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Publication numberUS1532830 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1925
Filing dateMar 28, 1924
Priority dateMar 28, 1924
Publication numberUS 1532830 A, US 1532830A, US-A-1532830, US1532830 A, US1532830A
InventorsJoseph A Marceau
Original AssigneeJoseph A Marceau
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US 1532830 A
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April 7, 19275. 1,532,830

J. A. MARcEAu CONTAINER Filed March 28, 1924 1.5' 1N VEA/TOR 4 powders.

Patented pr. 7,l 1925.


JOSEPH A. mamme, or Homann., QUEBEC, CANADA.


Application mea Maren 2s, 1924. serial No. 702,595.

minion of Canada, have invented new and useful. Improvements in Containers, o which the following is a full, clear, and eX- act specilication.

My invention relates to containers and refers particularly to containers suitable for My invention relates to containers of such construction and arrangement of parts that it can be readily iil'led with a powder, such as a face powder, and inv which the powder may be removed and impinged upon a powder puff as desired without danger of spilling. Y

Containers of this character are frequently carried in hand bags and similar devices, and hence, are subjected to the possibility of having the cover accidentally removed by other articles in the bag, and one of the objects of the device of my invention is a construction that will largely overcome this objectionable feature.

These'and other valuable features o the device of my invention will be evident upon a consideration of my specification and accompanying drawings.

I have found that a container having the above-mentioned desirable properties may be produced by placing a removable foramlnous sifting member within the bottom portion of a container and extending the sides of the bottom member so as to enclosev a cover placeable therein, the cover abutting upon the sifting member and forming a space between the cover and the sifting member.

The particular construction ofthe container of my invention and its advantages are clearly shown in the accompanying drawings and explained in my specification.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating one form of the device of my invention,

similar parts are designated by similar mem.


Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 are rspective views of the separable elements o one Yform of the device of my invention.

Figure 1 isa perspective view of the 'top member of my device. f

Figure 2 is a'. perspective view of` apewder putt' capable-of insertion within my devlce.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the sifter member of my device.

Figure 4 is a'perspective view of the botl tom member of my device.

Flgure 5 1s a vertlcal cross-section of my assembled device. f

The particular form of the device of my i invention, shown in the accompanying drawings, comprises a bottom member composed of the bottom 10 to which vis lixedly attached the upwardly extended side, or flange, 11. A false bottom 12 is positioned upon the bottom 10.-

Capable of placement within the bottom member is -a sifting member comprising the annular side 13 having its upper edge 14 turned inwardly. Within the annular side 13 is an annular retaining member 15, a foraminous top 16 being held in fixed position between the top edge of the retaining member 15 and the inwardly turned edge, or

bead, 14 of the side 13. The side 13 abuts upon the side 11 and rests upon the false bottom 12.

A cover for the device comprises the y domed-top member 17 ixedly attached to the cover member 18, the members 17 and 18 being aliixe'd to the annular side 19 having the upper inwardly turned bead` 20. An annular member 21' abuts upon, and is affixed to, the side 19. ,The members 19 and 21 are placeable within the side member 11 and abut upon the bead 14.

The several parts of thedevice arecovered with paper, cloth or ot er material which aids in maintaining th?v in position with respect to each other.

A handle 22 is allixed to the top 17, a powder puff 23 is placed within the space between the members 16 and 18 and face, or other, powder 24 is placed` within the space between the members 12 and 16.

When it is desired to use the device, it

-s shaken slightly allowing some of the powder 24 to sift through the foraminous member 16 upon the puff 23, whz'h. may be re-rv moved for purposes ofA use.

is an objectionable feature of those containers'in which the cover is placed outside) of ,the side of the device.

I do not limit myself to the particular size, shape, number, arrangement or material of parts, as shown and described, as

these are given simply as a means for clearly describing the device of my invention.

What I claim is:

'1. In a container, in combination, a bottom member having upwardly extended sides, a removable sifting member having a foraminous top and sides abutable upon the bottom capable of placement within the bottom member and a top member having downwardly extended sides capable of abutment upon the sifting member when the top member is placed within the sides of the bottom member, a space being formed between the top member and the sifting member.

2. In a container, in combination, an annular bottom member having an upwardly extended side, a sifting member comprising an annular side having its upper edge turned inwardly into a bead and al foraminous membercarried transversely across the sift-ing member, a top member fttable within the side of the bottom member and resting upon the bead of the sifting member, orming a space between the top member and the bottom member.

3. In a container, in combination, a bot- `tom member'having an upwardly extended of the bott-oml member, a sifting member comprising a side having its upper edge turned into a bead, an annular member abutting upon the inner face of the sifter side and a foraminous transverse member across the sifting member anchored between the two side members and a top member comprising a domed top, an inner top and a downwardly extended side capable of placement within the side of the bottom member `and upon the bead of the sifted side.

Signed at Paris, France, this 6th dayoi` March, 1924.


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U.S. Classification132/307, 229/4.5, 206/823
International ClassificationA45D33/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D33/006, Y10S206/823
European ClassificationA45D33/00V