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Publication numberUS1536676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1925
Filing dateFeb 26, 1924
Priority dateFeb 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1536676 A, US 1536676A, US-A-1536676, US1536676 A, US1536676A
InventorsLeraas Anton A
Original AssigneeLeraas Anton A
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Scrubbing brush
US 1536676 A
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May 5, 1925. V

A. A. LERAAs SCRUBBING BRUSH Filed Feb.- 26, 1924 Patented May 5, 1925i.



Application filed February 26,1924. Serial. No. 695,154.

To all whom z't 'may concern: y

4Be it known that I, ANTON A. LERAAs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Spokane, in Spokane County and State of Washingtom have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Scrubbing i Brushes, `of which the following is a speci- .lcation y t My present invention relates to improvements in scrubbing brushes ofthefountain type and manually operated, said brushes being especially adapted for use in `cleansing carpets, rugs, linoleum or flo-ors. The

` primary object of the invention is the pro-v vision of a hand operated and` hand controlled fountain. brush by means of which `a liquid detergent may be fed by manual i control to the brush as required vand in which the detergent may` be distributed with relationto the brush bristles in such manner as to avoid waste of the detergent and at the same time supply the brush with l an ample quantity of the detergent. Means are also provided whereby the detergent distributing parts may be removed and cleansed with facility, and as the `brush is constructed it embodies other meritorious features as will be hereinafter more. fully pointed out and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated oneV completed example of the physical embodiment@ of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged in accordance with the best mode I have thus far devised for the practical application of the principles ofmy invention. Figure. 1 is aperspective view of a brush embodying my invention.

Figure 2` is an enlarged detail sectional view through .the tank yor reservoir, the brush head, and connections. v Figure 3 is an enlarged view of a portion of the brush head showt. ing the distributing pipes andl one of the branch supply pipes.

Figure 4 is a detail sectional view of the funnel used to fill the tank or reservoir.

Figure 5 is a longitudinal sectional view of the brush head showing one of the distributing pipes and the branch supply pipes, and a locking means for the former.

In carrying out my invention I utilize that type of brush which is adapted t-o be reciprocated' across the surface to be scrubbed and is utilized by the operator detail sectional who stands in upright position.` The brush head 1 may beca rectangular block of wood or other suitable material of the desired diinensionsand the bristles 2 are secured as usual in sockets inthe brush head, and arranged ln spacedrows extending longitudinally of the brush head. The brush is manipulated by the long handle 3 which is attached in suitable manner to the brush head, and above the head is carried a reservoir ortank i supported on the end brackets 5 that are secured to the head.

The tank is designed to contain the liquid detergent which flows therefrom through the `main supply pipe 6 of an inverted T-shape, which pipe is fashioned witha pair of spaced branchsupply pipes 7 and 8 extending downwardly therefrom.

In the bottom of the tank an` outlet port l() is provided leading to the supplypipe, and this port is controlled vby a conical shaped valve 11 whose stem l2 passes upwardly through the tank and through a stu'ling box 13 in the top of the tank.

Normally the valve is held to its seat by means of a coiled spring 14.- surrounding the stem and interposed between the stuffing box and a pin 14 fixed to the` stem, and the valve is removed from its seat to permit flowof detergent through the valve seat by manual control. Exterior of the tank I utilize a collar 15 in connection with the stuffing box and the nut 15 clamps the collar rigidly on the stuffing box. A bracket arm 16 is offsetfrom the collar `and rises therefrom asa support for a bell crank lever 17, which is pivoted at 18 at the free end of the valve stem which projects through the stuffing box.` The short arm of the lever is pivoted at 19 .tothe rigid bracket arm `16, and a pull cord 2O is attached to the long arm of the lever for actuating the same. The cord is passed from the lever rearwardly to the handle` 3, through guide eyes 2land is provided with a pull ring 22 in convenient position for access by the `operator of the brush. Thus as the brush is manipulated the exit of liquid detergent from the tank to the main supply and branch pipes is controlled by the position of the valve 11, and the valve is opened by a pull on t-he cord when desired.

