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Publication numberUS1545650 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1925
Filing dateJul 16, 1923
Priority dateJul 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1545650 A, US 1545650A, US-A-1545650, US1545650 A, US1545650A
InventorsGeorge Frank
Original AssigneeGeorge Frank
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Carrier for playing cards
US 1545650 A
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July 14, 1925.

1,545,650 G. FRA N K I CARRIER FOR PLAYING CARDS Filed July 16, 1923 .3 Sheets-Sheet 1 fil'iwizfi'. 3 I nowntoz July 14, 1925.

G. FRANK CARRIER FOR PLAYING CADS ired July 16, 1923 SSheets-Shget 2 wiry, 4, 1?

G, FRANK CARRIER FOR PLAYING CARDS 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed July 1923 Patented July 14, 1925.


cnnnma'r on rti'a'r'rns'canaisg persons si'tti'ngabout a card table to reach toward the center of the table either to draw a card or to lay out, depending'onthe kind I ofga'me which is being played.

It is within the province of the disclosure 7 to improve generally an'd to enhance the utility of devices of that type towhich the inventionappertains.

With the above and'otherobjects in view, which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combi nation and arrangement of parts and in thedetails of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that, within the scope of what is claimed, changes in the precise embodiment of the invention shown can be made without departing from'the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawings: I

Figure [shows in top plan, adevic'e constructed in accordance with the invention, Figure 2 is a bottom planpFi'gnre 3 is a perspective view of the retainer; Figure 41- is an end elevation otthe device, remote parts being omitted; Figure 5 is a side elevation wherein parts are broken away;iFig ure 6 isa transversesection taken through that. portion of the device wherein the wheelsaremounted;Figure 7 is a sectional view illustrating a modification; Figure 8 is a bottom plan showing a portion of the structure delineated in Figure 7 Figure 9 is a bottom plan showing a modification; Figure 10 is a section on the line 101O of Figure 9; Figure 11 is a section on the line 1111 of Figure 9; Figure 12 is a bottom plan showing another modification; Figure 13 is a section on the line 13-13 of Figure 12; Figure 14 is an elevation showing a further modification.

In carrying out the invention, there is provided a carriage, denoted by the numeral 1. The carriage 1 comprises a bottom 2, a back 3 upstanding from the bottom, and side walls 4 upstanding from the bottom,

the walls 4 being supplied at their outer ends with laterally extended, forwardly presented lips e which facilitatethe "insertion of the cards into the carriage The bot-tom Z of'the carriage 1 has adepending flange G having upwardly "extended wings 7 the o-peni "8 being'ioirmed inthe lower portionsoit the wings, the corners 9 'f 'thewii'igs :being inclined into engagement with the flange 7 for the sake ot'rei-n'lt'orcementi AX- les 10 are mounted in the: flange 6 and in the wings 7. Anti-frictiondevices, such as "n' l1eels 11, are located bctwe'en message 6and the wings 7 and are carried bythe axles '10, the wheels projecting through the openings 8. ward'ly from the back along the bottom 2 -{and forms compa'rt nents 14 "in the me ria'ge'. A'key-hole slot '15 isfashionedin the outer end of theipartition 12. p A retainer 10, shown in Figure i'l, isprcvided, and includes divergingspring' arms" 17' conjnected at their imifergen'ds by a socket 18 and A vpartition 12 extend's' for providedat theirouter ends with oppositely extended fingers 19. {The socket 19 may be pushed" downwardly into the enlarged l portion of the key-holeslot-15finthe partition 12' and the 517, being received in the reduced ortion-er thekey-hole slot, will holdthe retainer 1'6 inp'ositijon, the fingers 19 extending in opposite'directionsin front of'the compartment-sit, to aid in holding thecards therein It will be understood that it may not be necessary; to use the retainer 16, and the retainer maybe used-or omitted, depending on the nature of the game which is being played; 'The'retainer, obviously, is so; constructed thatlitfma'y be :de, tached readily from the partition12, upon occasion. '1 i Antr'friction elements which support the carriage for rolling movement on the table 20' or. other-support maybe otlany desired form. Thus, as delineated inFigur'es 7 and 8, balls 21 may be used, the balls being retained in seats 22 by holders 28, parts hereinbefore described beingdesignated by numerals previously used, with the suffix a.

