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Publication numberUS154569 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1874
Filing dateDec 11, 1873
Publication numberUS 154569 A, US 154569A, US-A-154569, US154569 A, US154569A
InventorsAmbrose W. Straub
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Improvement in implements for giving motion to tools
US 154569 A
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A. w. STnAuB. lmnlement'for Giving Motion to Tools. No154,5@9.

Patented Sep t.1,187-4.'




Speoiileation forming part of Letters Patent No. 154,569, dated September 1, 1874; application filed December 11, 1873.

To all whom it mag concern Be it known that I, AMBRosn W. STRAUB, of the'fcity of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have-invented a hand implement for giving rapid motions to changeable tools,adju s tably applied thereto, by the pres sure of elastic fluids in motion, of whichv the following is a specification:

The object of my invention is the produc tion of .a hand implement for drilling, bu'rrin g,

' and routing, in dental; and other operations requiring great delicacy, accuracy, and facility of manipulation.

My invention consists in the combination in a suitable case, A, of a rotary shaft, B, and wheel (){driven by compressed air, steam, or other elastic fluid in motion, applied through an ar- 'ticulated or elastic tube, 1), in communication with the motive power which may be used,

1 in such a manner that the whole implement may be readily and easily guided, supported,

' and applied by hand, at any angle of inclination or'other position that the operator ma 1 desire in using the implement.

Figure 1 is a side view of my said implement, having a flexible mouth-tube attached,

- and fitted with a drill and a plugger for dentists use. Fig. 2 is a vertical central longitudinal section of Fig. 1. Fig. 3is a repre- 'sentation of the wheel-end of the case. Fig. 4

is a vertical transverse section of the wheel and shaft, detached.

The wheel G consists of a series of curved plates, 0 c, secured by their ends in an air or steam-tight manner to two disks, an inner one, 0, and an annular enter one, 0, and so that the bottom-edges of the said curved plates c shall leave a narrow space, 4, between each,

for the escapeof thedriving-fluid. which may be used, and a wide space between each at the perimeters of the disks 0" c, for the entrance of the said fluid from the tube D, as the said wheel and shaft are put in motion thereby; the passing fluid escaping through the central opening 5 in the plate 0 and a corresponding opening in that end of the case A. Theshaft B, of the wheel (3, extends along through the tubular part of -thecase A, and has a suitable hole in its outer end for the insertion of a drill, B, orother rotary tool. At one side of the tubularpart of the case A, near; its free end, a short tapering tube, -E, is attached, which contains-a bar, 0, theouter end of which projects a little beyond the end of tube while its inner end rests against a flattened recess or cam on the side of the shaft B, and is kept in contact with the cam-portion of the shaft bya slender spiral spring, .6", the inner end of which spring bears upon a shoulder, around the inner end of e, and a shoulder or ofl'set around in the 'outer end of the tube E, and thus keeps the bar--which, for dentists use, would be a plugge -in contact with thecam, and as the shaft rotates gives rapid longitudinal motions to the bar. The said tapering tube E, with.

the rotary motionmay be readily'producedby air blown from his mouth through the flexile or gum-elastic tube and mouth-piece, or from a bellows operated by a treadle.1 If steam be used, which may be suitable for driving a drill, rout-er, or other cutting tool, or for brushing or cleaning, or polishing about steam-' engines or locomotives, it may be readily con veyed by a flexible or articulated pipe, so as to allow the implement to brgu-ided and applied in any direction the work may require. But, for drilling, burring, routing, and plugg1ng,1n dental operations, the implement is especially appropriate.

I claim as my invention- The combination of the hand-case A, tube D, wheel 0, and shaft B, snbstantiall; we set forth and described.


Witnesses BE J. MORISON, Wu. H. MORISON.

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