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Publication numberUS1531808 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1925
Filing dateFeb 26, 1923
Priority dateFeb 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1531808 A, US 1531808A, US-A-1531808, US1531808 A, US1531808A
InventorsThomas Parkinson
Original AssigneeThomas Parkinson
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Water-distribution system
US 1531808 A
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March 3L 1925,

1,531,808 T. PARKINSON WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Filed 'Feb. 26 1923 INVENTOR By 7%; l'bn rlhsm 711mm! Y Patented Mar. 31, 1925.

THOMAS t aifithisom or TOPEKA; KANSAS.-

WATER-tits Enema To a7? 1157mm it may) 607mm v v Be it khown that I; Tact-his PAieinNso'a;

a citizen of the United States; residing at make and use the samei-eter'eme being had;

to the accompanying drawin and to the figures of reference niitrked the-teen,- which tot-tit a par-t of this specification. k

This inventiofi relates to a water distrilj tit ing} system and it is particularly adapted although not necessarily restricted to netpitals.

The primary object of the ifiveetibe to provide it distributing system in which the service water may be ste'rifiiiietl and Cie litered at the taps or faucets determined temp"era-titres.- Means is provided whereby the sterilized; water may be filtered, its tenip'era-tu're reduced, and tlre water deliver ed at certain taps at a determined tend"- perature and at certah'r others taps at lower temperature; Means is provided for tie liveein sterilized not water with tl l' wit't'f frornthe service pipe through a" mix valve arid means is p'totitled for deliver ing the sterile water to the filter at deter n'iii'ie'd ternpervti'i're's: p

The system is so arranged that the tern per'ati'ire control will be al'rtoin'a tic' and the supply o'l rela-lively cool water tar d ri nlt' ingi' fn'niposws 1i'i'=zt v he antoimttical'ly co1rtrolled.

'l-he peculiar comet-wetter] (it the inv'en tion as well th-epreferrcct ar'rr'i' the r will be cleatrty apparent by lef eienc'e the 'lol lmvir'ig description in connection with the acc'orn'pztnyingl' drawing, in which The figure is a imer-animate vicwot a syst'enr constructed in nectar-ante" with my invention;

Referring now to the numerals of reference:

1 designates the service pipe which may be connected to the usual city supply. The service pipe discharges into a boiler or sterilizer 2 through a branch pipe 3 equipped with a valve 4. The sterilizer 2 discharges into an accumulator tank 5 through a pipe 6 and it, in turn is shown drawings by r eem-gag; ihto a c'end sterili'r r t through, acpipe 8.

Froin the sterilizer 7 the water is dis charged into a tliei-iiiostatie chamber 9 aiid into a pipe 10; The pipe 10 has a the; mostatiovalve 11, which is under the c01'i tro'l or the thermostat in the a amber 9 through the tube 12. Thai-thee, the verve 11 will open only when the temperature are waterfrom the sterilizer 7 is raised high ehou'gh to operate the thermostat.

The therintistat casing ma also be pro vltled with a'tem'perature gauge l3. v

w en the v ve 11 is eenat 1057 Mean of the fact that the temperature of the Wat r. clis'cl aiging frofn the sterilizer" :7 is 111 enough, it may pass into a ut-mt or casing-'- 14; provided theyalve 15' is" often. The casn'i'g or druih is divided into two compel-menu I6 and 17 by a filtefhed 18; which is how as" disk at filtringj' ma terial. The filter chamber 16 is shivii having a rotary trash 19 therein which caa be, mined by mafia wheelie an the rod 20 so that the rate at the titer bed 18 pan heartened. a i 1 Thee-tea asses ueai h, at filter tea lnto' the cooling chan'ib'er 17 oftlie casing;

14f. Thewater' is cooled therein by a coil iv of ipe 931, which has in; Baas este med w the service pipe 1 at 22 area 22,, there being yalves' fi ahd ah nez'iritlie inlet ends. and the eisure-gt aide Q1": the coil-and be: tween theconnections 22 m; hi the ipe 1 is a. erve '26. heda-, if the valve 26 is closed and the valves and opened, the seiivic water will bvpass into one endof the coil and out, the

ter at a. temperature lower than that; a

perature of the water delivered from the and within it is a. cooling coil 34, which may be part of a refrigerating system so that the water in the cooling tank 31 will be maintained at a relatively low temperature suitable for drinking.

The tank 01 has a discharge port which communicates with a pipe 35 in whlch 1s a mm 36 driven b a motor 37. One end I P 7 y of the pipe discharges back into the tank 31 through the ported connection 38. In the pipe are drinking founts 35 which 7 may be provided with the usual valves,

. discharging into a sink 40, which may be suitably supported, as will be well. understood. The sink is provided with a hot water tap 41 which receives hot water directly from any of the sterilizers 2, 5 or 7 through the medium of the pipe 10.

The number of sterilizers may be varied. Indeed, while I prefer to pass the water through three sterilizers as a factor of safety, I may by-pass-the sterilizer 7 by leading the water from the sterilizer 5 through the pipe 43 into the thermostat chamber 9 by means of a pipe 44. In that event, the valves 45 and 47 will be closed. If the water is flowed from the sterilizer 5 directly into the thermostat chamber 9 and into the pipe 42, the valve 48 in pipe 44 will be opened.

The pipe 43 may also connect to a mixing valve casing49, which is also connected to the service pipe 1 through the pipe 50. Therefore, cold waterfrom the service pipe 1 may enter the mixing valve casing 49 and hot water from the sterilizer 5 may enter the mixing valve casing 49 and the mixed waters may be discharged through a pipe 51 with a valve 52 therein so that water may be furnished at a proper temperature for showers,

tub baths and for other purposes.

If the valve 11 is closed, thewater which enters the tl'iermostat casing 9 cannot enter the filtering chamber 16 but it will pass through pipe 10 into the manifold 52 having valves 53,54 and 55 therein so that the water issuing from the sterilizers will be fed back into the sterilizer tanks. This will usually takeplace when the furnaces for the sterilibe circulated through the sterilizers to raise the temperature sufliciently high before the through the filter into the cooling chamber 17 then into the pipe 27 to the cooling tank 31 or to the tap 41. The temperature of the water in the tank 31 is maintained at a low temperature by the coil 34 and the water from the tank 31 will be circulated by means of the pump 36. The water from the sterilizer or sterilizers, as the case may be, may also be fed direct to the tap 41 or it may be fed to the mixing valve chamber 49, which is in communication with the service pipe, and then passed to the pipe 51; g

The system is very simple and is well adapted for the purpose intended.

WVhat I claim and desire to secure by Let-' ters-Patent is:

1. In combination with a water service pipe, water sterilizing means having valved connection with the pipe, a tank, valved connections between the tank and said sterilizing means, and a coil in the tank having valved connection with the water service p p 2. In a water distribution system, in combination, a water service pipe, water sterilizing means connected to the service pipe, a tank into which the sterilizing means'discharges, a filter bed dividing thetank into a filtering chamber and a cooling chamber, a cooling coil in the cooling chamber connected to the service pipe, a valved water outlet pipe leading from the cooling chamher, an accumulating chamber. into which the last-named pipe discharges, a float valve in the accumulating chamber controlled by the level of the water therein to vary the effective port area of the last-named pipe, a distributing pipe having its ends connected to the accumulating chamber, valved outlets in the distributing pipe, and a water circulating pump in the'pipe. zer are first started and that the water can In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.



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