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Publication numberUS1529264 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1925
Filing dateMay 4, 1921
Priority dateMay 4, 1921
Publication numberUS 1529264 A, US 1529264A, US-A-1529264, US1529264 A, US1529264A
InventorsMayers Lewis
Original AssigneeMayers Lewis
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Filing cover
US 1529264 A
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Malch l0. 1925.

L. MAYERS FILING COVER v Filed May- 4, 1921 Patented Mar. 10, 1925.

LEWIS yiinerYEIqsyoF. BRQAOKLYN., v. Yoirgigf.,

'Flims To all 'whom 'it may concern. 'i

Berjit 'known' thatmL'f'L'wis Miinnsgr' a citizenl of the'United *'Stttes, and residenti. of l265"V Clinton I Street,'.` Brooklyii,l i

5 conntyof'King's'.andStte of NewzYorkg halve invented Y'certa-in new land useful'f 1in-z proveniente in v"Filing k,(Joji'eifvs, of:` 'whichy followingfisa speciicationiz't j f j My`AE improvement has *reference :to covers used for ling correspondence or othesn' papers', andt is the purposeof niyiinprove ment-'to prowide l'a forni ofeyer whicl"will` overcome thedisadvantages encountredfin the* severalv `forms offfling covers P-now in?- use'. y

The; ordinary fform"o-ffilingcoveryknwnf as a folder, consistsas is welllkfnown merely? ofV afisingle (sheet of 'heavy paper'jfolddonce` upon itself.`1 The objections encountered'in' theuse of such- Afoldersare;Firstflpapers placed'in such folders if not carefully pntg intoI Cposition may )proj'ectifabovethef snor-tenivr or -fro'ntfpiece-- of ithe folder, xthusfobscurii1g! the-index` inscription written 'on the l'origer 25 or projecting portion of-thefolderyseeondel ly," when-it is desiredi ytoiemove the? folder iro'rn'V the. iile,y llit is usuallyf'f-taken iholdof :by the projecting portion of the widerijsection, and unless;l after'xthe folder 'has-losen: partialfli ly Y 'removed from the'le a inewsgripfisl :takenon i theffolder `at' Aa lower point,A iso-:aste .feinel brace the entirel folder/in the". lhand,v theifnia terialr-in 3 the 4fol'der is likelyl to i dropfr .rout of the folder, particularly'ifit isheavvygfolf bulky, third, when the lfolderisreturned to' the "iile, there 'is :great :fdangeni of inserting. it in vanother.giolder `instead. offbetween: twor folders;l` fourth, .z as vthe :volume 'oflfthe' material:i in the folder grows; the7 portion of the sheet required 'toi'span'such `'additional' contents resultsf inV Aa shortening` of# their two leaves of the folder, thnsbrin'ging: themJfbe-l' low the :foldersv in. frontandi` behind,'.'and' making the i pap ers Jin: such 'folder tend: to` project loeyfon'd- 'thefonlderl itselfewith the result i that the.' index iinscriptionuis obscured; and Ythe folder: itselfe becomes idifiiculti to A'105 cateor 1to remove; tifthi,.l Iowingito theifolder being open at the top whenin theiile'jithe upper exposededgesgofthe :papers inthe folder-'rare subject :to--wear,andfjtegmQ-r v In Y addition to ordinary folders',renvelopes andfks'o-called- .expanding-'for bellowsf .folders are used ias :filing "covers: While these nare commil ltr-is the purposeif;oimysdmproiement pto: f l produce a ifilingnponens-zwliich @will besresz fromrgallfthe nlojejctionsaloovefenmnerated;.I and whiiili owill'fat' the sanfietim heicapablee 9.1:: off-ibeingnproducediatv ltow'costlq 65 VViatlnthese andasiinilar 1, ob. 'ctsgiina frz'iewg-I my 1 inwentionoconsistsiin izhe'rdesigneand :a rangenrent 'sctfiforthrin fand ialling'rwtliina therscopei;ofzfhezappendedclazinsrgi and will .beennderstood.: thatf theagconstructionf shown herein .is :merely: ifoIxtheipunposenfl illustrating one Aspecific. form nf filingmoverl by means.` of/:whichf theiinLventionfiandinits principles may.:Joe;.practicedfand'thatifthereii -L i fore; ,the-finyention; is @by-:fno'zmeamsrlimited 75 tofthe partcudan-'ormiof lingcoxzenshown In;` the* accompanying drawings; iEiguregla is planeOf the-,.lingnovenibefore being4v folded.;1up; .Figure l2 giv,es;-.a ipespecbiwe, Viepwy;r of; g the; tiling cover aftenwbeing. par-1. tiaillyffoldedfup forholdngia veryiithinziset of .paper s; Figure iis aiperspegctivefyiem 0f: ihelsameifolder; shown inifp artlyf expands ed. condition for? holding@ greatenlznuinbeiz- Ofi-papers-f Figuiere; is.; perspective view corresponding i 5.130 fFigure, 3, `:but seenff fronn thefppositeisdenf Y Y t Ihev specific-:embodiment i of. :my J inventionf shownfrinftheifdrawingsi consists of fasingle' sheetaof.- cardboard.'y or :otherisimilaifimateniazl subst antially` rect'angulariv :in: shapeffdivi`dedj into Tthrxar-unjain'isections1 5,46 andai?" yka'yntwof setsfof .scoringsfglzjh i 3,1=3 f ,f Bf .f andr, AGM( f along/fa which; the. sheet r sjitogv beffol'ded vor creasediin: :a manner. hereinafter; to ibelfully describedag .f` The .Tand i one of thezzouter sisections; =;5, aarensubstantally the widtlriof 'l the papers `ninna;Xinmnnz width intended Lto ,fbefkeptf *inf the@'iitilifngl cover;- whil'e,f.1the,othen enterv sectionML-islof ai much 100 less i widtln'fitsl width- 1loenig,determi ned :by: a consider-ation# of convenience i which ci will 1 herenaftersmore clearlyffappeargeff j j 1 Along'wztheoouter edge? of *seotioniig fisv 'i formed,.iorffettachedj'; an indexitabali. n In drawer `vor cabinet.

