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Publication numberUS1535925 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1925
Filing dateOct 25, 1922
Priority dateOct 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1535925 A, US 1535925A, US-A-1535925, US1535925 A, US1535925A
InventorsArthur Lee
Original AssigneeRudolph A Shirek
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Figure toy
US 1535925 A
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April 28, 1925.


FIGURE TOY Filed Oct. 25, 1922 m Mu,

ATTORNEY6 n at Patented Apr. 28, 1925.




Application filed October 25, 1922. Serial No. 598,821.

To all 107mm it may concern:

Be it known that I, ARTHUR Lnn, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New York, borough of lifanhattan, in the county of New York and State of New York, have made and invented certain new and useful Improvements in Figure Toys, of which the followino; is a specification.

lify invention relates to an amusement device or toy and has for its object to provide an article of this character whichis com-l paratively simple in design and construction, preferably made of paper, cardboard or like material. and accordingly inexpensive to manufacture, and illustrating a cartoon of a head or face and designed and arranged that a great deal of entertainment and fun may be derived therefrom.

A further object is to provide an amusement device made up of a blank head or face and upon which may be arranged in varying relations facial feature members or facial adornment members whereby a changeable cartoon or caricature of the head or face is obtained and considerable fun and amusa-zment accordingly derived therefrom, and at the same time my amusement device provides for the display of considerable skill in combining and arranging the various facial members.

A further object is to accomplish the aforementioned ends in a simple and expeditious manner and to provide an amusemeut device which can be easily and economically manufactured, involving but litthe expense in its make-up and at the same time providing; a package which may be readily packed, handled and marketed by the retailer, as well as providing an enjoyable toy or novelty for the purchaser.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, my invention consists in the improved amusement device or toy illustrated in the accompanyinn drawing and hereinafter lescribed and claimed, and in such variations and modifications thereof as will be obvious to" those skilled in the art to which my in ve'ntion relates, it being understood that changes nray be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit thereof.

llhe preferred embodiment of my inven tion is disclosed. in the accompanying drawinn, wherein:

Figure 1 is a plan View of a paper or cardboard member having printed thereon a facial outline or cartoon of the same;

Figure 2 is a plan view of the facial features, facial adornments and like parts or members which are to be used in connection with the facial outline member illustrated in Figure 1; I y

Figures 3, 4L- and 5 are diagrammatic views of my novel amusement device showing the manner in which the facial features and adornment members may be moved and shifted about upon the facial outline member and thus obtain varying expressions and amusing cartoons, etc;

Figure 6 is a view in perspective of my amusement device made up in the form of a book and with the facial features and adornments printed upon one of the leaves thereof and which features and adornments are to be cut out by the purchaser; and

Figure 7 is a modified form of my device wherein the facial outline and facial features and adornments are all printed upon one sheet.

Referring specifically to the several views, wherein similar reference numerals designate corresponding parts throughout, a piece of cardboard or paper 10 has printed or stamped thereon an outline 11 illustrated in he present drawing; as being a cartoon of the human face, although it may readily partake of other forms, such asthe face of an animal, and the cardboard 10 upon which it is printed is out so as to correspond with this outline l1 and as thus constituted makes what I term a facial outline member. In order to further the interest and amusement which may be derived from the use of my toy, the outline of the face at the one axis is preferably sharply curved as at 12, while the remote portion is more bluntly curved, as at 13. C

In Figure 2 l have illustrated the sepa rate facial feature members and facial adornment members which are to be used in connection with the facial outline member of Figure 1. These facial members represent the ears, as at 1-1 the eyes, as at 15, nose, as at 16, hat, as at 17, mustache, as at 1.8, and eye classes, as at These featurc members are either artistic li tenesses of the parts. represented or cartoons of the same, and, furthermore, may be colored, as may also be the facial outline member. The facial. members are printed on cardboard or other suitable material and are cut so as to agree with the outline of the feature which they represent and accordingly may be sepa- 'ately moved about the facial .outline memher and arranged in any desired relation.

As illustrating the different effects obtained by the shifting about of the-facial feature members and adornment members, reference is made toFigures 3, l and5 of the drawings, and it will be readily perceived that an-endless variety of expressions and caricatures or cartoons may be built up, according to the skill of the individual In Figure 6 I have illustrated my novel amusement device built up in the form of a book wherein the back or rear cover 20 has printed upon the inside thereof a facial outline 21, and the cover 20 accordingly forms the facial outline member of my amusement device or toy. The front cover 27 has preferably printed upon the outside thereof (not shown) a likeness of one o: more of the Various cartoons or facial arrangements as illustrated in Figures 3, l; and 5; although I have not illustrated this in the drawings, as it forms no. part of my invention but merely adds to the attractive ness of the device. An inside sheet or fly leaf22 has printed thereon the various facial features and adornments 23, which are to be cut outand when so cut out will form facial features and facial adornment members which may be readily shifted and moved about upon the facial outline member 20 to produce the novel and highly amusing: cfl'ect as previously described.

The somewhat modified form of my lllrention illustrated in Figure '7 is similar to the foregoing with the exception that the facial. outline and facial features and adornments are all printed on the one sheet or base 24-, the same being preferably Composed. of cardboard or other suitable material. Upon this cardboard is printed the facial outline 25 which with the surrounding paper or cardboard forms the facial outline member. The lower portion of the cardboard QA-contains the printer delineation of 7 members.

From the foregoing it will also be parent that instead of null-ting the on: me and features as representative, or cartoons of the human face and human head, the may readily partake of the nature of animal or other object. Further, the faoutline members may be printed in cm. and the facial features and adornments a o likewise colored, such changes and modiit cations comingclearly within the pcope of my invention and adding to the attruvtircness of the device. Thus I have not only provided a device from which considerable amusementand fun may oederived, but also wherein a surprising amount of skill may be exercised, and most humorous and exaggerated effects obtained.

Having thus described and explained my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

An amusement device comprising an out lined head member having plane parallel 75 opposite side surfaces, pieces representi'i features appropriate of the head member, said feature pieces being outlinet b edge and having plane parallel opposite side surfaces, the feature pieces being applicable to so the surface of the head member in parallel planes, the obverse surfaces of the fear ire pieces bearing representations of chara: teristic organisms so positioned upon the pier-c: as to present expression of emotion varizu blc as the feature pieces are turned in their positions upon the head, member.

Signed at New York, borough of hattan, in the county of New York and :i' al of New York, this 24th day of October. A. D. 1922.



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