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Publication numberUS1533907 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1925
Filing dateJul 26, 1924
Priority dateJul 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1533907 A, US 1533907A, US-A-1533907, US1533907 A, US1533907A
InventorsJohn W Whipp
Original AssigneeM H Moore
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Knee protector
US 1533907 A
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April 14, 1925, Y 1,533,907 J. w. WHIPP KNEE PROTECTOR I Filed July 26. 1924 JOHN W. WHIP? amwm Patented Apr. 14., 1925.





Application filed July 26,

To all NJ/7202M it may concern:

Be it known that I, Jenn il vntrr, a citizen of the United ltates, residing at Fort li orth, in the county of Tarrant and I State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements inlInee Protectors, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to knee protectors and more particularly to knee pads provided. With tension adjusting means and means for permitting passage of air through the pads; and the object is to provicc knee pads which will protectthe knees ofpeople working standing on the knees and which will make the Workers comfortable while Work. Another object is to provide adjusting means for regulating the tension of the pads and which raises the knees high enough to be comfortable and to permit the circulation of air under the pads. Other objectsand advantages Will be fully explained in the following description and the invention Will be more particularly pointed out in the claims.

Reference is had to the accompanying drawings which form a part of this application.

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the knee. pad, as applied to a knee. Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same detached from the knee. Fig. 3 is a plan VlG'W. Fig. f is a longitudinal section of the pad.

Similar characters of reference are used to indicate the same parts throughout the several views.

The knee pad is provided with a single piece of material (preferably leather). This pad or piece of material forms a base 1 for resting on the ground or floor and a rest 2 for the knee is formed of another piece of material. he base member land the rest 2 are attached by riveting; or otherwise at taching the same to frame members 3 and The frame members are spaced apart and they hold the members 1 and 2 spaced apart so that airmay pass freely between the members 1 and 2 and also hold the member 53 sutliciently high so that the knees will be protected from heat from the hot. ground in case of cotton picking; or other occupation. The frame members 8 and t may be of Wood and spaced apart by rods 5 which are threaded at both ends and nuts 6 are placed on the rods inside of the members 3 and 4 and nuts 7 are placed on the rods 5 1. and 2. These members 1 and 2 may be a single piece sewed or otherwise attached at ends. By removing the rod 5 by reason of the slots in the ends or the frame. memhers. the protecting members 1 and 2 may be placed on the frame members Without removing the rod 5 at the other end. Another advantage is that the rod 5 need not be threaded all along in one direction.

A gage and shield 8 is attached to the front of the protector memberQ Which performs two functions. It serves to locate the protector at the right position on the knee and it serves as a shield and brace. The shield is held in place by flexible" straps 9 which may be provided With buckles 10.

The shield 8 will also prevent the knee from coming against the rod 5 in front of the member 2. In order to prevent the straps 9 from irritating the underside of the leg, a shield 11 may be provided to rest under the leg and the straps 9 run through slits in the shield to retain this shield 11 in place. The shield 11 forms a broad bearing to come against the legs instead of the straps 9. The rear end of the protector is held to theleg by straps 12 and 13 and a buckle 14. The straps 12 and 13 are caught onthe rear rod 5 and held in place by nuts 15.

It is apparent that the knee'supporting member 2 can be so adjusted as to make the 'knee comfortable and that the knee is held out of contact with any solid element. Various changes in the sizes, construction and arrangementof the several parts may be made Without departing from my invention.

What I claim 1s 1. A knee protector comprising a base member and a knee supporting member,

frame members for spacing said members.

supporting members.

2. A knee protector comprising a base member and knee supporting member, a frame for spacing said base and supporting members apart, said base and supporting members being formed of a single piece of flexible material and surrounding said frame, a brace and shield attached to said knee support, straps and buckles attached to said brace and shield for binding the same to the leg of the wearer, and a bearing member to prevent said straps from injuring the legs of the wearer..

3. A knee protector comprising a base member and a knee supporting member, frame members for spacing said base and supporting member apart, rods engaging said frame members, and means on said rods for positioning said frame members at different points of adjustment.

4. A knee protector comprising a base member and a knee supporting member, frame members for spacing said base memher and supporting member apart having openings for adjusting rods and slots at one end for installing purposes, rods engaging said frame members and the red at the slotted ends of said frame members being adapted to move in and out of engagement withv said frame members through said slots, means on said rods for positioning said frame members at difi erent adjustments, and means for attaching said base and support ing members to the leg of the wearer.

In testimony whereof, I set my hand, this 22nd day of J uly, 1924..

JOHN W. min- 12

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U.S. Classification2/24
International ClassificationA41D13/06
Cooperative ClassificationA41D13/065, A41D13/0568
European ClassificationA41D13/05P2C, A41D13/06B