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Publication numberUS1532611 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1925
Filing dateAug 7, 1924
Priority dateAug 7, 1924
Publication numberUS 1532611 A, US 1532611A, US-A-1532611, US1532611 A, US1532611A
InventorsTaylor Carl C
Original AssigneeTaylor Carl C
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US 1532611 A
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April 7, 1925. 1,532,611

c. c. TAYLOR EYESHADE Filed Aug. '7, 1924 l M if v Patented Apr. 7, 192 5.




' Application filed August 7, 1924. Serial No. 780,597.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, CARL C. TAYLOR, a citizen of the United States, and *a resident of vide an eye shade, which can be stamped or cut from an suitable sufiiciently resilient material, sum as heavy paper, stored and shipped in the flat and readily and easily shaped and assembled wherever it is desired to be used.

A further object is to provide such an eye shade, which can be made in a single piece adapted to be folded or curved to shape and secured in position for use without the use of an additional parts or fastening means.

Sti l a further object is to provide such an eye shade having arts ada ted to coact with each other for olding t e device in formed position ready for use.

Still a further object is to provide such an e e shade having parts adapted to engage the head of the wearer, the entire device be ing so shaped that its resiliency will hold it in place on the head.

With these and other objects in view, my invention consists in the construction, ar-

' rangement and combination of the various parts of my'eye shade, whereby the objects contemplated are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out in my claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of an eye shade embodying my invention.

fl Figure 2 is a plan of the eye shade in the Figure 3 is a perspective view showin the eye shade partially shaped for use; an

Figure 4 is an elevation of the shade, the dotted lines illustratin the action of the shade when placed on the head.

My improved eye shade is designed for use at bathing beaches, on sailing vessels, for races, track meets, fairs and various outdoor sports, both in summer and winter, for bird and nature stud wherever it is desired to have a simple an inexpensive means for rotecting the eyes, aiding vision and relievmg eye strain.

shade is made from a sheet of tough, res lient cardboard or a er and the shade as cut from the paper is illustrated in Figure 2 in the flat.

The shade consists of a strip of resilient aper indicated in the accompanying drawmgs b the reference character 10, slightly curve at its front edge, as at 10, as shown.

At its rear edge, the central portion is incurved as at 10", and the ends of the shade are tapered as at 11 and provided with hook members 12.

The central portion is provided with a transverse slot 13. On each side of the central (part, the rear ed e of the shade is provide with rearward ly projecting tabs 14, which I find perform their functions best, 1 f they are made with restricted neck port1ons 15, where they are connected with the body of the shade.

This shade can be cut from the paper by means of a die at a very small labor cost and with great rapidity, so that the finished product, as shown in Figure 2, is very inexpensive.

This shade may be stored. or shipped in the flat at a minimum of inconvenience and expense without likelihood of injury to the shade. a

When it is desired to shape the shade for use, the tapered'end portions 11 are curled around underneath the central part of the shade and the hook members 12 are inserted a shade having Figure 4, mwhich the device is slightly narrower than most heads.

By asping the device in the fingers and swinging the tubular members A slightly laterally the tabs 14 can be made to en a e against the temples and the resiliency oi the material will cause the tabs 14; to engage the temples and hold the device on the head.

It will be noted, as illustrated in Fi re 10, that the device when it is menu on the head is moved from the osition shown in full lines to the position s own in dotted lines in that Figure for mounting the eye shade and holding it.

As before mentioned, this device is of very simple and inexpensive construction, can be quickly and easily mounted, can be stored and shipped in convenient form.

It has great utility when used under the various conditions and for the various events and purposes mentioned.

It is used with considerable pleasure by women and girls for it relieves eye strain, aids the vision and prevents the formation of wrinkles, due to squinting, on the beach, at races and so on.

I claim as my invention:

1. An eye shade comprising a strip of resilient material having a central transverse slot, and engaging hook members at its ends, said strip being bent to form two verse slot and hook members at its ends, said strip being bent to form two tubular members and having the hook members extended through said slot, and head engaging tabs on the tubular members.

Des Moines, Iowa, July 23, 1924.


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U.S. Classification2/12, 2/432, D29/109
International ClassificationA61F9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61F9/045
European ClassificationA61F9/04B