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Publication numberUS1545424 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1925
Filing dateSep 6, 1921
Priority dateSep 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1545424 A, US 1545424A, US-A-1545424, US1545424 A, US1545424A
InventorsLouis Heimrich James
Original AssigneeLouis Heimrich James
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Template tool
US 1545424 A
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July?, 1925. l 1,545,424


Application measptember 6,1921.` serii'N-o. 498,627.

To all whom it may conoem Be it known that I, JAMES L. I-IEIMRICH, a citizen of t-he United States, residing` at Tiffin, in the county of Seneca and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements vin Template Tools, of which the following is a specification.y j

rIhis invention relates to an adjustable" tool for use as a template.

The primary object Vof the-invention isA the provision of a Vtemplate tool including adjustable marking blades for cooperative action in designating working, operations to be performed on plates, boards and they a template is ordinarilyl like, wherever used. ,l t

AA further object of the invention 1s the provision of a template tool of the vabove described character, in which the blades are 4so adjusted as `to provide templates functioning withina wide range of adjustment.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent during the course of the following detailed description. 1

'In the accompanying drawing, forming a part of thisspecication, and'in which `similar reference characters designate-corresponding parts throughout the several views.

' Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved template tool.

` template tool, showing the same in position upon a piece of work for marking purposes.

Figure 2 is a cross sectional viewtaken on y the line 2 2 of Figure 1. j `Figure 3 1s a cross sectional view takenv on the line 3--3 of Figure 2. I j Figure 4 is a plan view of the improved Figure 5 is a plan' view of the piece of work illustrated in Figure 4 and -showing the methodof marking the same.

Figure 6 is a-plan view of the improved template tool showingt-he same in an adjusted position other than that illustrated in Figure 4 and injconnection' withal piece of work to be marked.

In the drawing,

tionythe same beingof any suitable length,V

consistent with the class of `work for which the terplate is desired. The blades B are provid with the bevelled longitudinal `B in dove tail manner wherein for the purpose ofillustration is shown aA preferred embodifV ment of this invention, the letter A desigL `edges 10. Each blade `B, is provided adjacent one` end 11 with a plurality of equif spaced perforations 12, arrangedcentrally of the blade width, andv extending for substantially'one-half .of the length thereof. Graduations 14are provided upon both upallel graduations 14 extend the blades B from the end 15 to the end 11. The extremeend 15 is likewise provided with an aperture 17,*extending through the thickness thereof, the center of which designates the last` graduation mark 14 upon the end 15 of said blade B; said aperture 17 being positioned a `predetermined distance with respect to the eX- treme aperture 12 upon lthe end 11.

The supporting or guide frame G is preferably polygonal in formation. The outer surfaces 20 and 21 Vof the frame C are .provided with guide ways 23 ,and 24, respectively cu't downwardly' therein," the entire width of the frameC; said guideways23 and 24` being arranged'with their longitudinal axes at exactly 90 to eachother. inside edges of the guide ways `23y and 24 are undercut, in order that said guide ways 23 and 24 mayy receive the template blade for` slidingin said frame The guideways 23 and. 24, in depth `extend for substantially 4one halfthe thickness of .the material `of, frame C, 'and since the same intersect, an aperture in said frame C is provided. Graduation :marks 26 inl alignment withv each other are provided at right angles to the guide Way 23 therein and 'upon the top surface 20, which are adapted for alignment with respect to the graduation marks 14upon the blade B which slidesin the grooveway 23, to determine the position ofsaid blade B with respect :to the frame C. Likewise, the opposite surface 21 of the frame C `S Provided withV indicating 'graduations 28 in alignentire length of the ment and at `rightangles to the guide Way 24 in said side 21, whereby said graduations 28 4may be aligned with 'the graduations 14 uponv Vthe template blade B ada ted fory `sliding 'inf the guide wayl`24, to etermine the position` of "K apertures with respect to said frame C. When a graduation 14 of the blade B is arranged in alignment with the graduation 26 upon the surface 20; and

The 4 thel surface Setsciews 30 are VprovidedI in the surface-j ada t V2() oil tlie'iframe d for adjustment in apertures throngh' the thickness V,oit said iframe Gioi1 clamping purposes against a 'evellededge lO'oi' 'theblade B which operates ina sliding inaiiner in the guideyvay V23. Similarly, js'e't screws-3lyare,l provided i or the'rame G Operating 'in counterfsunk apertures through the thick-V `operatic'ii' with a. piece of Work such 'as y,a Ysteel plat-e Whiclris to be marked for Junchinmor stain. infrv ur oses the *tem l. in z: e

