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Publication numberUS1532570 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1925
Filing dateFeb 12, 1923
Priority dateFeb 12, 1923
Publication numberUS 1532570 A, US 1532570A, US-A-1532570, US1532570 A, US1532570A
InventorsBasmaison Pierre
Original AssigneeBasmaison Pierre
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US 1532570 A
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Application filed February 12, 3.923.

T all 11i/wm t 'may concern.:

Be it known that l, Pinnen Biisiniison, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, have invented a new and useful Scraper, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to scrapers of the ,type 'generally known as cabinet Scrapers. One of the objects of the invention is the provision of an improved scraper body or holding portion adapted for use with a replaceable blade.

Another object of the Yinvention is tie provision of a cabinet scraper comprising parts made from sheet metal and of` suoli form as to lie easily in the hand of the user.

My invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, sonne of which, with the foregoing, will beset forth in the following description of my invention. lt is Yto be understood that l do not limit inyself to the showing niade by the said description, as l may adopt variant fornis of the invention within the scope of thc claiins.

Referring to the drawings: Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my cabinet scraper, and Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view, the line of section being indicated by the lines 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an elevation of a modified form of my scraper particularly adapted for use in a scraper plane. Fig. l is a sectional view the plane of section being taken on the line 4:-1 of Fig. 3. Fig. 5 is an elevation of another modification of my invention, and Fig. 6 is a sectional view taken on thc line 6 6 of Fig. 5.

Referring firstto Figs. 1 and 2, my invention comprises a pair of plates 2 and 3 formed preferably of sheet metal by the use of suitable dies. rllhe plate 2 is provided with beads l and also with inturned flanges or edges. 6. The upper edge of the plate is turned inwardly to provide the flange 7 nd the lower or opposite end of the plate is flared, as shown in Fig. l, and formed to adapt it to serve as a jaw 8, including the bead 9, extending lengthwise of the Plate S is formed with beads 11 similar to beads el, the upper end of the plate estending around in a cylindrical roll 12 to forni the top of the scraper and to provide an easy hand hold for the user. rThe beads 11 extend about the roll. Side flanges '13 are also provided, and a pin 14 extending thru serial no. 618,431.

v the lapped flanges 6 and 13, pivota-lly connects the two nieinbers ofthe scraper.

rlhe lower end of the plate 3 is formed similarly to the end of the plate 2 to provide va jaw 16 opposing the jaw 8 and similarly provided with a bead extending lengthwise thereof. On the side of the pivot pin opposite to the jaws, a thumb screw 17 is threaded thru ythe. plate 2 to iinpinge upon theplate 3, so that the jaws may be clamped together. On the same side ofthe pivot pin 14 as the jaws, a clamp spring 18 is riveted or otherwise suitably connected at its center to one of the plates, the ends of the spring being turned upwardly to iinpinge upon the opposite plate. The spring insures the release of the jaws whenever the screw v17 is loosened.

The inside of each bead in the jaws Sand 16 is preferably filled flush with any suitable material so as to provide a flat surface, and this surface is faced with a rubber strip 19. Between the rubber faced jaws the replaceable, reversible blade or bit 20 is held. This blade preferably consists of a narrow strip of suitable steel sharpened on both long edges.

It will be observed that the rubber facing provides a conformable seat inv which the rolled edge of the blade takes secure hold so that the blade is firmly held. rlhis construction also provides a safe way of carrying the scraper since the blade may be seated within the rubber faced aws, in which position all cutting edges are protected from injury.` Itis the work of but an instant to loosen the screw 17, and then tighten it to seat the jaws upon the blade with either edge exposed.

The beaded plates described give a very strong and rugged construction to the scraper which is at the same time light in weight and easy to the hand of the worlrman.

In Figs. 8 and l I Ahave shown a modified form of my scraper comprising a plate 22 and a cap 23 secured thereto by screws 24: so that the two form jaws at one edge. A spring 26, secured to the cap, and its ends impinging upon the 'plate 22, tends to separate the two plates or jaws when the screws 24 are loosened. The cap 23 may be grooved toi adapt it to receive the flanged end 27 of the blade 28 which is insertable between the opposing jaws of the two plates. This struc` ture is particularly adapted for use in the so-ealled e seraperi-plane, and! the pla-te V22!v is shapedltofperniitsit; to beheld in thezblook of such a plane.

In Fig. 5 I have shown another inodcation of my invention comprising a main plate 3l having a handle or grip 32 of wood.

or other suitable material secured to the upper edge thereof, the lowerIV edge beingfaeed.

3 14 provides ineane` for, pressing thef rubber- 'faeed,jaws-'together to clamp-them upon-tbe blade 38, eomprisinga,narrow strip,wliiel1 is readily, reversible. This structure; also Rossesses ,the advantages `relativelto eeenrity oli the` blade spoken; of: in connection: with thestrnetnre shownin Fig.;4 l.

Lelainr z l. AY serapereoinln'ising.y a pairr off pir? otally, connected-jaws@ aifaeing of contorna-4 able materialen thelvinner.- surface of,I each j aw,.& blade disposedbetween the -j awsand having a lrolled ledge fadaptedto 4seat in 4.said conformable material, andfmeans-or clamp; ingthe-j awsA on .the blade,L

2,, Af, tool comprising pairrofilivotally connected: spa-eed: meinbers,, eaeh member comprising a ribbed plate terminating at one end in a aw and on the lateral edges having; inturnedlappiirg fiangesfor the reception of theipivoting means and for closing the Sides of' the tool, a blade disposed between the jaws,.,a;sereev,oirroneside of the pivotal axis l'or clamping the jaws upon the blade, and a spring on the-other. sideiilor releasingthe jaws7 i one or sai d members beingorned on the-sdefopposite `they jaw with; a'A cylindrical roll# thel edge, of whieh lies, closelyv adjacent the other meinberlto elosethfe top-ofthe tool and provide a grip.

8. A scraper comprising a pair, of pivotailly. connectedl members, l eaeliv member comprising,ay ribbed .plate terminating; atene end in and,having"interne-dlapping flanges,y forv the reeeption; of. the pivoting means, a blade disposed between. the jaws, and a screw for Clamping thejaws upon the blade, one of said meinbersebeing formedon thev side opposite the jawwitli afeylindrioal roll ielosingthe top of said scraper.

llnetestimollyy whereof; Ifhave hereunto set my hand.


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