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Publication numberUS1526853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1925
Filing dateOct 6, 1924
Priority dateOct 6, 1924
Publication numberUS 1526853 A, US 1526853A, US-A-1526853, US1526853 A, US1526853A
InventorsHarson Howard E
Original AssigneeHarson Howard E
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Carrying apparatus
US 1526853 A
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Feb; 17, 1925. 1,526fi53 H. E. PEARSON CARRYING APPARATUS Filed Oct. 6, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 nova-tot Patented 1a; 17, 1925. v lfillifilli UNITED. stares PATENT oF icu;

Hownnn n. ii-mason; or snnmnoe, rmw'yonx. onnnrme .errannmus.

Application filed October 6, 1924. Serial No. 741,963.

To all whom it may concern: When employingthe-device a'san apparel Be it known that I, Hownnn E, HAnsoN, checker the rails are. preferably continuous a citizen of the United States, residing at in formation as shownin Figures 1 and 2 i alamanca, in the county of Cattaraugus and permitthe carrying apparatus to movetfl 6 and State of New York, have invented thereon. i

certain new and useful Improvements in a The carrying apparatus comprises pair Carrying Apparatus, of which the follow of trucks or carriages 1-1, one of these trucks ing is a specification. 1 being mounted at the top and another at This invention relates to. improvements in the bottom portions of the apparatus and at 10 apparatus designed for carrying wearing adapted to make the same readily movable ap arel and the like from place to place. These trucks are constructed of longitudin important object of the invention is nal frame beams 12 having, vertically to provide an apparatus of this character drilled holes formed in the centralzand end adapted for use in checking wearing apparel portions thereof. The extremities of the 7o 5 and the like. frame beamsl2 carry a pair of arcuate' A further object of the invention is the bumper plates 13 bolted or otherwisefasprovision of a. device of this character tened to the frame beams and adapted to which is rotatably mounted upon suitshield the extremities' Rotatubly mounted v able rails an may be readily moved in the openings formed near the extremities thereon. o the frame beams, are U-shaymd Wheel A still further object of the invention is supporting brackets 14:, these brackets to provide an apparatus of this character having formed thereon cylindrical rods or having means mounted thereon for support pivot pins 15. These pins are ada ted to ing numerous articles of clothing, umbe snugly mounted in the openings formed brellas and the like. in the frame beams but adapted to rotate A still further object of the invention is therein. The'truck Wheels .lGarc 'otatably to provide a carrier'of this character which mounted upon axles 17 mounted in th lilmay also be employed for transporting shaped brackets 14 and are'provirled with meats and the like; cent 'alannular grooves 18 adapted to en;- Other objects andadvantages of this ingage the rail and prevent displacement of vention Will be apparent during the course the Wheel. I v of the following description. Mounted between the upper and lower In the accompanying drawil'lgs forming truckmcmbers is amain supporting post 19 a part of this specification and in which the extremities of this post carrying a pair like numerals are employed to designate of round'pivot rods 20 adapted to engage the like parts throughout the same: central openings formed in the truck frame Figure 1 is a top plan View showing my beams and permit rotation of the supporting improved carrier mounted upon a suitable post 19. This post may beqnounted rigidly rail track, 1 upon the truck beam or may be rotatably r 4.0 Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same, mounted thereon. secured to the upper por- F lgure 3 is an enlarged side elevation of 'tion of the post 19 and retained thereon by my improved carrying device, a suilablc band 21 are a plurality of bat Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional vicv: books, 22, the extremities of these hooks be taken on the line 4-e of l igure 'l, ing provided with knobs to prevent injury we Figure 5 is a horizontal sectional view to the hat placed thereon. Immediately loetaken on theline 55 of Figure 3, low the hat hooks are a plurality of angular igure 6 is a top plan view of the carriage brackets 23, these brackets being provided member, and with suitable slots 2st enabling same to env Figure 7 is perspective view of one of the umbrellas, canes and the like. These '1 supporting brackets. brackets may be secured tothe supporting In the drawings, wherein for the purpose po s by Wood screws or the like of illustration is shown the preferred em- Mounted upon the supporting post if) bodiment ofmy invention, the numeral 10 slightly above the lower-carriage member generally indicates the track rails there be 11, 1s a footwear supportlng rack 25, this 110.

mg employed a bottom and top rail conrack comprising a central strengthening structe from a common form of 'l"-irou. plate 26 the central portion thereof carrying desiring to check the same is a collar 27 adapted to snugly fit the supporting post 19 and be secured thereto by wood screws or the like. Extending outwardly from the supporting plate 26 are a plurality of angular brackets 28, the vertical extremities of these brackets being adapted to support rubbers or thelike.

Although my improved carrying apparatus is shown in the present embodiment constructed of a mono-rail type of conveyor, it is obvious that the same may be readily converted into a double track conveyor with but little change in the construction of the apparatus. The device is particularly intended to be employed as a checker for wearing apparel, the upper and lower track rails being continuous and carrying a plurality of these movable carrier members.

In using the apparatus, one of the movable carriers is placed in position adjacent the check room door, the apparel of patrons placed upon the suitable racks and brackets. The main supportingpost 19 maybe rotated in order to entirely fill each carrier, thereafter the carriers being moved about the track and an empty carrier moved adjacent the cheek roo'm door. The movable carriers may be moved along the track by being pushed or pulled by one of the attendants, or may be moved by a motor vehicle moved upon the rails. It may be readily conceived that this t pe of checker will check rooms and permit the distribution of wearing apparel to patrons in an orderly and efficient manner.

It is also conceived that the device may be employed as a carrier for meats and the ike, similar devices being commonly employed in packing houses at the present time. A slight change in the retaining brackets would place the apparatus in condition for such use providing an efl icient and durable apparatus for this work. 1

It is to be understood that the form of my invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as the preferred example of the same, and that various changes as to the size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention, or the scope of the subjoined claims.

Having thus described my invention, I;

1. A device of the character described comprising a pair of truck members, a post extending between the said truck members, brackets secured to the intermediate portion prevent confusion inof the said post, andv means for controlling movement of the said truck members. i 2. A device of the character described comprising a pair of truck. members having ro tatable elements mounted thereon, a post extending between the, said truck members, a plurality of racks and brackets secured to the said posts, and means for controlling movement of the said truck members. i

3. A device of the character described comprising upper and lower truck members, wheel members rotatably mounted upon the said truck members, a supporting post rotatably mounted between the said truck members, hat hooks mounted upon the said post, angular brackets mounted in the intermediate portion of the'posts adapted to support umbrellas and the like, a rack mounted near the lower supporting footwear-and the like, and upper and lower track rails adapted to engage the wheels of the trucks and uide the same.

A carrier of the 'c aracter described comprising a pair of truck members, grooved wheels mounted on the said truck members, a supporting postrotatably mounted between the sald truck members, wearing apparel brackets are mounted u on the said supporting post, and upper ant lower track rails adapted to engage the grooves formed in the wheels and adapted to control movement of the same.

comprising a main supporting post, rotat-- able members mounted on the said post for moving the same upon rails, and article engagin racks mounted upon the post.

6. carrier of the character described comprising a main supporting post, a pair of truck members mounted at the upper and lower extremities of the said post, wheels rotatably mounted upon the truck members having grooves formed in the central pcriphery thereof, track rails adapted to engage the grooves formed in the truck wheels, hat engaging hooks mounted upon the said post, means for supporting umbrellas and the like mounted in the intermediate portion of the said post, and a footwear rack secured to the lower portion of the post adapted to support rubbers and the like.

In testimony whereof, I have affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

HOWARD E. HARSON. Witnesses:



portion of the said posts for.

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