A means is provided for securing the carriage 1 for movement in an orbit, and, with this end in View, one'end of a radius arm 24 extends through the back 3 of the carriage and is secured in the partition 12, the arm 24 being provided at its inner end with a depending shaft 25 which, as shown in the drawings is loosely mounted in vertical bore 26't'ormed in a weight 27, placed detachably and removably on the table 20. Any means venient relation to persons who are sittingin at a card game, about a table.

In Figures 9, 10 and 11,the carriageis marked by the numeral30 and comprises a bottom 31, a back '32, and side walls183 having lips Set as hereinbefore explained.

Plates 35 are secured at 36 to the bottom 31 of the carriage 30behind adepending flange 37 on the forward edge of the bottom 31 and corresponding totheflange 6. At their forward outer corners, the plates 35 are provided with brackets 38 wherein wheels 39 are journaled as shown at 40. The radius arm appears at 4:1 and the retainer at 4:2. 2 I In Figures 12 and 13, the carriage is denoted by the numeral 43, the side walls being markedby the numeral .44, and the lips ,on the side walls are shown at 45. The depending flange of the bottom 46 of the carriage is shown at 4:7. ,The support for the wheels 48 may be in the form of a block 49 secured at 50' to the bottom 46 of the carriage and provided with slots 51 for the reception of the whee-ls 48, the axles which carry the wheels beingde'noted by the numeral 52. A. radius rod vis shown at 58. In Figures .12 and 13, the retainer corresponding to the part 42 hasbeen removed. In Figure 14:, thecarriage-is marked by the numeral 54: and is anti-frictionally supported as shown at 55, the-radius rod ap pearing at 56 and the weight at 57. There is an angle58 in the radius rod 57, so that the bottom 590i the carriage 54: slide'sdownwardly and inwardly, to prevent the cards from sliding out of the carriage, the retainer being shown at 60, and it being optional to use the retainer ordispense with it. It will be understood that the construction shown in Figure 14- of the drawings may be used in connection with all other forms of the invention hereinbefore do;

scribechit being possible to put an angle, such as the angle 58, in any of the radius rods mentioned, so that the bottom of the carriage will slant downwardly and inwardly.

What is claimed is I 1. A holder for playing cards comprising a carriage provided with a partition, a retainer, detachably mounted in the outer end of the partition, a radius arm mounted in the rear end of the partition, and means for mounting the radius arm at its inner end pivotally, to permit an orbital movement of the carriage.

2. A holder for playing cards, compris- .ing a radius arm, means for mounting the radius arm for swinging movement, a carriage on the radius arm, and means on the carriage for supporting the carriage for orbital movement. 7 I

8. A holder for. playing cards, comprising a radius arm, means for mounting the radius arm for swinging movement, a carriage on the radius arm, and an anti-friction device assembled with the carriage and constituting-means for supporting the carriagei p I i 4. A holder for playing cards, comprising a weight, a radius arm mounted to swing on the weight, a carriage on thc'radius arm, and means on the carriage for supporting the carriage, said means beinglocated substai'itially in acommon'plan'e with the lowcr surface of. the weight. i

5. A holder for playing cards, comprisinga radius arm, means for mounting the radius arm at one end for swinging movement, acarriage on the other end of the radius arm, and an anti-friction element disposed below the'carriage and connected therewith and constituting means'for supporting the carriage for movement in an orbit. v a v In testimony that I claim the foregd ing as myown, I have 'heretoatfixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


lVitnesses: v r


, JOSEPH TY Somvanrz.


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