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Publication numberUS1538627 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1925
Filing dateNov 6, 1924
Priority dateNov 6, 1924
Publication numberUS 1538627 A, US 1538627A, US-A-1538627, US1538627 A, US1538627A
InventorsDi Lauro Benvenuto
Original AssigneeDi Lauro Benvenuto
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Swimming device
US 1538627 A
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May 19,1925.

B. Dl LAURO SWIMMING DEVICE Filed Nov. 6. `19241:



Patented May 19, 19254.Y

u Nigrizia sra rias BENVENUTO DI LAIIRQ, erA AKRON, olH'o.

SWIMMING lunir-Ioni;

Application filed November-6, 1924.

To alli whom" z't may concern Ee r it fkuowir that l, BENVENUTO-Dr LAURO,

a citizen ofthe- United States',l and: aresi dent of' Akron, county, ofSummit, i State` of s Oliio,ihave inventedl certain new and! use-f ful Improvements in Swimming Devices, of which the following-:is aspecification.

This invention relates to swimming devices and particularly to inflatable belts in adapted to be fastened about the body of a person to aid in swimming or to keep the person afloat.

The object of the invention is to provide an improved bathing belt of the type disia closed in my co-pending case, Serial No. 73 ,210, filed A ugust 9, 1924i, of which the present application is a continuation in part.

The purpose of the present invention, in

particular, is to provide a reinforcement so in that side of the belt worn next to the body whereby the belt will more snugly fit the body of the wearer and will not stretch and become displaced on the body during use or because of deterioration of the rubber due to undue stretching thereof and the belt accordingly will always tightly embrace the wearer.

fAnother object of the invention is to provide an improved belt of simple con- S'J struction whereby it can be easily applied to the body for use and will eectively aid in swimming without obstructing movement of the swimmers arms and legs.

Another object of the invention is to provide an inflatable belt of rubber having tapes of reinforced rubber vulcanized integrally thereto, whereby the tapes cannot tear away from the inflatable bag as occurs where they are sewn or otherwise fastened onto the bag.

' Another object is to provide a belt capable of being collapsed in such a manner that it will occupy a minimum of space when not in use.

The foregoing and other objects will become more apparent as the following detailed description is read in connection with the accompanying drawing which illustrates one form of the invention, it being understood that the same is not limited to the specific form illustrated and described.

Of the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of the inside of a belt as worn and which embodies the invention claimed;

nf Ox) Serial No. 748,073.

FigureI 2. is` ani elevatioir ofthe upper edge. of` the:l belt inr flat non=expanded condition;

Figure 3 is a section on line 3-3 of Figa i ure 1 showing the belt. in the expanded conditionrit will assumel on the wearer-s body; K

Figure 4 isu a i section( on line ck-fl? of` Figz-v` ure 1.

Referring to the drawings, 1() designates generally the improved bag of the invention. The bag is so formed as to lie across the back of the wearer below the shoulders and is preferably formed with an inside sheet of rubber skim-coated fabric 11, the fabric being indicated at 11a and the skim coating at 11b (Figure The sheet 11 in use is to be worn neXt to the body.

The bag is completed by an outer sheet of flexible, stretchable rubber 12 which is lapped about the edges of skimcoated fabric 11 as indicated at 13, 13 so that the flaps 13 are adhesively secured, prior to vulcanization, to the skim coat 11b. A suitable inflating valve structure 111 is secured in sheet 12 by being extended through an aperture therein and clamped thereto in the manner of a tire valve, a suitable reinforcing patch 15 of rubber or rubber and fabric being secured about the valve on the inside of the bag. I

For securing the bag on the wearer, strips of rubber coated tape 16, 16 are attached at the ends of the bag, the tape being secured while yet not vulcanized to the skim coat 11b on fabric 11a. As shown in Figure 4L, the tapes 16 preferably comprise fabric strips 161l coated entirely by or embedded in rubber 16h. A buckle of any suitable type, suoli as a grip fastening buckle 17 is secured on one of the tapes 16.

In the manufacture of the belt, the parts thereof are formed in the conventional manner and are secured together in the manner described above. The assembled parts are then vulcanized together to form an integral structure which it is impossible to tear apart at the original joints.

In use the bag is inflated and applied over the back of the wearer, the valve 14: being pointed outwardly and the rubber coated fabric inner side of the bag lying against the back. The tapes 16 are drawn under the arm pits and buckled across the chest, the tapes being drawn tightly so that the fabric inner face 11 of the bag will flatten out and snugly lit the Wearer Without stretching and becoming displaced. When swimming the bag will be at the swimmer-s back and thus out of the Way so that the arms and legs can have unobstructed movement. The belt can be collapsed and rolled upon itself so that it Will it in a very small space as, for example, in the usual bathing bag.

Modifications of the invention may be resorted to Without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the appended claims. n

That is claimed is:

l. A bathing belt comprising an inflatable bag,` formed with an inner Wall of rubberized fabric and an outer Wall of rubber, a

valve in the outer Wall for infiating the bag and tapes of rubberized fabric for securing` the bag,` to the wearer, the inner and outer Walls of the bags and the tapes being vulcanized together to form an integral structure.

2. A bathing belt comprising an infiatable bag of rubber adapted to extend across the back at the shoulders, a valve for inflating the bag, tapes extending from the opposite ends of the bag adapted to pass under arm pits, each of said tapes comprising rubber having a strip of fabric embedded therein, said tapes being secured by vulcanization to said bag, and a buckle on one of said tapes.


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