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Publication numberUS1532362 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1925
Filing dateMay 25, 1921
Priority dateMay 25, 1921
Publication numberUS 1532362 A, US 1532362A, US-A-1532362, US1532362 A, US1532362A
InventorsBailey William
Original AssigneeBailey William
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Armor coat
US 1532362 A
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W. BAILEY April 7, 192s. v

ARMOR COAT Filed May 25 1921 Patented A t. 7, 192a WILLIAM BAILEY, or CLEVELAND, oHIo.


Application as May 25,1921. Serial 1101472335;

To all whom 1'25 mayconcemf f i j Be it known that I, WILLIAM. BAILEY, a citizen of the'UnitedfStates, and, resident of Cleveland, in the countyofGuy'ahoga and State of Ohio, have invented certain new whichII hereby declare thefollowing to be a full, clear, and exactdescription, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use thesame.

The objects of theinvention are to provide an improvedconstruction of armor, in which metal plate of a high degree of hardness and toughness are flexibly connected together to form 'acoat or vestment which. will entirely'encirclethe body and protect all thevital organs, by preventing the pene-.

trationof bullets and all injurious weapons,

I. such as knives or daggers. v The invention comprises the combination and arrangement of parts and construction of details, hereinafter described, shown in the accompanying drawings, and specifically pointed out in the claims In the accompanying drawings Fig.1, is a front'elevation of'the device; Fig. 2, is a similar view of the lining or, inner shirt or vestment worn with the outer armor, and

attached thereto if desired; Fig. 3 is an edge elevation of the armor; Fig. 4 is a plan of the same, and Fig. 5 is anenlarged rear elevation thereof;Fig'. 6 is atransverse section of the meeting rear edges of the armor, and Fig. 7 is a front elevation of a portion thereof."

the edges of which are rolled over to form spaced eyes B, B, which loosely interlock to permit of their lateral and longitudinal movement upon each other. 7 L These plates are uniformly rectangular in shape except at the neck, arm, holes and waist, at which they arespecially shaped to conform to the figure of the wearer;

These parts are connected together by means offineflexible wires C, C, which are threaded closelythrough the eyes or loops and permit a free but limited amount of movement of the plates upon each other.-


' if desired-as shown in Fig. and useful Improvements in Armor Coats, of

The vestment 1s constructed preferably in piece. open at the back andvertically flexible strips of plates D and E or continuous flexible strips margin the edges.

The same construction can be used in front 1. These strips over-lap and are attached together by means of'the rounded'headed pins or screws F, F, in the inner strip, and key hole slots in the outer strip or other suitable means. M

To these strips the extremities of the horizontal holding wires C, C, are attachedjby. heads C; 1 I

The vertical wires are secured in a similar manner to the band shaped row G, of 65 plates forming the neck band, and at their lower ends are attached to a marginal row of plates H, a narrow depending portion I, is shown in front. I

ters Patent is: j 1; In a protect1ve armor,1n combination,

a multiplenumber of rows ofmetalplates,v

said plates provided with; spaced integral projections on their vertical and horizontal edges forming eyes-thereon, the spaced projections onthe edges of one plate loosely interlockingwith the spaced projections upon adjoining plates, and vertical and horizontal 30 connecting wires crossing each other engaging all the interlocking eyes upon the corresponding edges of each row of plates.

2. In a protective armor, in combination, a

I multiple number of rows of metal plates, said In these views A, A, are thin metal plates with the spaced projections upon adjoining plates, and vertical and horizontal connecting wires crossing each other engaging all the interlocking eyes upon the corresponding 1 edges of the row of plates, marginal plates for said armor, the ends. of said flexible con-. 9 nections for said interlocking eyes having terminal heads and secured in said marginal plates 1n reverse d1rect1on.-{ 1 j 3. In a protect1ve armor, horizontal and vertical rows of metal plates 'closelygrouped 7 together at their edges, the adj aeent vertical and horizontal edges of said plates provided with spaced integrally formed projecting eyes, and vertical and horizontal wires arranged at right angles to each other common to and connecting all the eyes, on adjacent edges of said rows oi? pl ates.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand this 8th day of April, 1921.


In presence of WM. M. MONROE, IFMH DIs'rA.

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U.S. Classification160/220, 2/2.5, 428/911, 152/196
International ClassificationF41H1/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S428/911, F41H1/02
European ClassificationF41H1/02