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Publication numberUS1536906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1925
Filing dateSep 30, 1922
Priority dateSep 30, 1922
Publication numberUS 1536906 A, US 1536906A, US-A-1536906, US1536906 A, US1536906A
InventorsHeber N Miller
Original AssigneeHeber N Miller
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Article of manufacture
US 1536906 A
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May 5, 1925. 1,536,906


Patented May 5, 1925.





Application filed September 30, 1922. Serial No. 591,645. i

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Hnnnr. N. MILLER, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Peoria,- in the county of Peoria and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Ar. iclcs of Manufacture, of which the followii is a specification.

This invention has reference to a new and improved article of manufacture designed ,lo'particularly as a soap-dish for securement to sink-backs.

- The invention has fora further object to improve sink-backs by providing a soapdish attachable thereto, such dish including a receptacle portion to-receive the soap and formed with a gutter to allow the drain of water into the sink proper, and also means for attaching the dish to the sink-back and- .within an opening therein arranged to receive such dish.

That theinvention may be more fully understood, rcferencefis had to the accombackand,

Figure 4 is a plan view partly in section of what is shown in Figure 3.

Like characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the figures.

In the manufacture of sinks and sinkbacks, very little, if any attention, has been devoted to the placement of the soap. It is either laid on the drain-board of the sink. or within the sink, or within some sort of a receptacle which must be displaced from time to time during a cleansing operation or when scrubbing the drain-board or sink after each cleansing operation. On the other hand it has been'the aim of all manufacturers to rovide kitchen furniture and utenaware, no provision has been made for the holding of the soap used at the sink, in a receptacle which is more or less of a permanent character thereon, and such as will perinit of the draining of water back into the sink and one which not only adds to the decasily kept clean. Sinks and sink-backs are usually made of cast metal porcelain covcred, and therefore my soap-dish is preferably cast into form from metal and porcelain covered, and so constructed as'to be fastened securely in a sink-back.

The design of the soap-dish is best illustrated by the perspective, in Figure 1, and its manner of securement in a sink-back in "no sign of the sink and back, but which is very- Figure 2, although a modified securing means is shown in Figures'3 and 4;.

The dish as a whole-is designated 1. and in the form in which it is cast it comp-rises an open faced receptacle having a back wall 2, end walls 3, 3, each of which merge into an upwardly and forwardly sloping head wall 4, and an approximately horizontally disposed shelf or dish portion 5 preferably provided with aplurality of soap supporting ribs 6 and 7, 7 arranged at suitable angles relatively to each other so as to form gutters on the shelf or dish portion 5 to facilitate the proper draining of water from said shelf or dish portion. The sloping head wall 4 is preferably arched, from one end wall to the other, and said head wall, end walls and the shelf ordish portion at the open face side of the soap-dish *merge into a unitary flange 8, providing not only an ornamental facing for the soapdish which is intended to he in juXtaposition to the face of a sink-back 9, see Figure 2, but also provides a means through which a securing means 10, may be inserted for connecting the lower part of the dish to the sink-back; Said securing means 10 is shown in the form of a screw inserted throu h-an opening 11 in the flange 8, and threaded into the sink-back 9, as shown. The dish of shelf ortion 5 preferably extends forward of tfie open face of the dish and of the flange 8, for a suitable distance and has an upturnedflange 12, and said extension of the dish or shelf portion and its flange'12, at a point, preferably mediate. the ends of the dish is formed into a semi-circular open ended gutter 13 for the discharge of water from the soap-dish into the sink proper. The extension of the dish and the gutter 13 overlie the sink proper,

forward of the front face of the sink-back so that the drip into the sink will fall free of the face of the sink-back.

To secure the head portion of the soapdish to the sink-back, there is provided on the upper side of the head wall 4 and spaced back from the flange 8, a lip or ear 14 having a threaded opening 15 therein to receive a screw 16, the end of which is caused to bear against the inside face of the sinkback 9 to draw the flange 8 of the dish securely up against the front or opposite face of said sink-back. If desiredthe rear face of the flange 8 may have a groove 17 to receive a suitable insulating means;

The sink-back has cut therein an opening 18 through which the main body of the soap-dish is inserted until the flange 8 thereof bears against the front face of the sinkback, in which position the securing means 10 and 1.6 may be employed to fasten said dish in position in said sink-back, in manner already explained.

In Figures 3 and 4 the lip or ear 14 is shown provided with a downwardly tapered groove 18 and instead of using a threaded stem, such as 16, a wedge-block 19 is em- "ployedinserted between the face of the tapered groove 18 and the rear face of the sink-back 9. And said block 19 may have an opening 20 therethrough for the insertion of a suitable tool for the easy-removal of such wedge.

What I claim is Anattachment for the backs of sinks to equip the latter with soap holding means, including a receptacle-like body having an' .front face of a sink back, 'a member extending outwardly from the body adjacent to and spaced from the flange at the opposite side of the body and disposed to lie to the rear of the back of a sink, and means accessible from the back of a sink and engaged with said member and formed to be operable against the rear face of a sink back to draw said flange into tight engagement with the front face of a sink back.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed my hand this 26th day of September, 1922.


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International ClassificationA47K5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47K5/02, Y10S248/906
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