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Publication numberUS1527872 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1925
Filing dateSep 22, 1923
Priority dateSep 22, 1923
Publication numberUS 1527872 A, US 1527872A, US-A-1527872, US1527872 A, US1527872A
InventorsHerrick Lee F
Original AssigneeHerrick Lee F
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Surgical irrigating instrument
US 1527872 A
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Feb. 24, 1925. 11,527,872

L. F. HERRICK SURGICAL IRRIGATING INSTRUMENT Filed Sept. 22, 1923 2 Sheets-Sheet 3:

gwulrmkor F Harrie/f.

Fatented Feb. 24, 1925.



Application filed September 22, 1928. Serial No. 664,271.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Lnn F. Hnnnrorr, a citizen of the United States, residing at Mansfield, in the county of Richland and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Surgical Irrigating Instruments; andI 'do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable 0 others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

The invention has for its object the provision of a device for the irrigation of wounds and for administering enemas and douches, and which will enable the flow to be regulated or completely out off at will, and which includes means for clearing drainage tubes of matter tending to obstruct the same;

Other objects and advantages will be apparent and suggest themselves as the nature of the invention is understood.

While the drawings illustrate an embodiment of the invention it is to be understood that in adapting the same to meet different conditions and requirements, various changes in the form, proportion and minor details of construction may be .resorted to without departing from the nature of the invention.

Referring to the accompanying drawings forming a part of the application:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a device embodying the invention, y

Figure 2 is a front view thereof,

Figure 3 a rear view,

Figure 4,- a vertical, central longitudinal section showing the parts on a larger scale,

Figure 5 is a sectional detail on the line 5 5 of Figure l,

Figure 6 is a sectional detail on the line 66 of Figure at,

Figure 7 is a side view of an extension tube,

Figure 8 is an end view of a spray nozzle,

Figure 9 is a side view of a curved nozzle,

Figure 10 is a side and end View of a straight nozzle,

Figure 11 is a side and end: view of a straight nozzle having an enlarged end in which is formed a single outlet, and

Figure 12 is a side and end View of a straight nozzle having its end enlarged and provided along its sides with rows of openings.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and designated in the several. views of the drawings by like reference characters.

The numeral 1 designates the body of a device which is preferably of circular outline and flattened form and which preferably consists of cold rolled copper, nickellined and faced. Intersecting openings 2 and 3 are formed in the body 1, the opening '2 extending entirely through the body and the opening 3 terminating a short distance from an edge of the body and extending through the opposite edge and closed by means of a cap at threaded thereto and having a central opening through which passes a stem 5. A plug 6 is attached to the inner end of the stem 5 and has a piston fit within the opening 8 and is adapted to occupy a position to obstruct the opening 2 wholly or in part to entirely out off or regulate the flow of liquid through said opening. A button 7 is provided at the outer end of the stem 5 and is adapted to receive pressure from a digit of the hand when adjusting the plug 6 to regulate or cut off the flow through the opening 2. A helical spring 8 mounted upon the projecting end of the stem 5 and confined between the cap t and button 7, normally exerts a pressure to hold the plug 6 at thclimit of its outward movement and clear of the open ing 2. A spring holder 9 fast to the inner or closedend of the opening 3 projects into the latter and is adapted to enter an opening 10 formed in the inner end of the plug 6 whereby to hold the latter when moved inwardly into closed position, as shown most clearly in Figure 5. The spring holder 9 preferably consists of a split key or pin, the elements of which frictionally engage.

opposite sides of the opening 10 to hold the plug 6 when pressed inwardly.

