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Publication numberUS1536273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1925
Filing dateMar 20, 1924
Priority dateMar 20, 1924
Publication numberUS 1536273 A, US 1536273A, US-A-1536273, US1536273 A, US1536273A
InventorsWoldemar Schnee
Original AssigneeWoldemar Schnee
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Therapeutic device
US 1536273 A
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May 5, 1925.

W. SCHNEE THERAPEUTIC DEVICE Fi1 ed March 20, 1924 INVENTQR WSchnee ATTORNEY Patented May 5, 1925.

UNITE stares:



Application filed March 20, 1924. StrialNo. 700,456.

Another object is to provide a device capablerof performing atriple treatment of the body simultaneously, that is, a thermostatic, a frictional and a dynamic massage over small portions or the entire surface of the body.

This and other objects will become apparent in the description below, in which characters of reference refer to like-named parts in the drawing.

Referring briefly to the drawing, Figure 1 is an illustrative view, showing the parts of the instrument connected schematically in the electrical circuit.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the device showing the same equipped with gloves. Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 1 indicates the foot plate which i may be of such proportions as to provide a support for one or both feet of the person using the apparatus. This foot plate has its corners removed, and at the edge 2, a grip 3 is permanently soldered thereto. This grip is connected to a lead wire 4 in an ordinary manner, said lead forming the negative of an electrical circuit. The positive lead wire 5 of the circuit has a rheostat coil6 coupled thereto in series and an arm 1 is provided to vary the amperage.

7 having itsjfree end in contact with the coils The axial end of the arm 7 has a pair of wires 8 leading therefrom to which gloves or unit tens 9 and 10 are connected. These gloves comprise an outer layer of roughened fabric which is designated by the numerals 9 and 10, and within and lying in contact with this fabric, is a current conducting netting 18 which is covered by a rubber lining 11. In

Figure 2, the rubber linings are omitted from the interior of the gloves. The rheostat coil 6 and arm 7 are mounted in a substantially circular casing 12 whose peripheral wa-ll= is providedwith a: plurality of openings 13thru which the heat" generated by the coil 6'is dissipatedl The bottom ofthe casing 12 has leg-S 14 extending' there from in whichopenings are: provided for the reception of bolts, the latter being usedfor securing the casing to a wall. The spinclle on whichthe arm'7 isinrountedis surmounted by an indicator arm 15-lying exterior of thecasing and a knob 16 above thefindicator arm, said knob beingirotated when manipulating member 7. All the wiresare covered by an. insulating: material and the ends of the wires 8' are provided withslipiplugriele' ments117 which permit'rapid coupling-of the glovesto said wires. The ends of thenvires -iland 5 pass from the rheostat casing thru the single insulated tubing, both wires being insulated from each other, and the ends of the wires are attached to the screw plu 19 which may be secured in the usual socke of an electrical circuit.

whence the current passes into the wire 7 netting 18 of the glove members. "When these glove members touch the body, the current passes thru the part of the body between the gloves and the foot plate 1. When these gloves are briskly rubbed over the surface of the body, a triple massage of those parts is accomplished. After the gloves are immersed in warm Water and then applied to the body by briskly rubbing the surfaces, the effect attained is that the person under treatment receives a warm electrical bath treatment. The triple treatments constitute a dynamic massage given by virtue of the passing of the current thru the body, a mechanical massage given by the brisk rubbing of the gloves over the body, and a thermostatic massage given bythe application of the heat emitted from the saturated gloves; thus it will be seen that a triple massage is performed simultaneuosly by this apparatus. If a cold massage is cle- Cii sired, cold water may be used. The strength of the current may be readily varied by rotating the knob 16 on the rheostat casing in either direction to reduce or increase the amperage intensity of the current. It will also be noted that any part of the body may be given treatment with this apparatus. If "a person stand on the foot plate and touch the knee with the gloves, the current will pass thru that portion of the body only, that is, from the knee to the foot. If the current be passed from the foot plate, and the gloves touched to the head areas of the user, the current will pass thru the entire body.

I claim:

1. In a combination with an electric source, a foot plate attached to one lead wire, a rheostat attached to an opposite lead wire, a pair of gloves coupled to the last-named lead wire and in series with the rheostat on separate Wires, said gloves Comprising an outer layer of roughened fabric, an intermediate layer of current conducting wire netting and an interior layer of insulating adapted to perform an electric and dynamic massage simultaneously.

2. In combination With an electric source, a foot plate attached to a single lead Wire, a rheostat connected to an opposite lead wire,

a pair of gloves coupled to the last-named lead wire and in series with the rheostat on separate wires, said gloves comprising a material adapted to absorb and retain moisture, a current conducting lining within the glove, said lining entirely enveloping the interior of the glove and a layer of insulating material covering said current conducting material, the user of said device when standing on the foot plate being adapted to vary the distribution of the current from the feet to the head according to the position of the gloves.

In testimony whereof I a'lliX my signature.


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