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Publication numberUS1545009 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1925
Filing dateJul 12, 1924
Priority dateJul 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1545009 A, US 1545009A, US-A-1545009, US1545009 A, US1545009A
InventorsCharles L Paine
Original AssigneeCharles L Paine
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Mushroom light
US 1545009 A
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July 7, 1925.

C. L. PAINE MUSHROOM LIGHT Filed July 12. 1924 To all wkomit may concern:

mote fixed source entirely independent of ing the field of the Patented July 7, 1 925. v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed July 12, 1924. Serial No. 725,664.

represents a skeleton dome having openings Be it known that I, CHARLES L. PAINE, fitted with transparent signal plates 2 a citizen of the United States, and resident therein, which signal plates may be of colof Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee ored glass, or they may have certain indices and State of Wisconsin, have invented cerplaced thereon. As shown the dome is protain new and useful Improvements in Mushvided with four signal plates equidistantly room Lights; and I do hereby declare that apart to deflect rays of light in alinement the following is a full, clear, and exact dewith the intersecting streets but it under scription thereof. stood that these signal plates may be varied My invention refers to traflic indicators,- in number, or the dome may be made up to and it has for its object to provide a traflic deflect the light rays from a practically conindicator of the mushroom type having tinuous surface at angles that will come means for illuminating the same from a rewithin the line of vision of parties enterpoint of intersection of the mushroom. the streets.

.Another object of my invention is to uti- The dome, as shown, is open at its crown lize, under certain conditions, standard overwhereby the rays of light from a fixed illuhead street lamps for the purpose of illumiminating source overhead, will enter and nating the mushroom, whereby suchlamps, saiddome has nested therein a centrally disin addition to performing their usual func posed deflector 3, which deflector is suitably tions at street crossings, will also serve to centered and supported by a base plate 4 illuminate the traflic signal thereunder. which is secured to the rim of the dome, as

Heretofore, traffic signals of the mushshown. room type in their installation have been varied in form. As for example, it may be providedwith one or more electric lamps or concave or convex in the shape of a basin, bulbs for illuminating purposes, and owing or otherwise. Said reflector may also, withto this fact an expensive installation is nec out departing from the spirit of my invenessary, due to excavation and the provision tion, be formed ofa plurality of separate of means for renewing such lamps. units corresponding in number to the signal My invention therefore contemplates plates. v. eliminating all of this expensive installation The circle, or crowned dome, as shown, is work whereby the cost of the apparatus and anchored by the ends of the retaining bolts its maintenance thereafter is reduced ap- 5, but obviously any means can be provided proximately seventy-five percent, or more. for this purpose, and it is apparent that the Aside from the economic value mentioned dome can readily be dropped into position above, the advancein the art of mushroom under the lamp 6, or source of fixed light, traffic si als made by me eliminates the without any previous excavation or work serious o lig' ections to such devices, which is upon the surface of the street. Obviously that under traflic conditions the mushrooms .this advantage is material to the fact that are frequently struck by passing vehicles installation of the device can be quickly per and the vibration will break or damage the formed without any extra work and by those lighting units to such an extent as to render unskilled in the art of anchoring or aflixing the signal dark and inoperative. vsuch devices. a

It is also understood that my invention From the foregoin description it will be may be applied to any type of mushroom. readily understood t at the ordinary arc- With the above objects in view, the invenlight, which is usuallypositioned at the intion consists in the method and mechanism, tersecting streets, is utilized to illuminate as hereinafter set forth with reference to the the crossing signal indicator, and that the accompanying drawings and subsequently rays of light, by a deflector within the mush claimed. room, are directed through the signal plates In the drawings: in four directions for safety purposes,

Figure 1 represents a diagrammatic secwhereby the dome is practically and clearly tional elevation of a mushroom traflic signal illuminated without extra cost in lamp embodying the features of my invention, and power or apparatus. In some instances the Fi re 2 is a plan view "of the same. arclights or lamps. are positioned at the Re gning by characters to the drawing, 1 street corners, in which case each lamp will Obviously the deflector 3 may be G fixed and so arranged relative to the dome that the light rays will be unobstructed.

ll claim 1. A mushroom trafiic indicator arranged to receive and reflect rays of light from a W remote fixed illuminatmg source, the same comprising a skeleton dome having transparent signal plates therein and a centrally disposed reflector adapted to deflect the rays of light through said signal plates.

2. A mushroom trafic indicator arranged to receive and reflect rays of light from a remote fixed illuminating source, the same comprising an opaque skeleton dome having transparent signal openings therein and a centrally disposed reflector adapted to defleet the rays of light through said signal openings. v

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand at Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin. c c.


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U.S. Classification404/16, 362/297, 40/559, D10/113.1
International ClassificationE01F9/06
Cooperative ClassificationE01F9/06
European ClassificationE01F9/06