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Publication numberUS1540802 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1925
Filing dateAug 19, 1922
Priority dateAug 19, 1922
Publication numberUS 1540802 A, US 1540802A, US-A-1540802, US1540802 A, US1540802A
InventorsFrank L Ordway
Original AssigneeParker Bros
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US 1540802 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

F. L. ORDWAY June 9,1925.


Filed Auz. 19; 1922 Innis-nib? a l-azlilL.Ordzle )ay, yaw? 52 5190;

Patented June 9, 1925.





AppIication filed August 19, 1922. Serial No. 582,882.

To all whom it may s mmer n:

Be it known that I, FRANK L. OnnwAY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Salem, in the county of Essex and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Games, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like characters on the drawings rep-resenting like parts. r

his invention relates to games or toys and particularly to toy hunting and fishing gan'ies wherein a table or platform supporting various objects or figures serving W as objectives or targets is mounted for turning movement.

In order that the principle of the invention may be readily understood I have in the accompanying drawing disclosed an embodiment of my invention chosen for illustrative purposes, wherein:

Fig. 1 is an elevation of the assembled apparatus Fig. 2 is a horizontal section taken upon the line 2-2 of Fig. 1 and looking down wardly in the direction of the arrow;

Fig. 3 shows a projector preferably forming part of my game apparatus; and

Fig. 1 is an elevation showing another formof table interchangeable with that shown in Fig. 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, I have represented at 1 a platform on table appearing in elevation in Fig. l. Said platform is preferably circular in shape and may be of Wood or other suitable light material. Said platform or turntable 1 is removably supported upon a centrally located vertical pivot herein shown as the spindle 2 having a flange or collar 2, the spindle being extended above thelatter and provided with a squared or other suitably formed end removably fitting within a like shaped recess in the respective platforms,

preventing relative turning movement between the platform and spindle.-

Said spindle 2 is adapted to be turned by any suitable'mechanism and herein I have provided a spring motor or clockwork supported in a suitable frame 3 having spaced top and bottom members 4 and 5 respectively, said frame being preferably secured upon a suitable base 5. Said shaft or spindle 2 is journalled for rotary movement porting the weight or pendulum 17 within said top and bottom members 4 and 5 and carries fixed thereon or formed integrally therewith a pinion 6, clearly seen in Fig. 2, having meshing engagement with the large toothed wheel 7 fixedly mounted upon avertical pivot 8 journalled in the frame 3. vPower for rotating saidwheel 7 is herein supplied by means of a coiled strip spring 9 having its inner end secured to the pivot 8 and its outer end suitably anchored as to the upright or spacer 10. The upper extremity of said pivot 8 is preferably squared as at 11 to receive a key or other winding means adapted to beap-plied through the winding opening 12 in the turntable 1 indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1.

' Suitable mechanism is provided for regulating the speed of rotation imparted to the spindle 2 and to the platform removably extremity with suitable pallets. FiXed up- 7 on the stud or'pivot 15 is a transversely extending rodor vibrator 16 adjustably sup- Said weight 17 is provided with a suitable set screw 18 which may be loosened to permit the weight to be set. at various points along the vibrator 16, whereby the speedof the turning movement of the main shaft 2 may be controlled and regulated. In this manner the objective-carrying platform may be set to turn at a predeterminedspeed.

The spindle 2 is adapted to supportplatforms carryingany suitable figures or devices as targets o-r objectives and herein I have shown in Figs. 1 and 4 preferred objectives which may be alternately employed in my game apparatus.

In said Fig, 1, I have shown a series of blocks 19 preferably rectangular in crosssection and provided with longitudinallyextending hinge pins 20 supported Within and which may be cut or stamped fro-m cardboard, wood or other suitable material. Said uprights are adapted to carry upon their outer faces representations or figures of any desired objectives, such as birds, animals and the'like and herein in Fig. 1 I

have shown the uprights as each carrying the portrait of a wild animal such as a bear, a tiger and the like. i

As will be readily understood from the above description, the blocks 19 carrying the uprights 22 are pivotally mounted thus permitting the objective-carrying uprights 22, to be knocked over backwardly and inwardly toward the center of the platform 1 into a prone position when struck by a suitable missile such .as the cork or pellet 23 adapted to be projected from the air gun 2elshown in Fig. 3, or by other suitable projecting means.

The platform 1 shown in Fig. 4- isprovided with a central opening adapted to receive the upper end of the main shaft 2, enabling said platform 1 to be employed interchangeably with the platform shown in Fig, 1. Said platform 1 is preferably designed to represent a fishpond. A hollow drum 25 of cardboard or other suitable material is secured upon said platform 1 and has formed in its upper surface a series of slots adapted to receive the figures 26 representing fish. Said figures 26 are provided with eyes 27 formed as holes through said figures by means of which the fish may be engaged as by a hook 28 and thus caught and removed from the pond 25.

In playing the game any number of players may participate, the object being to knock over as many of the uprights 22 as possible, or to catch the greatest number of fish, the players standing at a suitable distance from the rotating objective-carrying platforms. The players may each act in turn as the. objectives come into his or her line of sight, or at will, as desired, As above noted, the speed of rotation of the platform may beregulated and suited to the skill of the players by setting the slidable weight 17 at various points along the vibratory rod 16, the speed obviously being increased as the weight is moved inwardly. Within the contemplation of my invention, while the player or players are attempting to displace the objectives, the obj ective-supporting platform may receive other suitable pivot-a1 motion than that herein illustrated by way of example.

.Having thus described my invention I desire it to be understood that I am in no wise limited to the particular illustrative embodiment disclosed, the scope of the invention being set forth in the following )laims.


"1. Game apparatus comprising in combination, a vertical spindle, a platform having means for removably supporting the same upon said spindle, means for rotating said spindle thereby to move said platform at a predetermined speed when so supported, a

v series of figures mounted upon and movable "relatively to said platform, and a movable engagingmember controllable by the player and with respect to which said figures are moved by the platform, said figures being adapted readily to be moved relatively to said platform when engaged by said member.

2. Game apparatus comprising one or more platforms having means removably to mount the same upon a vertical pivot, spring motor means for turning a platform at a predetermined speed when so mounted, means for regulating at will the speed of said turning movement, a series of objectives movably supported upon said platform or platforms, and means independent of said turning means for engaging an obj ective to move the same during rotation of its supporting platform.

3. A toy hunting and fishing game apparatus comprising a. plurality of obj ectivecarrying platforms adapted interchangeably to be supported upon a vertical axis, motor means for turning said platforms when so supported, and means independent ofv said motor means and adapted to co-act with said objectives upon the respective platforms while turning thereby to displace individual objectives.

4. Game apparatus comprising a plurality of objective-carrying platforms, a rotatable spindle, means whereby said platforms are adapted interchangeably to be supportedupon said spindle, motor means for turning said spindle, and means for regulating the speed of said turning movement. I

5. Game apparatus comprising in combination a rotatable spindle, a platform supportable thereon, spring motor means for rotating said spindle thereby to turn said platform at. a predetermined speed when so supported, a series of displaceable objectives having a normal upright position upon said. platform, and an objective-engaging element, independent of said platform and motor means, controllable by the player and with respect to which said objectives are moved by said platform prior to and independently of the engagement of said element with an objective to displace the latter.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.


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