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Publication numberUS1539637 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1925
Filing dateJun 4, 1923
Priority dateJun 4, 1923
Publication numberUS 1539637 A, US 1539637A, US-A-1539637, US1539637 A, US1539637A
InventorsBronner Finn J
Original AssigneeBronner Finn J
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Dental instrument
US 1539637 A
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" 2 Sheets-Sheet l Filed June 4, 1925 ll/lilll: allflixlallll. L :IIIIII F. J. BRONNER DENTAL INSTRUMENT Filed June 4, 1923 May 26, 1925.

Sheets--Shaet 2 UNITED STATESl i .seam



Application filed June 4,

To all ywlw/n t may concern.'

Bc it known that I, FINN J. BizoNNiin, a subject of the King of Norway, and iesident oi'' Bradford, in the county of McKean and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dental Instruments, of which the -following is a specification. j

This invention relates to dentistry, and particularly to a hollow drill adapted for use in penetrating bone structures such as v the jaws or mastoid processes of a patient in order to provide drainage (in abscesses) or to inject anaesthetics or other fluids into the nerve canals or. interior structure of the bones where such internal treatment is desired. y

It is an object of this invention to produce a device which can be operated by a dental engine as an auxiliary to the hand pieces of such dental engine; and the said invention comprises what might be termed a chuck to which a hollow drill is connected, the said device being associated with novel means for preventing fouling of the passage in the hollow drill'through which suction oi' drainage can be established or the medicated fluid is to be forced after the drill has cut its way into that part of the anatoniy to be treated, drained or anaesthetized.

It is a further object of this invention to produce a hollow drill or needle such as is employed for hypodeimic injections and the like, associated with novel means for pre-` venting cuttings from entering the orifice in the drill or needle; the said device being intended to be employed in association withv a syringe or liquid forcing agent whereby the medicated liquid will be injected to the point where local. treatmentis desired.

1With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the details of construction, and in the arrangement and combination o'l parts t-o bc hereinafter more `fully set forth and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this invention wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which- Figure 1 illustrates a view in elevation of a device embodying the invention illus- 1923. Serial N0. 643,312.

trated as associated with a hand piece ofy a dental engine and a liquid forcing device;v

Figure 2 illustrates la sectionall view of the said device;

Figure 3 illustrates a sectional view showing the partsV in different positions of adjustment; l

Figure 4 illustrates a sectional view Lon a line corresponding with the line 4-4 of Fig. 3;

Figure 5 illustrates a View in `elevation partly in section, showing' a device applied as an attachment for a hypodermic appaiatus; 'i l. Figure 6 illustrates a view in elevation of said device; and f Figure 7 illustrates a view in. elevation of the handle and cleaner embodying a slightly modified construction. i In these drawings, 10 denotes an' ordinary hand piece of a dental`engine,'and l1l a liquid forcing device, such as a syringe, that are conventionally showna'nd need not be described in detail; The attachment comprises a shank 12 that is applied ytothe hand piece, although any other `suitable means may be provided 'for its rotation; and the said shankextends into a cylinder 13 through the aperture 14 of a removable head 15, which hea-d is preferably threadedin place. The shank has an annular flange 16 seated at the end vof the cylinder, and a packing 17 is interposed between the flange and the inner wall of the head to prevent leakage when the device is in operation.

The shank` extends through an opposite head 18 on the cylinder, Vand the'said shank tained in the end of the vsaid shank, the said plug constituting an anchorage for the cleaning pin 2 0 that `is used for preventingr the accun'uilation of Yfoi'eigi'i substances in the hollow drill, as will presently appear. The plug has a plurality ot' longitudinally disposed grooves 21 in its outer surface that forni clearances or channels for the passage of the medicated fluid which is to be injected through the hollow drill into the cavity to be treated. That portion of the shank within the cylinder has ak longitudinally disposed slot 23 in which a pin 24 is slidable, the said pin being anchored to the head 25 of a tube 26 that is slidable through 90 has an apertured plug 19 frictionallyfrethe saidconnection 29 may be employed. for

empleyed 'es l nieaton .of

the attachment of the syringe 11 or injector by which medicated Huidig, forced into the cylinder. Any suitable connection may be a means. for effieeting`A` connnuthe .source of medicated fluid with the cylinder, and the inventoi'does not wish to be limited with respect kto* ,these detailsbuuias illustrateda when the-.syringe is applied .to .the connectionand fluid is. forced into the cylinder, it Will result inmoving yas the.y Vparts .of the positions in` which 4they are shown in Eig. ,3 of the drawing.

