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Publication numberUS1544844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1925
Filing dateJun 27, 1924
Priority dateJun 27, 1924
Publication numberUS 1544844 A, US 1544844A, US-A-1544844, US1544844 A, US1544844A
InventorsAlbert Levkowits
Original AssigneeAlbert Levkowits
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Adjustable size-indicating attachment for garment hangers
US 1544844 A
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July 7, 1925. 1,544,844


Patented July 7, 1925.




Application filed June 27, 1924. Serial No. 722,860.

My invention relates to an adjustable size,

indicating attachment for garment hangers.

lVhere large numbers of similar garments are hung upon hangers and placed upon display it is rather diflicult to quickly ascertain the correct size of any one garment in the group. This is due to the common practice of attaching small tags bearing the size on some inconspicuous part of the garment, and before the salesman is able to locate the tag several unsuccessful attempts may have been made.

With the above in mind it is the principal object of the invention to provide an attachment for the garment hanger, which may be readily attached and which is adjustable to indicate a wide range of sizes.

A further object of my invention is to facilitate the operation of locating different sizes of garments by conspicuously displaying the sizes above the garment itself.

The invention is illustratively exemplified in the accompanying drawing, in which, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a garment hanger having my improved attachment; Figure 2 is a view of one section of the attachment and Figure 3 is a similar view showing the size indicating portion.

Referring to the drawing, the ordinary curved garment support 10 is provided with an upright hook portion 11 arranged in the crown of the curve. The size indicating attachment is placed over the hook 11 and comprises a spool 12 havingva bore 13 and flange 1d disposed at the upper end. The body of thespool 12 is slightly tapered inwardly towardsthe bottom and the peripheral wall is provided with upright divisions 15 and in the spaces therebetween the va-s rious sizes of garments are arranged. The spool 12 is placed over the hook 11 and held in position against the curved support 10 by means of a spring metal thimble 16. The thimble comprises a split member having its annular wall provided with diametrically disposed openings or windows 17 which register with the size marks on the spool 12.

The upper edge of the thimble 16 bears against the under surface of the flange 1 1 and the lower edge is provided with integral downwardly disposed spring fingers 18 which are shaped to normally embrace the walls of the garment support 10, as illustrated clearly in Figure 1.

In operation, the attachment is merely placed over the hook portion 11 of a garment support 10 and the flange revolved until the desired size numerals appear at the openings 17 The tapered feature of the spool 12 enables the latter to be firmly gripped by the split thimble 16 and also allows the size numeral to move without contact with the adjacent wall of the thimble and therefore prevents the figures from be coming destroyed or otherwise marred.

What I claim is: v

1. An adjustable size indicating device for garment hangers, comprising a spool having size characters disposed thereon, and a thimble embracing said'spool and having openings therein adapted to register with individual characters.

2. An indicating device, as claimed in claim 1, in which said spool comprises a tapered cylindrical body portion having a lateral flange at the upper end adapted to contact with the adjacent edge of the thimble.

3. An indicating device, as claimed in claim 1, in which said thimble comprises a split shell having downwardly projecting spring fingers to yieldably engage the body of the said hanger.

1. An adjustable size indicating device for garment hangers having projecting supporting hooks, comprising a spool having a bore to receive the supporting hook and a lateral upper flange, the body of the spool being tapered inwardly towards the bottom and provided with separated size characters peripherally disposed thereabout, and a thimble yieldably embracing said spool and comprising a split-cylindrical spring metal portion arranged over said'tapered portion of the spool and having integral spring fingers to yieldably engage the said hanger, said cylindrical portion of the thimble having openings before which said character may be adjusted.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 24th day of June. 1924. f 7

LBERT Lnvirowirs.

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U.S. Classification40/5
International ClassificationA47G25/00, A47G25/14
Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/1407
European ClassificationA47G25/14A