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Publication numberUS1533136 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1925
Filing dateMay 12, 1924
Priority dateMay 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1533136 A, US 1533136A, US-A-1533136, US1533136 A, US1533136A
InventorsFrank M Phelps
Original AssigneeFrank M Phelps
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US 1533136 A
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April 14, 1925. V 1,533,136 t F. M. PHELPS HOLDER Filed May 12, 1924 Patented Apr. 14, 1925 UNITED STATES FRANK IMZ. PHE LPS, OF WSK, WASHINGTN.


Application flle May 12,

To aZZ 'whom it may concem:

Be it known that I, FRANK M. PHnLPs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Usk, in Pend Oreille County, and State of Washington, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Holders, of which the following is a specification. l

The present invention relates to improvements in holders or supports of the suction cup type, especially designedfor attachment to smooth surfaces as glass windshields of automotive Vehicles. The device is also adaptable with facility for use in show windows, or on glazed store furniture for the purpose of supporting and displaying various articles of merchandise, such as dolls for instance. a

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a device of this Character which is so constructed that it may with convenience and dispatch be adjusted to many different forms and shapes and located in different positions for the purpose of supporting a wide variety of articles. To thls end the invention consists in certain combinations and arrangements of parts giving a flexibility for adjustment of the device as Will hereinafter be more fully set forth and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings I have lillustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and relatively arranged according to the best mode I have thus far devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention.

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation showing the device in compact arrangement and supported by suction on a wall.

Figure is a front view of the device With its several parts extended in the same vertical plane, and with the supporting ring turned to a position different from that of Fi gure 1.

For convenienoe of illustration I have indicated in Figure 1 a supporting wall as W which may be a glass wind'shield, glass window or panel, or other ob]ect having a smooth surface against which the cup 1 is held by suction. The cup is of the well known concavo-convexform and of rubber, but is specially formed with a central, round head or disk 2, between which and the cup an annular groove or bearing throat 3, is provided.

Around the annular groove of the cup a 1324. Serial Na. 712,621.v

split ring 4, of metal, extends, and this ring possesses suficient resiliency to embrace the grooved cup with the required friction so that the ring may be swung around on the grooved cup as a bearing.` Thusin Figure 1 the split end ofithe ring is located at the bottom of the grooved portion of the cup, while in Figure 2 the split end of the ring is located at the top of the grooved portion of the cup. The frictional engagement between the ring and the grooved cup is sufiicient to hold the ring in various positions, but this cngagernent will permit the ring to be swung around by hand pressure.

The swiveled ring is fashioned with a perforated lug 5 to which a link 6 having a forked end or bifurcated head 7 is hinged on he rivet 7, and this hinge joint, as seen in lhgure 1 is' preferably ofi'set between the ring and hinge in order that the parts may be folded for compact arrangement as in Figure 1.

An adjustable supporting yoke 9 forms 4the end of 'the support or holder, and this yoke is fashioned with a pair of opposed integral arms 10, 10. The spaced ends of these arms terminate in rounded heads 11, and it will be apparent that the yoke is designed to receive and support an article which may be deposited therein. The arms may be of resilient material and the article may be forced within the resilient arms of the yolre'; and in this manner a bouquet of flowers for instance may be supported in the yoke. 'ther articles may be supported in the yoke desired.

The yokc is adjustable and may be swung I around in a Vertical plane in its bearing sleeve 12 with which it has a frictional engagement suflicient to hold 'the yoke in adjusted position.

The bearing sleeve is an integral part of a perforated lug 13 which is pivoted by means of a .rivet 14 at theouter end of the link 6.

In Figure 1 the device is folded to compact position with the ring, link, and yoke A centered with relation to the suction cup,

while` in Figura 2 the device is shown with its parts extended. It will be apparent that the yoke may be turned u`p to horizontal position in Figure 2 and that the linh' may also be turned on its hinge to Vhorir'zoirtal position in this figure of the drawing. The yoke may be turned on its pivot 14 out of axial alinernent with the link, and the link 6 ,may be turned with the-split ring either to ri ht or left in Figure 2 to a selected angle om the perpendicular. Aii of these movements may be utilized in adapting the holider or supportfor various purposes, and when the parts are adjnsted they are so held by the frictional engagement of the jointed parts.

Having thus fully described my inventio'n, What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- 'I 1. The combination with a suction cup having a head' and annular bearing groove, of a resilient ring swiveled in thegroove, a fol-dable linkv hinged to the ring, and an adjustable supporting yoke pivotally connected With said link.

2. The combination with a suction cup having a head and an annular bearing groove, of a resilient ring swiveled in and 2 frictionally engaging the walls of said groove, a folda'ble link hinged to the ring, a bearing sleeve having a pivotal connection with said link, and an adjustahle supporting yoke' rictionally engaged in sald sleeve.

3. The combination with a suction cup having a head and .an `annular bearing groove, of a split resilient ring frictionally engaging and swiveled in said groove, an offset hinge-lug on said ring, a link having an ofl'set 111g pivote-d in the hinge-lug, a lug hinged at the outer end of the link andl rovided With a bearing sleeve, and 'a yoke ictionally engaging and adjustable in said sleeve. I o

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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