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Publication numberUS1526680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1925
Filing dateOct 26, 1922
Priority dateOct 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1526680 A, US 1526680A, US-A-1526680, US1526680 A, US1526680A
InventorsRees Byron
Original AssigneeRees Byron
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Toy chute
US 1526680 A
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Feb, 17. 1925.

B. REES TOY CHUTE Filed Oct. 26, 1922 Patented F eb. 17, 1925;.



Application led October 26, 1922.

To @ZZ whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, BYRON REEs,'a citizen of the United States, residing' at Salt Lake City, in the county of Salt Lake and State of Utah, have invented certain new and use 'ful Improvements in Toy Chutes, ot which the following is a speciiication.

My invention relates to a toy for small children and is intended, more particularly, for indoor use. It is constructed in the form of a chute for the children to slide down on.

In the accompanying drawings, one embodiment of the invention is illustrated, and

Figure 1 shows a side elevation of the toy chute erected and in part section;

Figure 2 a top plan view ot Figure 1.

VThe toy consists of a chute proper 10, which is constructed in the shape of a straight channel with a iiat bottom 11 and upright sides 12.A The bottom extends from the lower end of the chute, as at 12, to within a short distance,V as at 13, ot the upper Aends ot the sides 12. In this manner a pair of arms 18 projecting upwardly from the chute are provided, one on each side of the flat bottom. The entire chute is, preferably, niade of wood of a length ot about five feet, but it is evident that any other suitable material or combination of materials may be utilized. The bottom 11 of the chute may consist ot a plain board well polished or it may be covered by some suitable material such as canvas.

At intervals, cross slats 14 are provided on the under side of the bottom 11 and studs or eyelets 15 projecting from the sides 12, are furnished in one or more pairs along the sides, as best seen in Figure 1.

The other main part of the toy consists of a ladder 16, which includes a pair of uprights 17 placed apart to tit snugly between the arms 18 of the chute 10 in order to give side support to the entire structure. The ladder has a number of flatsteps 19 secured at each end in the uprights 17 and is, preferably, of the same depth as the latter. A bottom 20 is also furnished for the ladder to prevent accidents. when the children are climbing to the top. It will thus be seen that the children cannot fall though the .ladder or get their feet` entangled in the steps.

At 21 are shown journals carrying a Serial No. 597,012.

pair of braces 22. These braces are, preferably, made of iron rods terminating with hooks 23 intended to engage the studs 15 on the chute 10. It will be evident, that, by placing the hooks 23 over the lower studs 15, a steeper incline of the chute will be obtained, than it the hooks engage the upper pair of studs 15.

At the apex of the angle formed between the bottomv 11 of the chute and the bottom 20 oit the ladder are secured one or more hinges 24 to make a firm connection between the chute and the ladder at this point and to keep the two from coming apart when folded, atter the braces 22 have been unhooked from the studs 15. In folded position the toy will take up very little room so that it mzy conveniently be stowed away in a wardro e.

As already described, this toy is intended for indoor use for small children up to six years of age and is constructed so that the children, in using it, will not be in danger of injuring themselves, particularly it the toy is erected on a rug or carpet. The climbing up the ladder will give the children considerable exercise and the sliding down the chute will naturally be a source of great amusement to them.

The upper ends of the sides ot the ladder 16 extend to some distance above the top step in order to form arms 25, which the children will grip, when arriving at the top of the ladder and hold on to until, after stepping over the top step, they are ready to slide downthe chute 10. The bottom end ot the ladder 16 is, preferably, provided with a pair of sideways extending feet 2G in order to prevent the toy from falling over sideways. The proper height of the toy when erected is some three or four feet.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A toy of the class described comprising a pair of channel-shaped members hinged together at one end, one of said members being provided with a plurality of steps, braces hinged to one of said members, and spaced elements on the sides of the other member adapted to be selectively engaged with said braces for adjusting the height ot the toy.

2. A toy of the class described comprising an ascending member and a descending member, each of said members hei/ing a flat and the descending member having its sides bottom and solid upright sides thereby extending beyond the upper end of its botfoiming channels, said bottoms being hinged tom and lying against the outer sides of the togetherV :1t their upper ends,l the aeeeiiding eXended'sdes'of theascending member, and membei1 being provided with steps extendbraces connecting the members.

ing between its sides and having its sides In testimony Whereo aHiX my Signature. extending beyond the upper end ofits bottom :BYRON BEES. [L e]

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U.S. Classification472/116
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