A tubular extension 11 project-s outwardly from the body 1 in line with the opening 2 and is adaptedto have a rubber tube, not shown, fitted thereto. 12 is disposed at the opposite side of the body in line with the opening 2 and its outer end is reduced, as indicated at 13, to admit of the extension tube shown in Fig ure 7 or any one of the nozzles illustrated being fitted thereto. A finger rest 1% is located adjacent the cap 4 and the edge portion of the-body intermediate the tubular A tubular extension extension 11 and the closed end of the opening 3 is milled or roughened, as indicated at 15, to provide a thumb rest;

A barrel 16 is located opposite the thumb rest 15 and is rearwardly inclined to the" opening 2 and is in communication a-tits inner end with the tubular extension 12. A cap 17 is threaded to the outerend of thebarrel 1G and is apertured to receive a stem 18, to the inner end of which is fitted-a" plunger 19 and to the outer end of which is fitted a button' 20a Ahelical spring 21: mounted upon the proj ecting end of the stem 18 and confined between thebutton 20 and cap 17, normally holds theplunger19 at'the limit of its outward movement. The barrel 16 and plunger 19Y'constitute elements of'a syringe which is utilized' torem'ovefmatter tending to obstruct drainage tubes.

The several forms of nozzles illustrated The flow through the opening 2 maybe regulated by moving the plug 6 inwardly, to

a greater or less extent to obstruct said opening to the requlred degree. The flow may be entirely out off by pressing the plug 6 inwardly, as indicated in Figure 5, said plug being maintained in closed position by the spring holder 9; hen theopening 2 is thus completely obstructed, the'plun'ger 19 may beoperat'edtoremove' any obstruc tion in drain tube by forcing a portion of the liquid therethrough. The plug Gis provided with a vent passage 22'fo1' theescape of any liquid finding its way into theinner port-ion of the opening 3fto-admit of the closing of the opening Qwhenthe plug is pressed inwardly. The passage-'22 may consist of a groove or channelformedin a side of the plug;

hat is claimedis 1. A device of the character specified,

comprising a body having intersectingopenend, a holder for retaln ng theplug in theings, the one providing for the'flow'of a liquid therethrough, and a lating the flow of said liquid, saidplug hav ing an opening in its inner 'end, anda spring. holder adapted to enter'the' opening of the, plug and engage the same triotionally to hold the plug-in the required adjusted posi tion.

plug movable 1n the other opening for cutting otl or reguline with and at opposite ends of one of the openings, the other opening being closed at its-"inner end, a spring actuated plug within the lastmentioned opening and adapted to control the first mentioned opening and havmg an opening 1atjits inner end, and a spring holder within the closed end of the opening and adapted to frictionally engage the opening of the plug and hold the latter in the required adj usted position.

3. A device of the character specified, comprisinga body provided with intersect ing openings, a plug within one of the openings and adaptedto beproj'eoted across" the intersection of the opening to control the other opening, and a syringe mounted upon the body and in commimication with the controllable openingand adapted to remove obstructing matter from a drainage tube:

4. A device of the character} specified, comprising a fiat body'of approximatelycircular outline and" havingintersecting open-- ings, the one extending through opposite edges of the-body and havingtubular extensions in line therewith, and the other open ing being closed; at its inner end, plug having a piston fit within'the last mentioned opening-and ada-pte'd'to'control the extended" opening, a spring-norn'ially urging the plug outwardly, a holder adapted to engagethe plugand hold the same when} pressed inwardly, and a syr'ingemountedupon the body and in communication with one of said tubular extensions-"and adapted to remove obstructing matter from'a drainage tube, v

device of the character specified, comprising a flat body of approximately circular outline having intersecting openings,- one of the openil'i'gs being "closed'at its inner end and the other opening extending through o positeedges of the body and hav ing tubular extensions in line therewith, an edge portion of the "body "being roughened" to provide a thumb rest-which is disposed at one side of a tubular exten's'ion,'andsaid bodyhavin'g a' finger 'rest at the opposite side jfof -said tubtlllali 5 extension, a sp'ring "ac-" tuated-plug within the opening closed at one required adjusted position; and a syringe mounted upon the body in aninclinedposition 'and in communication with thetubular extension opposite that disposed between the thumb and fin er rests;-

Iii-testimony whereof I affix my signature 7 in" presence of two witnesses.

, LEE F. HERRIGKS- Vvitnesses T. Y MoCRoY, 1 Enrzn O's rEn.

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