.in excess of the distance between the inner-V most scorlngv and the outermost scoring ings, 3,3', a, 3'. and 4,. 4', 4", it may be said that the distance Vbetween the scor-V ings 3, and` and 3., 4-and 4", and 4 vand 4 Vare all equal and that between, 3'

and 3' is equal to twice the dist-anoche tween anyl two adjacent other scorings. Whilel have thus'indicated in theY draw-v l ing only three scoringsat 4 and four scor ingseat 3 it is possible to provide a greater or'less number of scorings in each set accordingto the degree of eXpandbilityl de#L sired to be provided;'.but in any case, the

relative number andspacings of the. scorings in each set will vbe determined bythe same principles followedin the ydistribution of `the scorings shown in the drawings,

lwhich principles willbe moreclearly set forth hereinafter, ,in Vconnection with the explanation ofthe -manner inV whichtbe filing .cover is folded in order to provide for a large volume of contents.

Having described the construction of the filing coverfl will nowdescribe the mani Vner in which it is'folded for use. This dep'ends upon'the thickness of the contents thatV are to be placed lin the folder. If such contents are of inconsiderable thickfness, that is to say, of a very much less Vthickness tha-n the .distance between the 4 andjthe proximate auxiliaryscoring 4, the

y filingcover is 'simplyfolded at the scorings 4 `and 3,in the same direction'at both scorings, with these'ction 7 folded overo'nly tov Y a very slight degree making a large obtuse angle with section 6, as shown in Figure 2.

The vfolder is inV this condition *ready yfor.

' the receipt of contents, such contents'being placed betweenl sectionsV74 5 and 56. The con-H tents having been placed into position, the

folds and are brought together until they arein close apposition to the contents, and section 7 Vis thenifolded completelyY Sover,

Hso that thetab -l` passes intofthe aperture 2.y

The filing cover is now ready forpla'cing in the-file, being placed .c with section7 either facing' the front orl the back of the-file (In certain. filing installations it maybe found moredesirable `6 Vand may then be readily consulted by mere'- tov place the folders in the'dr'awer'with sec'.-

tion 7 facing'to the front ofthe drawer so. "that indexing or other descriptive material,

maybe inscribed for pasted upon such* foldly 'liftingthe fold up'withoutrin any way disturbing the body of thefolder, or lits coni tents.)

Vthe cover isfolded in If 'contents to be placed in the tiling folder areY ofcmore than inconsiderable thickness. that isto say, if they lapproximate in thickness the distance between scorings 4 and 4", the tiling cover is folded in the following inannerrItisfolded as before on the main scoring14, but in addition it is also folded, Y

von' scorings 4, 3 and 3, all folds being in the same direction. Figures 3 and 4 show l perspective views of theV filing cover when thus folded. y. i n

Similarly if the Vcontents supposed to be placed in the filingY cover exceed in widthk the Adistance between scorings 4 and 4', Vthe Y scorings 4, 3 "and 3 areused, the base thusw having a widthv equal. to the distance between `scorings 4 and 4" and the .topa

width equal to the distance betweenv scor`r ings 3 andi-3', andlbothy 'widths being eq11a1? ,Y

. Iteismanifest that the iilingfolderherein described, suitably modified, as to dimen-` sions, Vpositions of scoring, etc., to .meet

changing requirements, without however. changing `the underlying principle, over comes all ofthe-objections set forth as pertaining to existing forms of filing covers 'andis" at `the same time Vinexpensive to pro-l duce, requiring only slightly more material l than Vthe presentfiling folder, and .involving no more labor in itsV production in quantity than does the present filingY folder,

inasmuch asall the scoring and cutting required can be Vperformed inione operation by the use of asingle die.

While I have herein shown anddescribed oneparticular embodiment of my invention, I'wish it to be understoodk that I do susA not confine myself'tfo ally the precise details of construction set'forth in the illustrations, as modifications an'dvariations may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention orzexceeding'thescope ofthe appendedclaims. i Y

WhatIgclaimjs: y Y x Y- 1. A filing coverf'comprisingV a series of threemain sections and one or more intermediate or auxiliary sections of relatively main sectionswhereby thel cover may be folded to interpose avariable distancefbetween/the main sections for varying the capacityiof the cover, `one' of thezmain end sectionsv having a projecting tabV for Vindexing the contents of the cover, and theother Vnarrow width,interposed'between each two` l'lv main-.end Vsection kbeing formed 'with an opening adapted to Yreceive said tab when ofdiiferent ways.

k21A filing cover consisting of av strip of sheet material forming three main sections andintermediateY.Y orauxlliary sections l.of c f relatively narrow width interposed .between each two mainlf sec/tions, whereby i the cover may be folded to interpose a variable dis-V any one of a 'plurality p l contents of the oever, and the other main day of May A. D. 1921.y

L 1,529,264 i v BI tance between the main sections for varying is folded in any one of a plurality of difthe capacity of the cover, one of the main ferentways. 1

end sections being provided along its outer Signed at New York in the county of u edge with a projecting tab for indexing the New York and State of New York this 2nd end section being formed with an opening adapted to ft over said tab when the cover Y LEWIS MAYERS.

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