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Publication numberUS1532635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1925
Filing dateFeb 21, 1924
Priority dateFeb 21, 1924
Publication numberUS 1532635 A, US 1532635A, US-A-1532635, US1532635 A, US1532635A
InventorsEdward Osbun Justin
Original AssigneeEdward Osbun Justin
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Ceiling ventilator
US 1532635 A
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April 7,'1925.


/NVENTR lll JSE, 065mm TTORNEYS l Figure 3- is a detail section showing the i vPatented A'pr. 7, 19.25..Av



. Application filed February .i To all cuhom it cof/wem:

Be it known that I, JUSTINE. OsBUN, a-

.v citizen of the United States, and a resident of Riverside, in the county of Riverside and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ceiling Ventilators, of which the following is a' specification.

My invention relates to improvements in ventilators, and 1t conslsts of the construcv tions, combinations and arrangements herein described and claimed.

An object of the inventionis to provide a simple but eiiicient ventilator adaptable for-use in kitchens, rooms and elseWhere,-it being readily set and fastened against a ceiling' for these purposes. v

A further object of the invention is yto place the shutters in such position that they will open by the force of the air exhausted by the fan and close when the fan is stopped.

Other objects and. advantages appear. in

lines) the following specification, reference being had to the accom anyin'g drawing in which:

Figure 1l is' a ventilator `showing the shutters open (ull while the fan-,is in operation, Figure 2 jisa` horizontal section on the line 2-2of Figure 1,

' .hinge-mounting and associated parts.'

v One of the functions of the improved ventilator is to exhaust the steam and heat laden airof kitchens, but the ventilator -is not Vgettin behind the small ends oftheshut-- limited tothis use2 it being applicable to any ters. he delectorsrun the same wayas-th place whence a circulation of air isfound desirable. For the purpose of readily fixing the ventilator in the The face plate 1lis part of a .square vbox 4 which is concealed above the ceiling and constitutes the housing ofthe motor 5. The

vfan 6 at' the `lower` end of the motor shaft rotates in thecircular opening 7 of the housin 'Brackets 8 extend inward from the# the housing to support the motor.4A

s iv es of v I A pair otshutters 9 and 10 are hingfi upon .rods 11 and 12 respectively at the dut- `let 13 vof the housing in positions parallel to each otherso that upon closing the edges of .the shutters will meet and v,so close the ongitudinal section of the' may open more readily.

2i', 1924. serialA No. 694,298.


and open by the force of the air discharged bythe fan 6. and they remain thus supported as long as the motor 5 .keeps going.

As soon as the motor stops the shutters, lacking'the support of the' air blast, will fall to the closed position. For this purpose, the hinge bearings 14 and 15` well to one side ofeach shutter so that` the outerl ends are slightly the heaviest. The .inner ends of the shutters are weighted at 16 and 17 to 'furnish a necessary amount of counter balance. A p

The hinge bearings 14 and 15 are situated at the sides of the respective shutters as shown in Figure 2.; The 12 extend across the housing being suitably supported in the sides, particularly .1n shallow depressions 18,;.and 19. housin .4', the ends resslons. l

Shoulders 20 and 21 are formed the depressions 18 and 19 meet the top ofthe housin These shoulders act asstops to limit t e closing movement of the shutters. When closed, the `shutters slope slightly up- `ward as shown in dotted'lines so that they When ope11,'the shutters incline inwardly as shown in. fullV lines so they may immediately fall upon stopping of the an` blast.

Delectors 22 and 23 prevent the air from.

shutters and ing. Each flan e are co-extensive with tlejhous deiector has an -upstaud 24 which stops the upward movementl- The shutters are pressedv L)ward hinge rods 11 and and These are formed out of the top-cffthef and vthe ends of the housingare' prOper y shaped to close the ends;tig/gehe" de-l of t e respective shutters and prevents it' from reaching the perpendicular position.

The electric w1re25 may lead from the'motor 5 to the sourcev of current in any convenient manner, the drawing merely suggest'- ingone way in which it may be done.

the shutters 9 and 10 occupy the closed ositions shown in` dotted. lines. The shu ders 2O and 21 provide stops for thepends ont the The operatlon may be readily understood from the followingvdescripticn. Normally` 'shuttersfsothat theycan l close no farther v than -sh( vv11'. The resulting sloping position vof the' shutters makes it easier to open them when thetair 'blaststarts l /Upon starting the .motor .I5 the air will force the shutters, tothe open position where they remain as long as a current of air passes through. The flanges 24 limit the opening movement of the shutters, and the deectors 22 and 23 of Which the flanges are a part, prevent air from entering behind the shutters.

While the construction'and arrangement of the improved ventilator herein described and claimed is that of a generally preferred form, obviously modifications and changes may be made Without departing from the spirit of thefinve'ntion or scope of the claims.

1. A ventilator comprising a housing, shutters controlling an air outlet of the housing, hingemeans upon which the shutters are so mounted .as to gravitate to the closed position, a fan in the housing driving an air blast toward the outlet to hold the shutters open, deflectors Within the housing preventing air from getting behind the shutters, and means on the dellectors behind which the shutters engage to limit the opening movement to less than the perpendicuopening in the facing plate to drive an air" Lasaese blast toward an exhaust opening in the opposite end of the housing, depressions along the sides of said last opening, rods situated in said depressions, shutters hinged upon said rods to open by air blast and close by gravity, shoulders formed by said depressions to'limit the closing movement of the shutters, and combined deflector and stop means to both prevent the entrance of air behind the shutters and limit the opening movement thereof.

` 3. A ventilator comprising a housing, a fan for driving a blast of air therethrough, depressions in thev housin providing stop shoulders, shutters pivote at said depressions having the ends movable toward and limited by engagement with the shoulders, and weights so mountedupon said ends as to enter the depressions and clear the shoulders when the shutters are closed.

t 4. A ventilator comprising a housing through which an air blast is conducted, shutters pivoted inparallelism at one en'd of the housing to constrict the air passage When open, and deflectors at which the constriction of the air passage commences, said dele'ctors then Serving as stops for the shutters.

JUSTIN univ/inn osBuN

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