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Publication numberUS1545093 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1925
Filing dateApr 1, 1924
Priority dateApr 1, 1924
Publication numberUS 1545093 A, US 1545093A, US-A-1545093, US1545093 A, US1545093A
InventorsGallob George
Original AssigneeGallob George
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Comfort shower curtain
US 1545093 A
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Juy 7, "1925.

G. GALLOB COMFORT SHOWER CURTAIN Filed April l, 1924 INVENTOR @MM ATTO EY Patented july 7, 1925.



Application filed April l,

To cZ/ calzoni t may concern.'

Le it known that I, Grnonon GALLOB, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, city and State of New York, have invented cert-ain new and useful Improvements in Comfort Shower Curtains. set forth in the following specification.

This invention relates to curtains for shower baths.

The object of the invention is to enclose the body of a person taking a shower bath without inconveniencing the bather, at the same time to prevent undesired scattering of the spray without the confines of the curtain preventingl the undesired contacting of the curtain with the bather and permit a regie lation of the water pipes without opening the curtain.

Further objects of the invention are to improve, iu general, the assemblage of parts to make up an efficient shower bath and will better be understood by reference to the illustrative embodiment of the invention to which the claim is directed merely for purpose of illustration. Such embodiment is shown in the accompanying drawings which form a part hereof.

In the drawings, Fig. l is a side elevation partly in vertical section showing the assemblage;

Fig. 2 is a front elevation drawn to an enlarged scale with parts broken away and partly in section;

Fig. 3 is a detailed section showing the flap construction: and

Fig. 4 Vis a detailed section showing a modification of the stiffening means.

A indicates a portion of the usual bath room, fitted with a bath tub l and the plumbing B for an overhead shower. This plumbing comprises the hot and cold water pipes 2 and 3 respectively controlled by the hand valves 4 and 5, mixing pipes 6, stand pipe 7, overhead pipe 8 and downwardly directed spray nozzle 9. In addition, the usual 'supporting ring 10, mounted to the bath room wall 11 is provided from which the usual sliding suspension hooks 12 may support my novel curtain C, by engaging the upper margin thereof through the eyele-t-ed openings 13.

A vertical parting 14 is provided in a substantially rectangular sheet of water resisting fabric 15. It is contemplated that the flaps 16 and 17 of this parting 14 overlap so 1924. Serial No. 703,441.

that they may readily be secured one to the other by a series of quick releasing means, such as the series of snaps 18 and 19, one part 18 of which is secured to the flap 16, while the other part 19 is secured to the flap 17. Heretofore, much trouble has been eX- perienced in shower-bath bathing, by the tendence of a wet soggy curtain, which is usually cold due to vibration from its outer surface contacting with the body of the bather, whose desire is to enjoy warm shower-bath under the spray 20.

To prevent this uncomfortable result, I provide about the median portion of the envelope, formed by the curtain, a suitable channel 21, by sewing to the curtain along its edges a fabric strip 22. Between this strip and the curtain, I insert a flexible outwardly resilient stiffening hook 23, which tends to keep the curtain distended in cylindrical envelope form, although it permits the curtain to be folded back aga-inst the wall of the bath room when it is open. In Figure 2, I have shown this hook in the form of a flat strip which may be suitable metal, resilient metal, whalebone or the like. In Figure l, the strip 22 is applied to the Outside of the curtain, and the stiifening means is shown in the form of a rubber tube 23 which is very suitable for the purpose.

To provide for the regulation of the water supply when the bather is within the envelope, I prefer to form a flap 25, opening in- Yardly of the envelope to present an opening 26, conveniently located t-o permit the manual manipulation of the valves Lit and from the interior of the curtain. Suitable easyrelease closing means, such as the snaps 27 and 28 are provided to close this flap, to prevent the undesired exit of water from the spray.

The inventive thought may have a variety of expressions as is contemplated in what I claim and desire to secure by United States Letters Patents as follows: y

A shower-bath curtain comprising a substantially rectangular sheet of water-shedding fabric having vertical edges adapted to be close together to form a tubular curtain and to be parted to permit the entrance and exit of a bather; means for slidably suspending said sheet along its top edge, said sheet being adapted when in operation to be suspended with its top edge disposed in a circle; disconnectable securing means for closing said vertical edges of said sheet together to form a laterally elosed tube; and a discontinuous resilient stitl'ening means secured to said sheet parallel to its top edge and intermediate between the top and bottoni edges thereof and functioning as a fixed part of said sheet and serving to hold the inid- Aportion of said tube distended when the Vertical edges of said sheet are Closed together but permitting said sheet to be opened out` and lolded back Without moving said sheet lo relatively to said sti'ening means.

In Witness Whereol7 I have signed my naine to this specilioation this 3rd day of January, 1924.


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