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Publication numberUS1530703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1925
Filing dateMay 23, 1924
Priority dateMay 23, 1924
Publication numberUS 1530703 A, US 1530703A, US-A-1530703, US1530703 A, US1530703A
InventorsSnodgrass George B
Original AssigneeSnodgrass George B
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US 1530703 A
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ii. ieee?.


` iNJnc'roR.

Application filed May 23,

To ufl 'zo/wm, may concern:

lie it known 'that Grenen B. Sivonoiuiss, a. citizen ot the United lStates, residing at Oklahoma City, in the county oit Oklahoma and State ot klahonia,'liave invented eertain new and useful Improvements in Injectors, ol" which the following isa specifi'ication. Y y

rFliis invention relates to improvements in injectors. Y y f V iin object ot the invention resides in providing an injector having a pump cylinder, mounting a manually operable piston lor drawing water in an inlet and forcing the same out et afsiiitable valve outlet into an annular compression chamber with which communicates a suitable hose for projecting liquid thereirom under pressure, the annular compression cliainbeibeing adapted to have a quantity ot air therein, which is conin prcssed'by the pumping` oi the water from thercylinder, in order to maintain a. constant iiow from said hose nozzle.

,another object et the invention resides in providing an injector having a pump cylinder and compression chamber formed in concentric relation to the cylinder, .and wherein said parts are formed incooperat'- ing sections adapted to provide readyV access to both the pump chamber and the conipression cylinder, in order that the parts may be repaired and cleaned.

The invention includes other objects and .improvements in the details of construction and arrangement oit the parts, which are more particularly pointed out in the -following description and claims, directed to .the preferred torni ot the invention, it being understood, however, that various changes in the details ot construction and formation of these parts may be made within the scope of the invention as described and claimed.

In the d awing, the figure illustratesa vertical sectional View, through the injector, constructed according to the invention.

The base portion of the injector is indicated at 1, which is formed with a recess 2, having the lower end of semi-spherical 'it-erin, as indicated at 8, for receiving` a ball valve 4, adapted to normally seat over the opening 5, forming an inlet Alor fluid from the lower end et said body, said ball l forming the inlet valve for permitting the inlet of water to the recess 2, and preventing a back flow through the inlet opening 5. The botieafi. sei-iai up. 715,3?4.

tom et the base portion 1 is vformed with a plurality et radially extending grooves 6,

so that when the base is seated in a bucket, pan or the like, fluid may flow through said grooves into the inlet opening 5, and recess 2. The upper end of the base portion 1 is provided with an annular bowl shaped projecting flange 7, which is screw threaded,

at the upper 'tree edge thereof as indicated at 8, tor receiving the screw threaded flange 9, on the co-operating annular projection A10,`

from the pump cylinder 11, which is of cy-- lindrical term, as indicated. The lower end ot the pump cylinder-is provided with screw threads for threaded cooperation with the upper end of the recesses 2 as indicated at 12, the screw tlirea'ded connection 8 and 12 serving to mount the sections oi the injector in assembled relation.

rlhe cylinder 11 is provided. with an intei-nal flange 13, adjacent the lower end,

thereof', to provide a seat for one 'end ot the coil springll, which is normally eX- pansible `tor removing the piston 15 to the upper end ot the cylinder as shown in the drawing, the piston rod 16 mounting said piston being slidably extended through the cap 17, sci-eiT threaded on the upper open end of the cylinder 11, and formed with a plurality 'oit openings 18, registering with corresponding openings in the upper ends of the cylinders to permit the intake and eX- haust of airabove the section, in the reciprocat-ion thereof. The upper ends o't the pis-` the annular projections 7 and 10, on the base and cylinder respectively. A suitable valve 23 is mounted on the cylinder 11V for permitting the outlet of fluid from the cylinder, but preventing a back flow into the same.

The annular projecting ilange 10 is formed at 2li with a boss of annularforin, having a threaded opening for receiving a curved pipe section ,25, which extends within the chamber 99 and to a point below the horizontal plane of the outlet 2l, while the outer end of the boss 2li receives a flexible pipe connection 26, provided at the free end with a nozzle. 2T, so that liquid pumped into the chamber 22 may be forced outwardly of said nozzle for projecting in a stream under substantial pressure.

F rom the foregoing description, it should be readily appreciated that a simple and convenient form of injector has been provided, which may be placed in a bucket or pan of water or the like, and upon the manual lt will also be noted that the main structure of the injector is included in a pair ol cooperating sections, which may be easily asl seinbled or disassembled to permit cleaning and repair of the parts in an obvious manner.

lVhat is claimed is: l'. An injector comprising a base meniber formed with a recess, and an annular projecting'flange, 'said base also having a valved inlet providing communication with the recess, a cylinder having an annular pron j ecting flange, said cylinder and projecting ange thereon being adapted forrcoopera.- tion with the recess in the base and the flange ot' the base member, to provide an asipsoos sembled injector unit, said cylinder having a valved outletcommunicating with the compression chamber formed by the cooperation of the flanges on the cylinder and the base, a hose communicating with said compression chamber, and having a nozzle at the free end thereof, and a piston reciprocable in said cylinder, adapted to circulate fluid into the compression chamber and outwardly of said hose and nozzle. c

2. An injector, comprising a base portion having a recess formed therein, an inlet opening communicating with said recess, and an annular bowl shaped iiange projecting upwardly from the upper end thereof,

a cylinder screw threaded at the nwer end for cooperation with the body and communicating with the recess thereof, said cylinder beingv formed with an annular projecting Vflange having the free edge thereof' adapted for threaded. cooperation withy the free edge of said bowl shaped flange on the base portion, an outlet opening formed .in the cylinder communicating with the chain-` ber formed by said flanges, a piston reciprocablc in said cylinder, a pipe mounted in the flange on the cylinder, having the lower end terminating below the outlet opening therein, in the compression chamber, a hose connection communicating ,with said pipe,

and resilient means for normally ietaininfY e the piston in the upper end of the cylinder?,

whereby manual reciprocation of said piston will serve to draw fluid inwardly ofl the cylinder through said inlet opening to force the same outwardly into said compression chamber, for a subsequent projection outwardly of said hose.

In testimony whereof I allix my signature.


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