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Publication numberUS1545461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1925
Filing dateMar 14, 1923
Priority dateMar 14, 1923
Publication numberUS 1545461 A, US 1545461A, US-A-1545461, US1545461 A, US1545461A
InventorsTrimble Charles P
Original AssigneeFort Pitt Bedding Company
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Cushion seat and the like
US 1545461 A
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July 7, 1925. 1,545,461

c. P. TRIMBLE CUSHION SEAT AND THE LIKE Filed March 14. 1923 sum" for,

springs 15.

and to the transversely arched; and bossed construction near itsen'ds. Near the top of the channel bar at intervals along its length are sets of perforations 14 arranged for reeeption of the lowermost coil of the coil The extreme ends of these springs after. passing througlr the perforations may be bent to prevent accidental displacement. The springsare attached to the topborder wire and to each other by means of such appropriate clips as are usually used in cushion seat construction. I

Another means whiehmay be used to prevent longitudinal movement of the channel bar on the bottom wire is that shown in Fig. 6. As illustrated, theswagcd portions 13, formed by a punch or the like are spaced f apart a distance corresponding to the width o f the flattened endtjtif .the'channel bar, The upset portions forn'i'ed by the punch secure -the channel bar inpla-ce. v The strength and durability of the chan-.

nel bars or angle irons used is due-not only to their general inverted U or Vshape with the "longitudinal. reinforcing boss along the top ahd'their longitudinally arched construetion, but also to the transverse arches formed near their ends, theselat-ter arches being provided with reinforcing bossesan 4 movement on .the border. wire and iby lthe important feature. The ends otthlechanncl bars are securely held iniplace by the.

upset portions which prelvent longitudinal wide bearing surface presented by the fiattened ends.

. 'hat I claim is:- 1

1; In a cushion 'or scat having springs and a lower border frame; arched channel bars having flattened ends wrapped around the lower border frameand provided ati'ntcrrals along their lengths with sets of perforations for reeeptionot the lower ends of the 2. ln a cushion orv seat having springs and a lower border frame, longitudinally arched spring supporting bars ;'having' flattened ends wrapped around the lowerH-border" arched transversely at points adjacent their frame,1the said bars beingv additionally ends, and a continuous bead'extc nding the entire length of each bar to the point of its engagqnu-id with the lower' border frame, whereby that portion of the bar adjacentthc border frame is reentorced hothlongitudinal ly and transverselyf.

In testimony whereofl I have hereunto atlixedmys-ignature;

cIntRL s r. TRIMfnLEI

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U.S. Classification267/100, 5/264.1
International ClassificationB60N2/70
Cooperative ClassificationB60N2/7041
European ClassificationB60N2/70W4B