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Publication numberUS1540082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1925
Filing dateAug 7, 1923
Priority dateAug 7, 1923
Publication numberUS 1540082 A, US 1540082A, US-A-1540082, US1540082 A, US1540082A
InventorsMerrill Joseph M
Original AssigneeMerrill Joseph M
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Perfume dispenser
US 1540082 A
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Jung 2, 1925.

J. M. MERRILL PERFUME DISPENSER Filed Aug. v, 1923 INVENTOR a; am. M6. 2%

ATTORNEY patented June 2, 1925.




Application filed. August 7, 1923. Serial No. 656,219.

To aIZZ whom it may concern: vided with an enlarged portion 7 which relie it known that I, JOSEPH M. MERRILL, ceives the bead (as in Fig. 1) and which a citizen of the United States, residing at is crimped or spun upon the bead (as in Montclair, in the county of Essex, State Fig. 2) to hold the two sections firmly to- 5 of New Jersey, and having a post-office adgetlier. In the end section 2 is a spring 8 Fress at No. Upper Mountain Avenue, placed therein before the parts are as- Montclair, New Jersey, have invented cersembled and the outer end of said spring tain new and useful Improvements in Perconnects with a pin 9 loosely fitting the fume Dispensers. mouth of the tapered portion 3. i 10 My invention relates to an improved Surrounding the pin 9 is a cord 10 or perfume dispenser, and my object is to proother flexible material, which engages the vide a convenient, effective and attractive bore of the tapered portion 3, to make a device for the purpose. The device is of tight seal. metal, and may be suitably ornamented to In the operation, the pin is pressed present an attractive appearance. It can against the handkerchiefor other fabric or f be readily filled and the perfume dispensed surface'to be perfumed and a drop or two therefrom by capillarity, as will be exof the perfume runsout. The action seems plained. to be due largely to capillarity, the per- In order that the invention may be better fume being drawn out through the re understood, attention is directed to the ac- .stricted opening between the pin 9 and the companying' drawing forming part of this month of the tapered portion 3.

s 'r ecification, and in which: Having now described my invention, what Fig. 1, is a longitudinal sectional view I claim as newtherein and desire tosecure showing the two tubular sections engaged by Letters Patent, is: 65

together before looking the joint between A perfume dispenser, comprising body them; and portion having a bead and a contracted Fig. 2, a side elevation. neck, a tapered end portion engaged over In both of these views corresponding and around said bead, a spring engaging parts are represented by the same numerals. said body portion and surrounding said 0011- 79 The device utilizes two tubular sections, tracted neck and adapted to normally close a body part 1., and an end section 2, tapered a valve located in the mouth of the tapered at 3, as shown. f end, and a pin on said valve for opening The body 1 is provided with a cap or the valve when the pin is pressed against closure 1 held in place many suitable way, the surface to be perfumed, substantially as by friction. By removing this cap a as set forth. I fresh supply of perfume may be introduced This specification signed and witnessed within the device. Near its other end the this 81st day of July, 1928. body 1 is formed with a bead 5, beyond JOSEPH M.. MERRILL. which is a somewhat contracted neck 6 lVitnesses:

to restrict the flow of the perfume from the WILLIAM W. DAVENPORT,

body part 1. The end section 2 is pro JOHN C. BLOCK.

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U.S. Classification222/501, 222/518, 401/260, 132/318
International ClassificationA45D34/04
Cooperative ClassificationA45D34/04
European ClassificationA45D34/04