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Publication numberUS1542183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1925
Filing dateJun 18, 1923
Priority dateMar 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1542183 A, US 1542183A, US-A-1542183, US1542183 A, US1542183A
InventorsSteinberg Edgar
Original AssigneeUltraheilstrahlen App Aktien G
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Light-conducting rod for therapeutical purposes
US 1542183 A
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E. STEINBERG LIGHT commune ROD FOR THERAPEUTICAL PURPOSES .Filed June '18. 1923 June 16, 1925.

/n ventcr:

Patented June 16, 192 5.




I Application filed June 18, 1923. 'Serial No. 646,140.

Purposes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a light conduct- 10 ing rod fortherapeutical purposes and consists in the provision of a body of quartz glass having a polished surface which is adapted for application to the surface under treatment and which is shaped to conform with said surface, the rest of the body being left unpolished except where light-rays are -to be transmitted or reflected.

Fig. 1 of the accompanying drawings represents a longitudinal section of a light conducting rod for the treatment of the inner part of the womb, and

Fig. 2, a section of a rod for the treatment of a front tooth from the inside of the mouth. I

The light from a suitable reflector is projected through a tube 1 into which is detachably fitted a rod 2 made of quartz glass. The rod shown in Fig. 1 is intended for the treatment of the inner part of the womb, the part 6 of the rod being shaped in conformity.

Only the surface indicated by arrows at 3 is polished for transmitting the ultraviolet rays to the particular part'of the womb to be treated, the remaining surfaces being left .rough.

The club-shaped rod shown in Fig. 2 has a head formed with a surface 5 which is adapted to be applied tothe inside of a gum for the treatment of a front tooth and which is shaped in conformity with the gum. The 40 light from the tube 1 is reflected from asurface 4 onto the surface 5, and only these two surfaces are polished, the remaining surfaces being left rough.

I claim:

A lightconducting rod for therapeutical purposes comprising a club-shaped body of quartz glass having polished and unpolished surfaces, only those surfaces being polished through which the light-rays are to be transmitted or by which they are to be reflected, the polished surfaces being arranged so as to reflect the light-rays backwards through the club head, the last light-transmitting surface being adapted forapplication to the inside of the gum for the treatment of a tooth and shaped in conformity with said gum.


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