pistol being determined. Thus, as indicated in Figure 3 the pistol may be used to play or direct balls 17 floating on water in or resting on the bottom of the tank 17 A up an inclined board, chute or channel 18 through openings 19. In this connection a series of pistols 10 or any other number served from a common service pipe may be employed and coin-freed mechanism may be utilized to release or open the fluid supply valve 20 in the main pipe 13. The coin-freed mechanism may consist of a coin chute 21 for guiding the coin or token into a cup or the like 22 secured to a lever When the lever 23 is depressed a rod or arm 24 thereon releases an escapement ot the clockwork mechanism 2 1 whereby a cam 25 adapted to be driven thereby is brougl'it into action to open the valve 20 through the medium of levers 26. During the rotation of a wheel or disc 27 a projection 28 thereon comes into contact with a depending arm 29 on the cup 22 the latter will be opened and the penny released whereupon the lever is returned to its normal position and the cup closed by a spring 30' for the reception of a further coin, at the same time the cam 25 allows the valve 20 to be closed under the action of the weight 31. Figure t is a modification showing how the valve 20 may be operated by a spring plunger 32 connected to the lever 33 of the valve 20 and provided with a bowl 34: resting on the cam As shown the 25. It will be understood that the number of fluid pistols employed may be varied and then the pistols may be charged either independently or collectively as shown in Figure 3. The fluid for charging the pistol may be either water or compressed air, and means may be provided for regulating the time allowed after charging for the balls. The apparatus is used for testing the skill of the player getting the balls through the openings above referred in a given time. Prizes may be awarded, the balls are played through said openings, and returned to the attendant. Thus, the balls may be different colours or otherwise distinguished to represent varying values.

I claim 1. Amusement apparatus comprising a fluid shooting pistol, a receptacle associated with said pistol, balls in said receptacle associated with said pistol, mechanism for controlling the charging and release of said pistol and coinfreed apparatus for operating said mechanism.

2. Amusement apparatus comprising a water pistol, a tank containing water, balls floating on the water, openings at the back of the tank through which the balls may be directed by the fluid discharged from the pistol, means whereby the aim of the pistol may be adjusted, valves associated with the pistol for allowing the fluid to enter the pistol, mechanism for controlling the release of said pistol and coin freed apparatus for releasing said mechanism.

3. Amusement apparatus coi'nprising a water pistol, coinfreed apparatus associated with said pistol, clockwork mechanism released by said coin'l reed apparatus, valves associated with said pistol for allowing the water to enter the pistol, and cam mechanism for controlling the opening of said valves.


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