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Publication numberUS1543163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 23, 1925
Filing dateMay 9, 1923
Priority dateMay 9, 1923
Publication numberUS 1543163 A, US 1543163A, US-A-1543163, US1543163 A, US1543163A
InventorsHolmquest Herman F, Johnson Sven A
Original AssigneeHolmquest Herman F, Johnson Sven A
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US 1543163 A
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June 23, 1925.

S. A. JOHNSON ET AL COMPRESSOR Filed May 9. 1923 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR. A fob/150m.

June 23, 1925. 1,543,163

s. A. JOHNSON ET AL COMPRES SOB Filed May 9. 1923 2 She ets-Sheet Q I N VEN T0115 151A. (Iv/U750. BY [Y Z? ffolmqdesf A TTORNE Y.

Patented June 23. 1925. V




Application filed May 9,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, SVEN A. JOHNSON and HERMAN F. HOIMQUEST, citizens of the United States, residing atBrooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Compressors, of which the following. is a specification.

.This invention relates to air pumps or compressors and has for its primary object to provide a rotary type pump designed to reduce friction to the minimum. and simpliits construction without sacrificing efficiency.

Une of the objects of our invention is to provide a rotary pump wherein a stationary, outer casing and inner drum are provided including a concentrically mounted huh or collar which is free to move with respect to the casing and the driven shaft so that a rolling motlon is imparted to the said'huh during the suction-stroke.

A further ohject of our invention is to provide a rotary p wherein an eccentrically mounted uh and loose ring are provided and are free to move with respect to a shaft and the outer casing durin the till suction stroke and while the outlet va ve is raised from its seat.

We accomplish the ahove ohjects and others which will he more readily understood when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, showing a referred emhodirnent oi our invention and wherein,

Figure l is a sectional end view or the pump showing the relation of the riven shaft to the huh and eccentric.

Figure 4 is a detail view taken on the line 1-4: oi Figure it.

Referring now to the drawings whereln like reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, 5 designates the stationary outer casing or drum having an end hoss 6 to receive the driven shaft 7, on which shaft the threaded plu 8 and aching glands 9 are provided as sliown hy igure 3 of the drawin inner housing 1c, mounted within t e casing, is provided with a hall valve 11 that closes the outlet 12 during the operation of the pp. The casing is further provlded within the chamher M.

1923. Serial No. 537,781.

with an inlet or fluid intake 13 which communicates with the interior of chamber 14 of the casing and the outlet-above referred to.

Keyed to the shaft 7, we have provided an eccentric 15, which is adapted to im art a revoving motion to a loosely mounted ub or collar 16, which collar is of a width to extend between the inner and outer'walls of the casing. The hub or collar is provided with recesses 18 to receive the coil springs 19 therein, said springs bearing against the loose ring 20, also free to move with res ect to the casing and the eccentric. It wil he noted that the loose ring is also substantially the same width as the hub 16 and is further provided with a packing rin 22 which hears against the walls of the casmg through the instrumentality of the horizontally extending springs 23 thus providing an air tight joint within the chamber 14 during the revolving motion the hub hy the eccentric. A valve seat 25 slightly ahove the inlet or fluid intake 13, receives a flapper suction valve 26 which is somewhat curved on the bottom portion thereof and shaped to conform with the loose ring. A short shaft 27, connected to the valve 2% and extending outside the casing is adapted to receive a pin 28 to which a spring 29 is connected so as to normally maintain the valve down at the inlet or suction strolre. It will thus he seen that as the shaft l is driven and the eccentric revolves, the loose huh and packing ring will he frictionally R carried therewith. and rotate in the'chaniher 14 so that as the fluid is drawn into the charnher, it will he trapped and forced up to unseat the hall valve 11 and pass through the outlet 12. The flapper suction valve prevents the return oi the fluid drawn into the chamher 14, since the loose ring is of a diameter as to engage the outer end oi the valve during the revolving motion therecf ile we have shown a flapper suction valve and a hall valve for the purposes ahove set iorth, will he readily understood that in actual practice other types or valves may he utilized to accomplish the same result and we therefore do not desire to he limited and restricted to the exact showing of this construction.

While we have illustrated and described our invention with some degree of particularity, we realize that in practice various aiterations therein may he made. We there- .neeenea said ring from the huh, packing rings and resilient elements within the sides of said rings said rings, irictionally engaging the inner sidesof the casing an outlet valve and a resiliently held valve Within the casing adjacent the said inlet.

In testimony whereof we atiix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.



FRANK J. Oceswnnn, Hnnwre N. JOHNSON.

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