During the drilling operation andwhen PRSSul-eis .beingapplied toforce the. drill threvgh l the .etmeture being drilled, A the parte vyillgassnrnethe position lshown in Fig. 2, but after the hand pressure incidentte the: drilling epe-tation has been removed and the injector is operated. the 'forceior Preemfeineideflt te. the inieetilie el the. fluid wiillrieree the Ieylinfelel-eutvelflly with rrespect to the tube 26 .andvcause thewvithf dreiival .ol'the .cleaning Pinfrem the. interior of the hollowA .drill to permit the 'flow of fludthreughmheidrill. By reason 0f .the iaettlltthe @leanings Pin-fiefwthn .the adrill denying @the dri-lling' epenltiou,` the duet Lhfeueh ,the drill Cannet: befouled by the eeumulatien l. :Ofi e1.L.1ttin.effs` 01" l the like. and hence/the .fereeneeeeearyter .delivering the medieeted. fluid tothe. eevityi te; be treated will=.bemnimzed 1.11: that i ferm etA the invention-,Shown in 501:67 landfza aflhouowl nedle in communieation withfaheaall havinga ,Socket .32 ylute .Wlieh melene may -be ponpedand it; is also adapted to receive the shank-ete handle 341 '1T he handle 34 has e ,eleening Pin .135 thataextenfle .inte the needle,undythefreleten. of parte, .shown 'in Fig-:5r ienmnutenedfdueingf; the insertion of tho-needle. Aften-the needle has beerrinF sentedftheeellenkof the hemllel is removed frein the SOcket of '.thehead` and the cleaning pin ie.w:.itlidrawnf fr0m the; interiorof lthe The Socket is such that@ ttng may be applied to it, through which medicated fluid may be injectedvfroma suitable syringe Y or the like. l. Y

Figurev'villustrates a modified construction in which thes ha-nliy of the :handle 37 is threaded, and when this is employed, the socket of the head shown in Fig. 5 would -be threaded-'to engage'the threads of the shank. The cleaning needle 38 of the form p shown inv Fig. 7 is of the same general type astliat lieretofoI-'edescribed, and the only difference between the device of Fig. 7 and that 'of Fig. 5 is that .provision is madefnA a more secure `connection between `the s hanlcof theliandle and the socketjofthe head. AIn @the form` shown inl Fig. "5, lthe rela.- tion .otthehan'dle and l.the head is; maine tained ,by friction. y

I claim: .Y y l. In a hollow vmedicated,liquid` apply-V Y ing device, a hollow penetrating instrument,

a .tube to which the instrument is conI neaelied,` a cylinderslidably applied tothe saidtube, the said tube and cylinderhaving rneansof communication, a` cleaning. pin Stationary with :relation te the instrument rotating means, and `means whereby .medieatedglfluid is :delivered t0 the. interior. of. the cylinder, 2. In a hollowV medicated liquidapplyf ing device, a. cylinder,.a v.shank rotatably mounted therein having a longitudinally disposedl slot, a. tube. extend-ing. .into `the leyll inderwmeans for. connetingthe shank Yto the. said tube vwllerely they` rotate inunison, e cleaning pin earredwby the Shank, a .hel- 10W penetrating instrument Seureden the tubev and rotatable. therewith., theead tube and. shank having means of communication, and means, fopsupplyingmedcated fluid to the-cylinder. -In a hollow medicated liquid applyingudevice, a rotatable/.member adapted to be `driven..-loyanenginaa .member slidable thereon-and rotatablmtlierevvith, means of communeation` between A the.t two members,

.a cleaning pin carried. by the firstmentioned; member land extendinginto. the secondmentioned member, a; hollow penetrat- FINN J. BRONNER.

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International ClassificationA61C1/08
Cooperative ClassificationA61C1/087
European ClassificationA61C1/08G