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Publication numberUS1542164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1925
Filing dateApr 24, 1923
Priority dateApr 24, 1923
Publication numberUS 1542164 A, US 1542164A, US-A-1542164, US1542164 A, US1542164A
InventorsSwan Nelson
Original AssigneeSwan Nelson
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Bag holder
US 1542164 A
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June 16,1925. 1,542,164

V S. NELSON BAG HOLDER Filed April 24, 1923 Patented June 16, 1925.

vswan Nansen, or cardiaco, rLtIlvors.

sito Homann. j

v Application filed April 24, 19295 To all whom it muy concern.

Beit known that I, SWAN Nelson, a citizen` of the United States, Vresiding at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State `of proveniente in 4Bag `Holders, `of which the following is a specification. f

This invention relates to bag holders, the invention having for its primary object the provision?` of a fnovel and `improved device 0f the-kind stated-for holding bags while they arefbeing filled'and which may be used with ba ssofvaryingrsizes. Y

nother` important `object of the invention is to provideabag holder of the character set 4forth to which a bag may be quicklyand convenien-tlyapplied, a simple and improved means being "employed for spreading the mouththereof. t j

The invention also I has for anfobject to furnish a bagfholder-of this kind which is very silnplefin construction, strong `and du-i rable, and *which may be cheaply manufactured.

Viththe above and'other objects in viewi which will become more apparent as the de scription proceeds,`1the invention comprisesa such novel yfeatures of construction and arrangementhof paits`,.`and in order that the same may be better understood, reference 1s had to the accompanying drawings forming Aa part of this specification, wherein for the purpose of illustration the preferred embodiment of the invention has been disclosed, like reference characters being used throughout the several views to denote similar parts.

In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a bag holder embodying my invention, the position of a bag thereon being shown in dotted lines, and

Fig. 2 is a section' on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is a View similar to Figure 2 but with less of the pipe broken away.

Referring specifically to the` drawings, numeral 5 denotes a plurality of pipe lengths Vforming the base of the device, the same being connected at their ends by elbows 6,

which latter serve as feet to render the base more stable.

Intermediate the end of one of the pipe sections 5 is positioned a T coupling 7, thev vertical branch of which receives the end of a tubular support 8, the same being inserted or otherwise secured within the T coupling serial No. 634,372. j 7. `he tubular support 8 slidably receives at its upper end a rod 9, which latter carries the bag supporting means and is adapted for vertical adjustment in the tubular support 8 by means of an adjusting screw 10. The supporting means for the bag come prises a tal-shaped frame 12 which latter is mounted upon the end of the rod 9 by means" of a coupling 11. The Ushaped frame 12 is tubular in cross-*section its arms 13 the bag to be filled, each arm being `provided adjacent its forward end with a hook 14: to which the bag is attached.

The rear portions of each arm are'formed and receives between with a longitudinal slot 15in its lower surf' face for the reception of hooks 16 for engag- Y' ing the back edge of the bag to be illed.

Springs 17 carried bypins 18 withinthearm serve to maintain the hooks 16 in the rear# wardend of their respective slots 15. Each' armj13 is provided with `a lateral aperture 19 opposite the pin 18 to permit insertion' of the coil spring 17. `Spring 17' beingniiexible may be insertedthrouglrthe slot 19 until the hooks 16 drop down through the slots 15,

may be slipped'v over the pin` 18. lThis con'- From the foregoing description read in connection with the accompanying drawings, the structural details with their attendant advantages will be readily appreciated. The tubular support 8 receiving the rod 9 form an extensible support for the U-shaped member 12, thus adapting the device to be adjusted for bags of various heights, it being understood that the bag will be supported upon the floor, since this makes it unnecessary to construct a bag holder of such heavy materials as to adapt it for supporting the entire weight of the bag. In use the hooks 14 are caught in the front edge of the mouth of the bag, whereupon the hooks 16 will be pulled forward against the tension of the Vspring 17 to engage the rear edge of the bag mouth. When it is desired to remove the bag the rear hooks 16 will be disengaged whereupon the springs 17 will draw them back out of the way so that there is no danger of them catching in the bag after the hooks 14 have been disengaged and the bag removed. Another advantage of my construction is that the pipe lengths 5 with their connecting elbows 6 serve to form a ridge around the bottom of yfliei'eujaou the eye at the end ofthe spring the bag and tend to prevent any lateral n1o\ ement orn a partially illed bag, which movement might result in the disengagement. ot the hooks A: and 16 from the mouth thereol'. A base board 20 may be fitted between the pipe lengths forming the base it desired, thus assuring a smooth surface upon which the bag will rest and preventing catching or tearing of the bag as it is removed, it being understood that the pipe lengths will extend above the plane oi' said board for the purpose specilied.

The tubes 8 and S) may be removably i'itted to the T-couplings 7 and ll respectively in any preferred manner, such as by threading the same thereinto, so as to permit removal when the device is to be packed for shipment or stored away. The rods 8 and 9 having been removed from their respective T-cou plings, the rod 9 may be slid into the rod 8 and clamped therein by means of 'the screw l0, thus econoniizing space and keeping the rods together so that they will be in a position for use when desired.

In accordance with the patent statutes I have illustrated my invention in concrete form and described it as constructed in a specified manner, yet it will be understood that I do not limit myseltl to the exact embodiment of the invent-ion disclosed, as various changes and modiications therein will immediately suggest themselves to those skilled in the art, without departing from the spirit of my invention as defined by the following claim.

InA summarizing it will be seen that the hooks 14 and 16 are arranged directly beneath and close to the spaced parallel sides oit the U-shaped bag supporting member so that the sides oi the bag are arranged close to and directly beneath the tubular sides of the U-shaped supporting member whereby letters or other articles thrown toward the bag arc not likely to lodge in the space between the bag and the spaced parallel sides 13 oi' the U-shaped supporting members. There is no space between the upper end ot' the bag and the spaced parallel side members ot' the U-shaped supporting member which would permit the passage ot large articles.

Furthermore as the hooks 11i and 1G depend from the tubular members 13 they are not likely to be engaged by letters or other objects thrown toward the bag.

I claim:

A bag holder comprising a U-shaped member having spaced parallel tubular sides and a bight portion, a standard connected to the bight portion, said spaced parallel sides being provided with longitudinal slots in the lower sides thereof, springs anchored within said tubular sides and having bag engaging hooks extending through the slots and extending downwardly from beneath the spaced parallel sides, and fixed bag engaging hooks depending from beneath the spaced parallel sides, said first and second named hooks being directly beneath and close to said spaced parallel sides for supporting the sides ot the engaged bag close to and directly beneath the sides of the U- shaped member.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature.


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International ClassificationB65B67/00, B65B67/12
Cooperative ClassificationB65B67/1255
European ClassificationB65B67/12H