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Publication numberUS1537952 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1925
Filing dateSep 25, 1922
Priority dateSep 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1537952 A, US 1537952A, US-A-1537952, US1537952 A, US1537952A
InventorsJames C Boyle, Kridler Bernie Charles
Original AssigneeShingle Lock Company
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Shingle lock clip
US 1537952 A
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' May 19, 1925.

B. C. KRIDLER ET AL SHINGLE LOCK CLI P Fild Sept. 25. 1922 Patented May 19, 1925'.




COMPANY, OF FLINT, MICHIGAN, A CORPORATION OF Application filed September 25, 1922. Serial Ha 590,261.

. f To all whom it may concern:

Be it known thatwe, BERNIE C. Knmmin and JAIMES C. BOYLE, citizens of the United States, and residents of Flint, countyof- Genesee, State of Michigan, have invented new and useful Improvements in Shingle Lock Clips, of which the following is' a specification.

present invention has in view areLTo enable the operator to place weathered paper or felt directly below the shingles with which a roof is covered while employing clips constructed andarranged in accordance with the present invention,and in a manner usual with roofing shingles; to

facilitate and quicken the operation of'in-' stalling shingles of the character herein described; and to cheapn the construction of the clips. v

a Drawings.

Figure 1 is a vertical section showing a. fragment of a roof equippedwith shingles held by lock clips constructedfand arranged in accordance with the'present invention.

FigureQ is a perspective View of one of the IIIIPIOWBd clips. I

Figure 3 is a cross section on enlarged scale, the section being taken as on the line 33 in Fig. 2!

, Figure 4 is a perspective view of a clip constructed in accordance with the modified form of the invention.

Descm'ption. p

portion 11 has'a downwardly turned gui ing extension 12 which slips over roofing boards 13 and 14 to grip the same as shown 1 in Fig. 1 of the drawings. Therigid body portion 10 and the resilient portion 11 are i integrally constructed with the connecting portion 15. r

The body portion 10 is preferably provided with a sharpened under ridge 16 which sinks into the'boards 13 and 14 to prevent any dislodgment of the clips after being placed in position. I

The terminals 9. pierce through such shingles as may not be provided with perfo rations and extend. through the perforations in such as are so provided. lVhether piercing the body of the shingles or extending through perforations provided for them, the terminals are bent over ontothe :upper surface of the shingle. as shown in Figure 1 of the drawings. This is the service condition of the roof structure when using clips of .the character described. Among the principal objects which the It hasbeen found desirablewhen using shingles such as indicated by the numeral 17 to superpose the same in service on 14 are laid crosswise of the roofing rafters 19, the upper or rearedgesof the said roofweather paper or felt strips 18. These ing boards'being spaced apart a distance equal to the exposed sections of the shin les 17. The clips are placed on the roo ng boards or furrin'g 14 immediately after same are nailed in position. The upstandingterminals 9 thereafter serve as abutments for the shingles and for the weatherp-roofing strips-'18 whichare to be placed in'position.

In Figure 4 of the drawings a modified form of the clip is shown, the modification consisting in constructing the clip as a whole from ribbon-like or flat material. Clips constructed from this material have the advantage of not extending as far above the upper surface of the boards 13 and 14-, but are not found to be serviceable in resisting.

the wind pressure tendency to lift the shingles. J,

i Glaz'ms.

1. A shingle lock clip comprising a shank adapted to lie over a roof member, an up.- standing end portion on said shank adapted for piercin a shingle and being bent there-, over for ho ding same, a depending end portiongon sald shank and bent upon itself .to

form a'resilient loop for engagement under a roof member, and a roof member engaging enlargementdformed on said shank fonpreventing lateral twisting thereof on the roof 1 member.

' 2. A L adapted to lie over a roof member, an lupshingle lock clip comprising a shank standing end portion on said shank adapted for piercing a shingle and being bent thereover forholding same, a depending end shank for penetrating "a roof member to anchor said shank against lateral move 7 ment.

3. A shinglelock clip comprising a'shank adapted to lie over a roof member, an up standing end portion on said shank adapted for piercing a shingle and being bent thereover for holding same, a depending end portion on said shank and bent upon itselfto form a resilient loop for engagement .under a roof member, and a longitudinal rib on the under face of said shank to engage a roof member and prevent lateral movement of said shank thereover. v

4. A shingle lock clip comprising a shank adapted to lie over a roof member, an upstandingend portion on said shank adapted for piercing a. Shingle and being bent thereover for holding same, a depending end portion on saidshank and bent upon itself to form a resilient loop for engagement under a roof member, a longitudinal Mb 011 the under face of said shank, and sharpened for engagement of the rib ina roof member to prevent lateral movement of the shank over the roof member. I



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