` The branch supply pipes feed the liquid detergent to two distributing pipes 23 and 24.- which are spaced apart and extend longiloo tudinally of the brush head, said pipes being provided with perforations for spraying the liquid detergent.

As seen in Figure 3 each distributing pipe is provided with an Aupper `inlet port 26 with which the branch supply pipe communicates, and at its adjoining end `the branch supply pipe is fashioned with an annular flange 27 forniing a head for close contact with the distributing pipe and surrounding the inlet port 26.

The distributing pipes are each located. in a` longitudinally extending groove 28 vin the lower face of the brush head, which groove, at one end of the head terminates, as seen in Fig. 5, a .short distance tl'ierefronn while aft the opposite'end the groove opens through the brush head. The grooves are fashioned so that the distributing pipes, one end of which is closed, may be slipped 'longitudinally into placevwith the perforated portions of the pipes projecting below the lower face of the brush head, Vand the closed end of the pipes resting against the projecting portion 28 or shoulder on the brush head.

At their `outer ends each distributing pipe is provided with a pair of spaced collars 29 and 30 to form 'an annular groove therebetween and a knob 'or handle 3l is attached at y'the 'end of the pipe. By inea-'ns of a locking plate 32 p'i'vote'd at one end of the brush head each dis'tributing` pipe is retained in position inthe head. Said plate is curved to swing around and vfit in the groove between the two spaced collars of the pipe, and by 'these two retaining devices the two pipes are locked in proper position.

Should the spraying orifices 25 become clogged, or if necessary for any other reason to remove the distributing pipes, the pivoted detents 32 may be swung clear of their pipes, then by grasping the handles or knobs 8l the distributing vrpipes may be pulled longitudinally from the slotted brush head. After cleaning the pipes may again be inserted in position with the inlet ports below the two branch pipes, and the pivoted detents 4swung to locking position to hold the pipes i'n pla/Ce.

The "it-ank may be suppliedwith the liquid detergent through the funnel 33 fiX'ed at the top `of the tank, vand `to prevent splashing of the detergent through the funnel when the brush is being operated, a battle plate 34 is fixed in thefunnel, openings 35 being provided at the sides of the baffle plate to permit flow of the ydetergent to the tank while the. latter is being filled.

ifi-s thus constructed the implement is accessible at all parts for cleansing and repair or readjustnient of parts. By removing the nut l5 and disconnecting the bell crank lever, and withdrawing the` stuffing box, the valve and its stem may be withdrawn from the tank, and the valve 'seat cleaned, or the whole valve structure including' the stein and connections may be withdrawn by unscrewing the stdin/ng 'box from the tank.

lllhe distributing pipes may be turned slightly on their longitudinal centers to direct the spraying of the liquid detergent, which flows by gravity, with relation to the lnus'hes or bristles in order that the detergent may l'be uniformly and evenly distributed `over the area of the brush in scrubbing cleansing a surface.

Having thus fully described my invention what l 'claim as new and desire to secure b3.' l. lftters Patent is* l. The. combination with a brush head having a pair of spaced grooves, of perforated, distributing vvpipes slidably mounted in said groove and having inlet ports, spaced collars Yon said -pipes 'forming annular grooves, a pivoted detent on said head for engagen'ient with each groove, and means for supplying a vliquid detergent to each distrilgaiting pipe.

2. The combination with a brush head having a handle, and. a pair 'of spaced4 grooves on the under side thereof, Iof perforated removable distributing pipes slidably mounted in sai-d groovesand `having inlet ports, means for retaining said pipes in position, a tank supported above the head, a main pipe and a pair of branch supply pipes from 'the tank `communicating with said inlet ports, a valve within the tank for controlling the 'flow of liquid detergent through the main pipe, and means supported lon said handle for eontrolling'said valve. in testimony whereof I affix lmy signature.

ANTON A. Lnnans.

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