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Publication numberUS1526541 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1925
Filing dateDec 26, 1923
Priority dateDec 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1526541 A, US 1526541A, US-A-1526541, US1526541 A, US1526541A
InventorsGroth William J
Original AssigneeGroth William J
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Fireplace heater
US 1526541 A
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Feb, 17. 1 925. 1,526,541

w. J. GROTH FIREPLACE HEATER Filed Dec. 26, 1923 mg g FIGJ.

Patented Feb. 17, 1925.

. uiurrsn STATES.



Application filed Deceinherzfi, 1923. Serial No. 635;;655.

To all. whom it may concern Bezit known that I, Yfni inmr J. Gno rn, a citizenmof the United ,States,residing at Los Angeles, in the county of Los rrngeles and State of California, have, invented certainnewi and useful Improvements in FireplaceHeaters, of which the following is a specification.

'lhisinvention is a heater for use in connection with an open fireplace, and-consisting of an air chamberor conduit receiving fresh air from a suitable source,

antler-ranged so as to presentthe maximum surface to the heatfrom the, fireplace, and having means creating the necessary draft through,.thefireplace while maintaining the heattherefrom in intimate contact with the surface of said air: chamber, in order to thoroughly heat the fresh air passing through thesanie, the heated air being discharged from the, air chamber at a point above the; fireplace.

It is the object of the v invention to position the air chamber at the back of the fireplace, and extending across the smoke flue fordisoharge, into a conduit having an open ing therefrom into the room at a point above the vfireplace, the; portioniof the air chamber extending; across the smoke flue being arranged-to permitthe smoke being drawn intothe-flue, and the portion of said air chamber communicating with the hot air conduit having means for readily anchoring the {sarneso as to firmly snpport the heater in place,

The invention will be readily understood from'the following description of the accompanying drawings, in which:

'Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a fireplace having the improved heater mounted therein.

Fig. 2 is a vertical section on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the heater unit.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail section on the line 22 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one of the baflles.

' A. fireplace having the improved heater mounted therein is illustrated in the drawings as a brick structure 'built against the outer wall 1 of a house. The fireplace includes a rear wall of substantial thickness and sides 2 and top 3 extending outwardly from the rear wall and forming a usual fire space 4 in the front .of the fireplace structure and-at the basethereofr The lower portion 5 of .the .rarwall of the fireplace structure has a vertical front surface, and the upper portion 6 of said wall has a frontsurface slantingupwardly and forwardly. A smoke flue. 7 extends rearnardly through the fireplace structure at the top of the the space land over, the top of wall 6, and terminates in a vertical chimney 8 against Wall. 1 of the house.

A. vertical flue 9 is formed in wall 5, said flue opening at its upper ondinto the lire space at a point spaced below the baseof wall (7, and the lower end of the flue extends rearwardly through wall 5 and throughnall l of the house, so as to open to the outer atmospherafor the admission of fresh air.

A conduit 10 is open to the front portion. of smoke flue 7, and extends upwardly lhrouglrthc fireplace structure and thence outwardly therethrough, so as to open into the room in which the fireplace is built, at a point spaced above the, fire space 4.

The heatenmounted in the fireplace as thus described, is a box like structurebaving front and rear walls 11 and 12, and side walls 13 and uppeli end ,wall l, the lower end of the structuredbeingi open.

This box, like structure is mounted against wall 6, the front lower edge of the structure resting upon a ledge 15 formed upon wall 5 atthe base of fiue opening 9, so that the lower. open end of the structure is received against wall 5 and over the opening of rfiue 9, for discharge of fresh air from said flue into the heating box.

The upper end Wall 14: of the heating box is at the upper end of wall 6 and at the base of the smoke flue, and transversely spaced pipes 16 project beyond Wall 14.- across the smoke flue to the end of conduit 10 which opens into said smoke flue, the spacing of said pipes permitting the free passage of smoke through flue 7 between said pipes.

A plate 17 is mounted on the ends of pipes 16 and is adapted to close the end of conduit 10, the front edge of said plate having a depending lip 18 received against the front wall of conduit 10. The rear portion of plate 17 is reversely bent as shown at 19, said reverse bend being received against the upper wall of smoke flue 7 in back of conduit opening 10, and the front edge of said of the heater is firmly held in position,

by the abutment of angle piece 1920 against the rear wall of conduit and the upper wall of line 7, and the engagement of lip 18 with angle iron 21 at the front wall of conduit 10.

In order to obtain maximum heating of the box like structure mounted against wall 6 of the fireplace, the front wall 11 of said structure is preferably corrugated so as to expose a relatively large surface to the heat from the fire in fire space 4.

As an in stance of this arrangement, the front wall 11 may be stepped as clearly shown in Fig. 2, so as to expose a series of alternate horizontal and vertical surfaces 23 and 2a to the heat from the fire.

In order to maintain the heat in intimate contact with the stepped surface of wall 11, a series of baffles 25 are mounted in spaced relation in front of the vertical surfaces 24 of said wall. These ballies are preferably also spaced from the horizontal surfaces 23 of the wall, in order to provide a draft opening between the baflles and the heating box.

The mounting for the battles is illustrated as comprising arms 26 projecting from wall 11 at the horizontal surfaces 23 and at the respective sides of fire space 4, the baffles having apertures 27 adapted to receive hooks 28 at the ends of the arms for removably supporting the baffles in place.

By the improved construction as thus de scribed, the heater may be readily mounted in place and firmly anchored in position, the heating surface of the conduit for fresh air being adapted for maximum heating thereof, due to the large surface which is exposed to the heat from the fire, and the arrangement of the baffles-maintaining the heat in intimate contact with said heating surface.

It will be apparent that various changes may be made in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts as thus described, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Vhat is claimed is:

1. An air heating chamber adapted to be mounted in the back of a fireplace, and a plurality of battles supported by said heating chamber in. front of the front wall thereof and spaced outwardly from said front wall, said ballies being also vertically spaced to permit direct heat radiation from said heating chamber outwardly through said fireplace between said baflles.

2. An air heating chamber for the back of a fireplace, and vertically spaced baflies in front of the front wall of said chamber and spaced outwardly therefrom.

S. An air heating chamber 'for the back of a fireplace having a front wall stepped to form alternate horizontal and vertical surfaces, and baffles in front of the vertical WILLIAM J. GROTH.

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