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Publication numberUS1540005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1925
Filing dateJul 31, 1924
Priority dateJul 31, 1924
Publication numberUS 1540005 A, US 1540005A, US-A-1540005, US1540005 A, US1540005A
InventorsWilliam C Hiering
Original AssigneeJ E Mergott Co
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Bag-frame fastener
US 1540005 A
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W. C. HIERING BAG FRAME FASTENER Filed July 31 June 2, 1925:

myENToR ATroRNgY Patented June 2, 1925.

unirse Asfia'ras i mi# sferica Jnnsnr, assieme@ To 1J; transom so.; f

orY nEWfrnmNE-W JERSEY, A oosten-Armoires'nnnewnnn BAQFRAME Fssrnnnn/ Application mea .J-aiy. 31,

[o all' fai/lima t muy 001 "erm" Be it known tli'at`l',ld7i1,ni.^givr C." Hinizino, a citizen of the United States, residing at Nen-ark, in the county `of' Ess and State ot' `New Jersey,have inventednew ,a-ndius'eV` lul lniprovei'nents in Bag-FrameFasteners, ot which the following is alspecitication.

' This 'invention relates to 'bagrliran'ie tening-means, particularly to types in` which the -trame sides `may be positively held in closed relation.

An important object of?u the invention is' oprovide a simple andeiticient' Fastening i'or bag trame sides" which is positive in operation and not readily liable to premature separation by strains, jolts or contact with other objects 4during transit.I

Another pnrposeeisto produce a 'fastener which is spring held when in its operative position, requiring the exertion o't force to move it into disengagin-g position, and which adds to the attractive appearance of a bag to which it is applied.

Alt is a 't'urther aim to provide a 'fastener coniprised of Jfew and simple parts, inexpensive to manufacture and adapted to long` continuous service. Y

These and other analogous objects are accomplished by the novel construction and arrangement of parts hereafter described and illustrated in the accompanying vdrawing, forming a material part oit this disclosure, and in which i Figure 1 is a perspective view oit a jtrags nientary portion of a conventional typel of bag trame shown in closed position by an embodiment of the invention. K'

Figure 2 is a fragmentary front View of the same, the key being turned into an unlocked position.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional View taken through the center of the locking device and showing the bag frame `sides as held thereby.

Figure 4 is a similar view showing the parts as sprung together during the turning oit the key.

In fthe drawing the bag frame sides are designated respectively by the numerals 1() and 11, these frames being of the usual channel form and connected at their angularlyjbent ends by hinges as is common.

Rigidly secured to the upper elements of the' iframe sidesare plates 12 and 13, the saine being comm-only heid by prongs 11i 192i.. ser-a1 7293235."

and 15` passed t-hrough'` appropriately iornred openings in"v tirel walls otthei' channel nie1nbers'- andupset orrivetedfirmly on the inner'sijdes as shown. f Y

l hese'platesg which are die 'out 'fionisheet met-'alg' niayp'yibe Vgiven any preferred ornainentalprolile, one otltl'i'e' plates, 13 havinga substantially central perforation 1Gn and `hnishe'd"flat'tliroughoutrv vThe other plate 12`is1e e strucktoV present a concave-convex, o'r'itwardly v`extending-lioss 1T having a slotr18 passing"througliits center and extendin equally at' both sides into'tlie tlat plate,parallel'lwith 'thebase o'i" the plate. Y

Vert-ical,'indentations 19 are `torIne-dl atrv rightangles with lthe slot, centilallyofl the boss,l Y these Ainden'tz'itions being Hai-'edoutwardly atA their outer edges as "sh A key member,V` generally" d "na'ted'by the muneral20, is composed ot a'liat, pierforated" head 21`blendi'ng int o a'. 'shortA1A cyiindrical stem 22, passing freely through the center of the boss 17 and having a reduced extension 23rotatable in the opening 16, the end ot the extension passing lthrough a conveX spring washer 2li and riveted therein as at 25.



In operation, when the key head 21 is i turned into a horizontal position, as shown in Figure y2, the bag :trame sides may be readily opened, the head passing `freely through the slot 18 in opening or closing the bag, and the head is caused to remain in any position given it by the eli'ect oi the spring washer 24., drawing the shoulder of the stem 22 against the inner sideI of the lplate 13.

To lock the bag, after the frame sides are closed, the key is turned, causing the portion ont' the head 21 adjacent the stem 22 to im? pinge on the boss at the sides of the indentations 19, springing the sides together, as

lshown in lfigure 11, until the key is turned to a 'fully vertical position, at which time the plates l2 and 13 return to a parallel position, as shown in ligures 1 and 3', the head 2l partially entering the indentations 19 and the inherent spring eillect of the plates, added to the function of the washer 24 holds the parts securely locked until oonsiderable force is applied to turn the key through an angle of ninety degrees.

Although the foregoing is descriptive of the pre"rred embodiment of the deviceg itV will be understood that changes inthe form and proportion of the parts may be made within the scope of the appended claims and the general exposition of the invention;

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A bag look Comprising a pair of frame sides, plates rigid therewith and extending upwardly in parallel position therefrom, one of said plates 'having a spherioally curved lateral extension, and an elongated slo-t therethrough, a key having a stem rotatably mounted in the mating plate, the head of said `key `being adapted to pass through the slot, and means for tensionally retaining the key in an adjusted position.

2. A. bag look comprisinga pair of frame sides, plates rigid therewithv and extending upwardly in parallel po-sition therefrom, one` of said plates having a spherieally eurveo lateral extension, and an elongated slot therethrough,- a key having a stein rotatably mounted in the mating plate, the head of said key being adapted to `pass through the slot, and means for retaining the head of said key when entered therein, said head preventing separation of the frame sides when so positioned.

3. A bag look comprising a pair of frame sides, plates rigid therewith and extending upwardly in a parallel position therefrom, a spheroidal' protuberanoe on one of said plates having an elongated slot and transverse indentations, a key rotatable in the other plate, the head of the key being adapted to pass through the slot, said head being suited to engage in the indentations, and a spring retaining means for said key.

4. The combination with a pair of bag frame sides, of an upstanding plate rigidly fixed at its base edge to each of said frame sides, said plates being parallel and in register, an outstanding ooncavo-eonvex boss on one of said plates, said boss having an elongated slot extending equallv at each end into the plate parallel with its base edge and flaring undulations at right angles with the slot at the center of the boss, a. key having a shouldered stem rotatable inthe mating plate, a spring washer fixed on the Lstein to hold the shoulder thereof under tension against the plate, and a head on said key to pass through the slot when in one position and to rest in the indentations when in another. position.

This specification signed and witnessed this 22nd day of July, 1924.


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