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Publication numberUS1541839 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1925
Filing dateNov 28, 1924
Priority dateNov 28, 1924
Publication numberUS 1541839 A, US 1541839A, US-A-1541839, US1541839 A, US1541839A
InventorsMetzler Lawrence W, Metzler Walter L
Original AssigneeMetzler Lawrence W, Metzler Walter L
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Electric-lamp-maintenance device
US 1541839 A
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Filed Nov. 28, 1924 II L FII Patented June 16, 1925.

UNiTEo stares isa-tesa rarest orifice."



Application filed November fo all `whom t may concern: y

lie it known that we, LAWRENCE W. Miara- Lnnand "WAUrn-n L. Maratea, citizens of the United States, residing in Topeka, county of Shawnee, and State of Kansas, have inp vented certain new and useful Improvements in `Electric-Lamp-Maintenance Devices, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this application. Our invention relates to an electric lamp maintenance device and has for its principal object the possibility of withdrawing and replacing of electric lamps on the ceiling or friese of rooms without the use of ladders of scaffolding or other provisions being made at the time of constructing of the building for permanent access to the lighting means.

A still further object of our invention is to provide a device having extension means for the varying heights of lamps that may be encountered. Y

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device that will manipulate the lamp whether it be vertically or horizontally disposed.

lelerzing the drawings, Fig. 1 is a miniature picture illustrating the use of the de vice. Fig. 2 is a detailed drawing of the stall' and curvature. Fig. 3 is an enlarged detailed drawing of the connection employed for the drive cable. 1l is an enlarged detailed drawing of the grip and connections to the stalf and cable for rotating the grip.

l is a hollow tube functioning as a staff, the said tube beine' in lengths and connected by unions 2, the object of which is to vary the lengths as the height of the lamps may require; on the end of the `first section of the Stall' is a grip 3,1'evolubly mounted and in the end of said grip as at et is a hexagon member firmly incunted therein, to which the cable 5, is attached by means of a pin 4, by which means the said cable is energized.

G is a section of the said grip, whichis -made in two parts, the members A, and B, dividing on a line as at C the saidmembers being screwed firmly together as shown at D, to member A, the cable 5 is firmly attached as heretofore described, the said grip is held in position on the end of the staff by the cable or other means may be employed independent of the cable, the tubing having a curvature and is firmly connected to 'the 28, 192 Serial llo. 759.,64L

stati' by union 2, as heretofore described, the said section may be curved to accommodate the dilferent position of lamps, and are interchangeable as the case may require, on the opposite end of said curved member is a ferrule 7, which is screwedlirmly to the pipe 1, 8 is a member revolubly mounted in the` end of said ferrule 7, and is held in engage ment therewith by a stud 9, said stud being seated in said member 8, and held lirmly `therein by a pin 10, having a ring E on the end thereof, and on the opposite end of said pin A, cotter F, to prevent said pin from sliding outward, said studi) having a flange 9, engaging on an annular ring 7, which is integral with said ferrule 7, functioning as means for holding said member rotatably connected to said ferrule, in the end of said stud, and firmly imbedded in the end thereof, is a liexible cable 5, which transmitsthe torque imposed upon member 3, to member 8 independent of the stall as designated byV l, and continued by member 6, said stall' being firmly jointed by unions as heretofore described.

At the places in the statt' 1, connected by unions 2, the flexible cable 5 is arranged as shown in detail drawing, Fig. 3, so as to permit interchange of staff accessories and lengths 7. The connection 13 is so arranged as to firmly hold cable 3, by means of pin 19J and 'transmit torque, between connections 13 by means of dowel pins 11, the said dowels being rigidly connected Ato one member of the connection, and slideably engaging in apertures in the adjacent member.

Member 8 having an annular flange lll, forming a soclret adapted to receive a ller:r ible member l5, the said member being irmly connected to the walls of the socket and extending outward conforming to the shape of a lamp globe functioning as a grip for rotating the lamp for placing or removing the lamp. Said grip may be made of rubber, fabric, or other flexible material, and in the walls thereof may be openings 16, so that the remaining ribs 17, will yield spirally gripping firmly to the smooth surface of the lamp globe, 18 is a flexible rim flaring slightly so that the lamp will enter the socket more freely, the said rim expanding and contracting as it passes oveiI the larger portion of the lamp.

1We do not confine ourselves to make the grip exactly as shown in detail as the walls thereof may have spirally imposed slits, or other materials may be used having a Sullicient grip, without mutilating the Walls.

And such othery modifications may be made as are Within the scope ot the appended claim.

Having thus described our invention what We claim as new and desirey to secure by Letters Patent is In an electric lamp maintenance device, a hollow stall having a rotatably mounted sleeve over the end thereof, on the opposite end a hollow curved member rigidly mounted thereon, a errule screwed on the end of "v said curved member, an annular ilange in lange on said stud engaging said annular iange in said errule on the opposite side from said socket so that the socket and stud are rotatably mounted relative to said ierrule, a rubber flexible grip having a plurality ot grooves in the side, and in close proximity to each other so that the remaining, intervening, lexible portion will yield spirally, gripping the lamp bulb, a torque transmitting` cable connected to the extreme outer end of said sleeve, the said outer end being detachable, but sufficiently rigid to rotate said cable, the opposite end of said cable extending into an aperture in said stud and rigidly fastened therein so that said cable will transmit torque 'to said socket.


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U.S. Classification81/53.11, 81/57.43
International ClassificationH01K3/00, H01K3/32
Cooperative ClassificationH01K3/32
European ClassificationH01K3/32