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Publication numberUS1529982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1925
Filing dateMar 10, 1923
Priority dateMar 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1529982 A, US 1529982A, US-A-1529982, US1529982 A, US1529982A
InventorsElsa Bunzli
Original AssigneeElsa Bunzli
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US 1529982 A
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Patented Mar. 17, 1925.



Application filed March 10, 1923.

To @ZZ 107mm, t 72mg/ concern.'

Be it known that I, ELSA BNZLI, a citizen of Switzerland, residing at Zurich, Switzerland. have invented a new and useful Purse, of which the following is a speciiication.

rThe present invention has reference to improvements in purses and relates more speciiically to a purse of the box type, which is provided with a plurality of independently operable drawers, all of which are securable in their innermost, that is-closed, position by the shut purse cover, one or more of the drawers being spring-influenced to be pushed forward to some extent for ready access upon the. cover being opened.

In order to make my invention more readily understood, I will now describe it in detail in connection with the accompanying drawing, iu which Fig. l is a perspective top view of the box purse with opened cover; Fig. 2 is a similar view with the interior closing fiaps lifted to expose the several compartments with their drawers, and Fig. il shows two of the drawers pushed out.

The box purse may be of any suitable rigid material, for instance aluminum for its light weight and untarnishable character, and it comprises the body part l and the crcumferentially downwardly flanged rover part 2 hinged to the member l along their rear longitudinal edges. The body is subdivided into a plurality of compartments, for instance four, as shown by way of example, and in each compartment except in IV, there is provided a slidable drawerV I, II and III respectively. Two flat cover flaps and el. are hinged to the body, cach flap covering several compartments, and knobs 5 thereon facilitate handling the flaps. Between the rear walls of the body i and the drawers I and II are shown springs 6 which tend to push forward these drawers, when the lip or fiange 12 of the cover 2, which normally that is to ,say in the closed state of the purse, overhangs the upper front edge of the drawers, on opening of the cover frees the drawers.

The compartment IV, for` instance, mayv Serial No. 624,287.

on top is designed to serve as writing` surface direct or as base for writing pad, and a writing` stylus 7 ifs suitably mounted on the underside of the box cover for ready access. as shown in Fig. l. The pocket 8,

preferably of the bellows type, may be used to hold visiting cards, stamps, or the lilrc. To prevent the contents of the several com-` partments from being spilled when the pursel is opened in somewhat forwardly inclined position, there is provided a narrow guard strip 9 of preferably reticulated material across the front width of the box. The drawers may be provided with a sounddeadening lining 10. f

lVhat I claim iszl. In a box-purse of the character set forth, the combination of a body part, a cover part hinged to the rear edge thereof, a plurality of forwardly opening drawers in said body part, a guard extending` across the forward edge of the body and over the drawers, andl said cover part adapted to prevent relative movement of said drawers in the closed position of the cover.

2. In a box-purse of the character set forth, the combination of a body part pre-v drawers in a forward direction on their release upon the said cover being lifted, said means holding the drawers tensioned against the overhanging cover lip and ythereby tending to hold the cover closed through frictional contact.

3. In a box-purse of the character set forth, in combination, a body member presenting compartments, a cover member, presenting an overhanging longitudinal front lip and hinged to said bodyalong its longitudinal rear edge, flaps interposed between sa-id cover and said compartments and` also hinged to said rear edge for opening y up into the open cover, a. receptacle mount# ed on the inside of said cover to be concealed by said flaps and the latter are in open position, drawers in the compartments opening towards tbe iront, spring means interposed between the rear walls of said body and of at least one of said drawers, sound-deadening lining in `said drawcover lip adapted to eoaet with tbe upper edges of the drawers 1n the innermost position ofthe latter for preventing their relalo tive forward movement in the closed position of said cover.


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U.S. Classification312/216, 312/311, 312/291, 312/231
International ClassificationG07D9/00
Cooperative ClassificationG07D9/002
European ClassificationG07D9/00C