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Publication numberUS1542848 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 23, 1925
Filing dateJul 6, 1923
Priority dateJul 6, 1923
Publication numberUS 1542848 A, US 1542848A, US-A-1542848, US1542848 A, US1542848A
InventorsBarnes John H
Original AssigneeBarnes John H
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Closure for shoe uppers
US 1542848 A
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June 23, 19.25. 1,542,848 J. H. BARNES CLOSURE FOR SHOE UPPERS Filed July 6. 192a Jain Ba r276 aim "-means in detail, and

Pate nted June 23, I I


JOHN H. BARNES, or nonwroicomvnorronr.

CLOSURE FOR Application filed July 6,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that JOHN H. BARNns, citizen of the United States, residing at Norwich, in the county of New London and State of Connecticut, has invented certain new and useful Improvements in Closures for Shoe Uppers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has reference to wearing apparel, and has more particular reference to an improved form of closure for the uppers of shoes.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a. closure for shoe uppers which is extremely simple and durable in construc' tion and capable of being expeditiously fastened or unfastened as desired.

Another object of the invent-ion is to provide a closure for shoe uppers which will not detract from the neat appearance of a shoe and which may be provided at an extremely low cost.

Other objects will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, and the same consists in the novel form, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, shown in the accompanying drawing and claimed.

7 In the drawing, wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views,

Figure 1 is atop plan view of a shoe provided with a closure constructed in accordance with the present invention,

Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view taken substantially on line 22 of Figure 1,

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view showing the closure fastening Figure i is an enlarged fragmentary view illustrating'the form of key hole slots provided along one edge of the shoe upper.

Referring to the drawing in detail, an ordinary shoe is shown including an upper 5 whos forward edges are in spaced relation as at 6 and 7 the usual sole 8 being attached to the upper in the well known manner.

In accordance with my invention, a flap 9 is stitched along the edge 6 as indicated at 10 and also along the lower edge of the upper between the edges 6 and 7 for a por- SHOE UPPERS.

1923. Serial No. 649,794.

tion of the distance so as to leave the remaining side of the flap 9 loose.

The shoe upper is provided with a plurality of key hole openings 11 along the edge 7 thereof, the enlarged portions of which are located remote from said edge? as shown clearly in Figures 1, 2 and 4. A plurality of headed studs 12 are attached to the free longitudinal edge of the flap 9, each of which is adapted to enter one of the openings 11 for fastening the closure, the stem of each stud 12 being substantially as large as the narrow portion of :the opening 11 with which it cooperates, and the head of said stud being substantially equal in size to the larger portion of said opening 11.

In fastening the shoe upper when constructed in accordance with the above, the flap 9 is drawn towards the side of the shoe remote from the stitched edge of the flap so as to bring the heads of the studs 12 in alignmentwith the enlarged portions of the openings 11, whereupon said studs may be entered into said enlarged portions of the openings. WVhen the flap 9 is released, the upper will naturally expand so as to slide the studs 12 into the narrow portions of the openings 11 and when so positioned, the closure is effectively fastened. By simply pulling the flap 9 towards the side of the shoe until the heads of the studs 12 coincide with the enlarged outer portions of the openings ll, and then pulling upwardly on said flap, the shoe may be quickly unfastened for permitting its ready removal from the foot.

' The construction and manner of use as well as the advantages of the present invenopening being provided with spaced side edges and a. transverse edge which is disposed over the ball of the foot of the wearer, a flap secured at one edge to one of the side edges of the said opening, and secured at the forward edge to the transverse edge of the opening for a portion of the length thereof, by stitching Which extends substantially to the median longitudinal dimension of the flap, the upper having a series of key hole slots provided at the opposite side edge of the opening, and the free longitudinal edge of the flap having headed studs adopted to enter the slots and engage under the edges thereof when the side edges of the opening in the upper are spread With relation to each other.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification36/50.1, 36/54
International ClassificationA43C11/00, A43C11/02
Cooperative ClassificationA43C11/02
European ClassificationA43C11/02