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Publication numberUS1530622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1925
Filing dateDec 10, 1923
Priority dateDec 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1530622 A, US 1530622A, US-A-1530622, US1530622 A, US1530622A
InventorsGuy A Roberts
Original AssigneeGuy A Roberts
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Wheel chock
US 1530622 A
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Man-cl? 24, 1925.

1,530,622 (5. A. ROBERTS WHEEL CHOCK Filed Dec. 10. 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ll- 1'5 m INVENTOF! ATTORNEY WITNESS:

Marqh 24, 1925.

G. A. ROBERTS WHEEL CHOCK Filed D90. 10. 1923 2 Sheets-Sheet, 2


ATTORNEY latented Mar. 24, 1925. 7

GUY A. Resume, or srnjvnns some, Wisconsin.


Application filed December 10, 1923. Serial No. 679,852.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GUY A. Roenn'rs, a citizen of the United. States, residing at Stevens Point, in the county of Portage and State of Wisconsin, have invented new and useful Improvements in WVheel Chocks, of which the following is a specification,

The object of this invention is to provide a chock for use on disk" wheels of automobiles, for preventing theft, and a device useful under all similar conditions where a movable element is to be retained against movement except by authorized persons.

A further object is to provide a device of this type which shall include a plurality of curved jaws which approach each other but do not meet, and are movable about the same pivotal element, but which may be retained against movement by locking means of particular type, or of any suitable type.

A further object is to provide, in one form, a plurality of curved jaws, a pivot member for connecting the jaws, and a locking, element extending through the aws in a direction parallel with the pivot member.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction described, illustrated and claimed, it being understood that modifications may be made within the scope of the claims without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the primary form I employ a plurality of curved and spaced jaws 10 and 11, and a jaw 12 oppositely curved and having its shank portion 13 extending between the shank portions 14 and 15 of the jaws first mentioned.

The jaws are each provided with an aperture or pivot hole such as 16, and a pivot or bolt 17 extends through the several apertures and is secured by a non-removable ele' ment 18. Element ,7 may be headed after passing through a nut, washer, or other sinu? lar member.

The shank portion of each aw 1S provided with an opening or slot 20, and alocking i car is not to be locked, the middle jaw may be moved outwardly and the locking bar inserted in the slots of the other jaws, and locked, preventing unauthorized persons "from using the device, as they might otherwise do, assuming that a spring lock is employed.

I have shown as a modification, a device in whichsimilar jaws are employed but I the locking bar described is omitted, and'a lock 25 is mounted in the shank portion26 of one jaw, and engages a recess 27 in the adjacent jaw, when the jaws are closed and are in position for use on a; disk wheel. Device 25 sa key operated lock of any suita i bination of the first two forms, the locking bar being designated 21-andthe independent lock being shown at 25. An employer, having two keys, may secure the chock with his personal key, or with a key of which an employee has a duplicate, depending on the situation which he desires to control.

In Figure 9 the jaws are designated 4L0, 4:1, and jaw 40 includes spaced ears 42 which receive bet-ween them a tongue 43 carried by element 41. A pintle is designated -%4, and both ears are provided with a series of, holes 45, any one of which may receive a look ing pin 46 adapted to enter bore 47 in tongue 43, and secure the jaws in different relative positions, depending upon the space required between elements 40, 41 when locked,

What I. claim is:

i l. A device of the class described, com

prising a plurality of connected jaws movable about a common axis to position for engaging respectively oppositely located portions of a wheel rim, each jaw including a shank portion, the shank portions registering circumterentially of the'tread, and a U- shaped locking element located between the g2 j Leea n point of connection of the jaws and the rim, curved in the opposite direction, the jaws engaging all'of the shanks of the jaws and including shank portions constituting to- 10 preventing their relative movement. getter a wheel' 0110515; a-= 13iwdt' member con- 2. A device of the class described, commeetin the jaws, andniean's' p'iex ent'ing rela- 5 prising a plurality of jaws in spaced'flidtibii tifnnovement between the jaws.

and curved in the sal ne diieetidman'int elffii In tes'tiii'idfiy w'liefifil affix my signature. diate jaw between the jaws first named and GUY A. ROBERTS.

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U.S. Classification70/18, 152/225.00C
International ClassificationB60R25/00
Cooperative ClassificationB60R25/093
European ClassificationB60R25/09B