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Publication numberUS1526440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1925
Filing dateMar 19, 1924
Priority dateMar 19, 1924
Publication numberUS 1526440 A, US 1526440A, US-A-1526440, US1526440 A, US1526440A
InventorsSkaruda Mary
Original AssigneeSkaruda Mary
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Hair dress
US 1526440 A
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M. SKARUDA Feb. 17. 1925.

HAIR DRESS Filed March 19, 1924 Patented Feb. 17, 1925.


my SKABUDA, 0]? m3, ILLINOI8.


a nmionmea mu 19, 1594. serial No. 700,400.

To all whom it may concern: p

Be it known that. I; MARY SKARUDA, a citizen of the United States, residin at Riverside, in the county ofCook and tate I of Illinois, have invented new and useful Iymiprovements in Hair Dress, of which the C hair. A woman Wearing this hair dress need notcut or bob her hair to produce the l6 effect of bobbed hair.

Another object of this invention is to provide a hair dress of this character which permits the removal of the hair from the supporting comb.

A still further object contemplates a comb construction which permits attachment of locks of hair in spaced iiilation to one another; that is, the separate locks of hair maybe attached to the desired parts of the i 2!! comb.

With these and other objects in view,

my invention resides in the novel combine tion andconstruction of the parts and members shown in the accompanying drawing,

7 described in the following specifications and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

Referring to the drawings in which like reference characters indicate like, or cor-;-

responding parts Figure I is a view of a hair dress embodying one form of my invention. Figure 2 is a cross section of .Figure 1 taken on line 2-2, and Figure 3.

Q is an illustration showing the manner in which the invention may be worn to simulate'bobbed hair.

Referring to the illustrations, 10 indicates an arcuate comb formed generally of a body of an inverted U cross-section, forming an outer face 10 and an inner face 10.

The outer facelO of the comb is prorid-Q ed with upwardly bent teeth 10 and the inner face 10 is provided with downwardly extending teeth 10 preferably comparatively longer than the teeth 10 and extendin below them. The hair 12 may be inserted in the teeth 10 in one unit or look or in separate locks in any desired spaced rela- 7 tion. The teeth 10 securelyihold the comb 10 and the hair 12 in the wearers hair and in a manner concealing the supporting teeth 10*.

It ,will be readily observed by reference to the drawing that the hair 12 could be attached in separate looks A with the B portion omitted, or. that the locks of hair indicated by A could be omitted and onl the B portion supported from the com teeth 10. In other words, the locks of hair can be sup rted in the comb teeth 10 in any desir arrangement.


- -1. A hair dress, eomprisin a comb having an arcuate body, said ha y having a set of upwardly bent integral teeth concealed from the outer view of said body, and a seoond'set of teeth integral with said body also concealed from exterior view arranged tosu port the comb in the wearers hair, said rst named set of teeth adapted to retain locks of hair.

2. A hair dress as embodied in claim 1 and including said locks of hair mounted in spaced relation.

- 3. A'hair dress, comprisin a comb having an arcuate body of su stantially inverted U-shaped cross-section, the outer facei of saidibody having upwardly bent integral teeth, the lnner face of said body having downwardly disposed integral teeth for supporting the comb in the wearers hair, said teeth on said outer face adaptedto retain locks of hair and' being concealed from exteriorview.

In witness whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification132/105, 132/54, 132/142, D28/92
International ClassificationA41G5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41G5/004
European ClassificationA41G5/00C