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Publication numberUS1545494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1925
Filing dateJun 7, 1924
Priority dateJun 7, 1924
Publication numberUS 1545494 A, US 1545494A, US-A-1545494, US1545494 A, US1545494A
InventorsHoll Herman C
Original AssigneeHoll Herman C
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Camp stove
US 1545494 A
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July '14, 1925.

H. c. HOLL CAMP STOVE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed June 7, 1924 r-yf INVENIDR. MM


July 14, 1925;


6MP 810V! Fileq June 7, 1934 A TTDRNEY.

Patented July 14, 1925.



' Application filed June '7, 1924. Serial No. 718,544.

. camp stoves, having for an object to provide a collapsible structure which may be entirely housed within the chimney or fine ipe. Another object is to provide a collapsible camp stove having a sectional cast metal grate and sectional cast metal top plate whereby to form an unusually efficient stove.

A further object is to construct a camp stove having a chimney 'or fine pipe mounting slidable cover plates one of which may be utilized as adamper.

It is likewise an object to construct a collapsible camp stove, so formed as to be easily assembled and to occupy a minimum amount of space when knocked down and housed for transportation. p e

Other objects will be in partobvious and in part pointedout hereinafter. p

In order that the invention, its construction and functioning may be readily understood by others, I have in the accompanying illustrative drawings and in the following specification and claims based thereon, set out the preferred embodiment thereof.

Figure 1 is a perspective view ofthecamp stove assembled; p g

Figure 2 is a detail View of the upper closable end of the smoke stack;

Figure 3 is a detail perspective view showing the method of assembling the partsmaking up the fire-box; I

Figure 4 is a cross sectional view showing the relation of the two plates forming the cover of the fire-box,

Figure 5 is a substantially central vertical longitudinal sectional view of the fire-box, and

Figure 6 is a detail perspective view of the manner in which the plates forming the fire box base are connected.

Having particular reference to the drawings, throughout which similar characters of reference designate similar parts, this improved collapsible camp stove may be broadly stated as comprising a body portion or fire-box and top plate, arranged uponsupporting legs, and provided with a sectional fire grate, all of which are separable and compactly receivable in a smoke-stack or flue-pipe, this flue-pipe serving as a carrier and having a handle secured thereto.

The body portion or fire-box comprises a bottom or-base made up of a pair of elongated sheet metal plates 10 overlapping at their adjacent edges and separably connected through providing a set of fingers 11, which take over the edges of the plates as shown.-

Each platehas its outer edge turnedlor bent upwardly to form aflange 12 whose function is to retain against outward shifting. the bottom portion of the adjacent side and end walls or members. As shown, the upturned portions at the front end are merely in the form of lugs or stops 13 which secure the door frame in position.

A pair of sheet metal side members or plates 14 is arranged with the lower edges disposed behind the flanges 12 carried by the base plate 10. The ends of these side plates 14 are separably connected with the door frame and rear end member through forming upon the opposite vertical edges of these end members 15, inwardly extending flanges 16 which snugly contact with the outer surfacesof the sides as shown in Figures 3 and 5 of the drawings. separable connection is provided through forming bayonet slots 17 in each end ofeach side plate to receive headed studs or pins 18 carried by the vertical flanges 16 of the end members. Figures 3 and 5 clearly illustrate this point. The vertical flanges carried by the end members 15 are disposed between the flanges carried by the base plates 10 and the bayonet slotted ends of the side plates, thus providing a rigid self supporting structure. As a further means for maintaining rigidity, I form sets of upstanding lugs 19 upon the'base plates 10 to snugly engage the inner lower faces of the side plates as illus trated in Figure 3.

The front end member 15 mounts a pair of superposed doors, the lower one permitting of access to the ash pit and the upper one being designed to allow feeding of fuel into the fire-box.

The side plates 14 mount a pair of op posed longitudinal supporting flanges 20in the form of angle metal designed to support a fire-grate which is preferably made up of sections 21 so they may be readily removed from the fire-box when desired. It is obvious that a grate arranged in a camp stove will materially-increase the-efiiciency of the stove.

Thefire-box top or cover is made up of a pair of separably connected plates 22 of cast iron or the like, having the usual openmgs 23 closable through using ordinary 'lrds 23 as shown. The rear end of each plate 22 is provided with an-=outlet or fiue opem ing 24; having communication with a rigid removable smoke stack-or flue 'pipe"'25-.'

Theoppose-d ends otthis smoke stack are-- provided with beads or "shoulders 26 which serve to reliably secure slidable covers" 27 in position over said ends. These covers 27 include flanges 28' which take over the beads or shoulders 26 and through fOI'IIllHghiL flange at one end-of each cover tl1'ere-1s-assured positive connection between the smoke stack and covers. As shown, draftco'ntrol is provided through adjustment of the top cover 27' when the stove is assembled. 'In mounting the smoke stack upon the fire-box, I secure to each top plate '22, a pair of spaced anglemen'ibers 29 which takeover the adjacent bead-or shoulder 26. A handle. 30 is secured to the smoke stack,providing means for carrying the stack within which the entire stove is packed for transportation.v After the several side and top plates etc., have'been packed in'the smoke stack, the ends are closed by the heretofore mentioned covers 27, Supporting legs 31 are "removably' attachable to the base plateslO.

'Manifestly, the construction shown is capable of considerable n'iodification and" such modification as may fall withinthe scope of my claims,'I consider'with'iirthe connected separable base plate sections and side and end membeis connectingr the top and base plates.

3...Ar-collapsible camp stove comprising a knockdown fire-box including a separably connected two-part top plate, a separably connected two-part base plate, side and end members connecti'n-gathe top and base plates, a pair of opposed supporting flanges arranged upon the-innerifaces of "the side members, and a transversely 1 divided fire grate resting upon the flanges;

43 A collapsible camp stove com-prisii'ig" a? knockdownfire box includin gg: aseparab-Iy connected two-part top plate, a separably connected two-part base plate, sideand end membersconnecting the topand base plates, a pair" a of opposed supporting fiangesi. ar ranged uponthe inner taces o'fthe side members, a transversely divided-' sectional fire grate resting upon the flanges, and a pair or superposed fire doors'arrangedin oneend. 5

- 5 A collapsible camp stove comprisingaknockd'o-wirfi-re-boX including a separ'abl-y connected two part' -top plate,- a'-"sepa-rably connected two-part base plate, side and end, members connecting' the-top 'and base-plate a, pair of opposed supporting flangesar rangd-fiuponthe inner faces of thel side members, a* transversely divided 'se'c tional V lire-grate resting upon" "the flanges, a pair of super-posed fire doors arranged in" one? end, and a smoke-stack disposed at theoppos1tee11d'--of the firebox and communicat in with the. interior through. th-e'top' plate,

said lire bjox being collapsible for recep tionin thesmoke stack.

' 6. 11 1. eeena eme campfst'ove, a ,fire box comprisingi elongatedtwo-part top and base plates, side and endf members separately inter-connecting therplates, 'saidi top -plate having "openings at the -me'eting-'- edges" of the two parts, a, grate spaced above the base-plate, a 1 pair of super-posed doors" at one end of thehrefbo-X .to'pe-rmit" access to the spaces above and below "the". grate,-'-said top plate "having' an "outlet open in g near one end, and a smoke-stack over theop'ening. [In t'esti'mony'jwhereof, ITLillX my signature; V

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