Yplate tool A is adjusted as .to ,theblades B' ristlie blades B 'and may ,bestruc'k 'upon an outer surface ,oi' the piece' o Work D; As, illustrated in Figure 1110i 'the draiv iiigs a template tool has been provided, 4the blades 'of 'each of ,which ineas- Viire slightly over six inches, and Which'liave -,be'eii graduated and apertured accordingly "Qfwtvmp-lte blacks sh-'willig paged perfom;

` aiidjas' ,above described.

Assuming thatitfis desired to stamp, tap,

,oi' the piece Vof Work D 'i-vitli; Jr'our -apertures gthrough the thickness thereof, to

The first 4operation would be that otadjnstin the frame Cuntilthe zero mark of each would `'coincide with .the

indicating kinarks' 26 andv 281er the traine `V`C,^at ivlich position theapertures l2 in bladesk Bj as designated' by the zero marks in 'said' blades Wioiildfalign. As illus# ,"i'tratd fin Figure 43 Ythe template 'iS iieXtf d upon the iippersuiface' of .the piece asrfribiiig'eleilieiit, such as .a pencil through ...the alieninsani'tui 12 arranged iii the traine and Vbearing against thesnr'face of the'avorkl) `would s915159 the Cir-@le r. mark. .tlireoa 1T he .graduations 11150.11 the. blade SB indicate .the

--lieiiidfscribe up@ .the work-.1). and which 1it11i.111ii .lagiieilriiiildbe the aref-- I tures l] 111, f Said'. blades. B.-V By inserting fheilbing. element tliiiQiisl-.i the apertures. f

1i baring. 'um 'die Sarfatti. .the LQUiSHEIMRioH of the .blades ,the demands oi' any'class off work'.

less .of theframe C; and 4 adapted for clamp? ingA purposes against the bevelled edge '10v :trame C, inorder thatl the desired marks? :work ED, with@ @relator by inserting t0nce1,itriically -give- Y Vtree corner points designating the .apertugresto be drilled in the piece of work D. By now shifting the template A in its setffoosition into the'dotted lines as illustratedfin Figure 5, whereby an end aperture aligns iv'ithl'tlie: niark and the aligning apertures l2 of the blades B are arrangedzoverthe mark 37;, theiourtli mark 38 may Abe obtained, as can readily be seen romfFfgui'e 5 oij .the drawings. 'A

,'Qnly one half of ,each oil 'the blades B vneed'be apertured, due to the adjustment B` in .the Vframe C, 'tomeet Various changes in' theshape, size and .arrangement `.ot lparts may `beinade to 'the form ofL thel invention herein shown and described, without departing romjthe spirit y l @of the invention kor the scopeoiv the claims. vofifatemp'latelplategB operating in the guide," Y

.Y I claim:

'Q l. A template,V tool, comprising iny comangles.y to each other ,in4 crossed' relation and meeting .at the central pioitioirof the Jframe, land. tem-plate blades jfor slidingin said guide ,Ways and having,perforations adapted to befbrought into registration Aone with another. L v l V l 2.. .A templatetool, @Qinpii'jsiiig a plurality ,tions[lthereimaiid iii'eaiis Sli'dfably mounting ,sind blades' 'inferossed .relation :for Ringltudinalmovement at rightrangl'es ytofeach .other forbriigiiig .aselected perforation designate a perfect square of sin finches.U

secting relation vto ,provide an Qpeningetransversely .thru said iria-me.

f LA template tool, comprising. -in-.combiiiation n. a., guide rtraine having an opening .thereinV and provided upon the .top and .bottom f faces, thereofy With guide, slotspositfoned at rightA angles toeach. other,.and 115 template blades for sliding inf said slots. and

.c lli-.afvi-iii -is aoed/a .est vi h1' ..iiextgfipertiirathrough. which the operator: a 'P p l mest 6mm fm Sub stant'ia'lly one halfthe longitudinalilength

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U.S. Classification33/574, 33/562
International ClassificationG01B3/56
Cooperative ClassificationG01B3/566
European ClassificationG01B3/56C