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Publication numberUS1545711 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1925
Filing dateJan 5, 1921
Priority dateJan 5, 1921
Publication numberUS 1545711 A, US 1545711A, US-A-1545711, US1545711 A, US1545711A
InventorsJohn R Townsend
Original AssigneeGeorge Cutter Company
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Electric-lamp structure
US 1545711 A
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July 14, 1925. 1,545,711"

J. R. TOWNSEND ELECTRI G LAMP STRUCTURE Filed Jan, 5, 1921 2 Sheets- Sheet l Mtn/214 ATTORNEY .Ju1y14,1`925. m5421711 J. R. TowNsEND A ELECTRI C LAMP STRUCTURE Filed Jan. 5,' 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 WITNEssEs: lNvENToR 4 ATTORNEY Patented July 14, 1925.




Application med January s', 1921. serial no. 435,213.

To all whom it may concern.'

Beit known that I, JOHN R. TowNsENn, 'a citizen of the United States, and a resident of South Bend, in the county of St. Joseph and State of Indiana, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Electric-Lamp Structures, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to lampy structures and particularly to electric-lamp structures ofthe ost or pendant type.

One o ject o f my invention is to prov1de a lamp structure, of the above indicated character, that shall be simple and durable in construction, economical to manufacture, effective in operation and attractive in appearance.

Another object of my invention 1s vto provide a non-glare lamp structure that shall be of substantially maximum light-- giving qualities for a lamp of this type. A further object of my invention is to l provide a lamp structure of the post or pendant type that shall be protected against the weather, that shall embody a comb1- nation cover-and-reflector structure and that shall be constructed of interftting and interlocking parts to render the latter readily accessible andrenewable.`

In practicing my invention, ,I provide an ornamental amp structure having a sup-y porting base portion upon which a cylindrical or tubular Vglobel is vertically disposed to support a combination cover-andrellector structure at its upper end.

Locking rods, supported lvertically in the base portion, are provided with operating means at their lower ends and with means, at their upper ends', to secure the cover structure to the 'globe and to hold the cover and the-globe in position.

Rellectors of substantially cone shape are disposed in point-to-point relation above and below an incandescent |lamp that may be mounted at the tip or apex of` one of the rellectors. The reflectors,.while of sub-v in general, a base member 1 mounted on a .post or pedestal 2, a lower reflector 3, mounted on the base member 1, a lamp 4, a globe 5, supported on the base member 1,

and a combination cover-andrelector structure 6 secured in position andl adapted to hold the globe 5 in position by co-operation with locking or clampin rods 7 that are `mounted in the base mem r.-

The base member 1 has a top portion 8 of relatively great area on which a lian 9 is formed to position the reflector 3. Tg2 latter is, preferably, constructed of relatively thin sheet material of substantially conical .shape and may-be provided with an opening 10, at its apex, for the reception of the lamp 4 that 1s mounted in a usual insulating socket 11. The socket 11 is adjustably mounted by means of a bridging member 12 having c amp or clutch end portions 13 for co-operation with vertical rods 14 secured, as by screws 15, to an internal flange 16 on the base member 1. An annular ring or seatmember 17, of felt, or other suitable material, may be.provided on the portion 8 around the base of the reflector 3 for the reception of the lobe 5 that is, preferabl of plain cylin rical, or other tubular, orm throughout'its length.

The structure 6 has a hollow'dome, or shell, cover portion 18, preferably constructed of relatively thin sheet metal,.to which a depending reflector member 19, of substantially inverted cone shape and, also, of relatively thin material, may be secured by a bolt 20. The bolt 20 may be secured, at its lower'end 21, to the reflector 19, as by welding, and, at its upper end, may be held in position by a nut 22.

The reliectors 3 and 19, while of substantially cone shape, have annular inversely-curved reflecting surfaces 23 of parabolic contour that are developed from a common focal point, at which an incandescent light-giving element 24 of the lamp 4 is disposed. The reliectors 3 and 19 are disposed in point-to-point relation and coaxially aligned with a lamp 4. The bulb of the lamp 4 may be frosted, enameled or otherwise provided with a translucent or lightfretarding band 25 to prevent the emission of certain light rays, such as would ordinarily be emitted in directions indicated by lines A, to, thereby, render the lamp non-glarin and to vdirect incident light rays, as in icated by lines B and C, toward the reflectors 19 and 3, respectively. The upper and lower edges of the band 25 are disposed to limit the incident light rays so as to substantiallyl just cover the entire reflecting areas of t e reflectors 19 and 3, as indicated by lines D and E. The reiectors 19 and 3 may bearranged to direct reflected light rays, as indicated b lines F and G, in any desired direction, epending on the area and hei ht of the conical reflectors and their relation to the element 24.

A ring 26 of felt, or other material, may be disposed in a depressed annular groove 27, in the reflector member 19, for positioning the structure 6l on the globe 5. The clamping rods 7, preferably of relatively small diameter to avoid obstructing the light rays, are supported in screw-threaded relation to the portion 8 of the base member 1 and are provided with handles 28 at their lower ends. The upper ends 29 of the rods 7 are adapted to extend through openings 30 in the reflector member 19 and are rovided with laterally-extending clampingkey or locking projections 31 adapted to bind the structure 6 4of the globe 5 and the member 1 longitudinally together, when the rods 7 are turned by means of the handles 28. The openings 30 and the projections 31 have substantially lock-and-key relation that, in certain angular positions of the rods, permit the free mcuntln or dismounting of the structure 6 and t at both lock and clamp the members together when the rods 7 are turned.

An eyelet 32, or other device, may be formed integral with the nut 22 for 'convenience of mani ulation of the structure 6.

As shown in ig. 2, in which corresponding parts are deslgnated by corresponding reference numerals, the structure is similar to the above' described structure, but is adapted as a pendant lamp in which it is' suspended, by the eyelet 32, from a hook 33 secured to one end of a channel beam or other device 34. rIhe latter may be secured, at its other end, to a wall plate 35 that is adapted to be suitably positioned, as by bolts 36. Eye members or portions 37 and 38. on the members 34 and 35, respectively, are adapted for the reception of a chain 39 to reinforce the beam 34.

In the place of the post 2 and the base member 1, of the structure shown in Fig. 1, a pressed-metal member 40, of substantially bowl shape and having an annular flange or projecting bead 41 fitted into a ring 42 may be provided. The upper edge 43 of the member 40 takes the place of the flange 9 for ositioning the lower reflector 3 and the ro s 7, instead of being turnable, may be rigidly secured, at their upper ends, to the structure 6 and extend loosely through openings in the ring 42 for the reception of thumb nuts 44.

In this form, the opening 10 is provided in the u per reflector 19, instead of in the lower re ector 3, and the rods 14 are secured to the member 18, as -by socket members 45. Also, in the place of the bolt 20, a tube 46, having a threaded upper end co-operatin with the nut 22, an a flan ed lower en 47 may be provided. A. bri ging member 48 embraces, at its center, the flanged end 47 of the tube 46 and has its ends secured to the under side of the groove 27. This structure is occasioned by reason of the fact that the lamp, in this form, occupies part of the space occu ied by the bolt 20 in the form shown in ig. 1. Con-ducting leads 49 vmay beyprovided with plug and socket members 50 and 51, respectively, adjacent to the upper'end of the tube 46 to permit the circuit to be disconnected and the lamp structure lifted from the hook 33.

While I have shown my invention in its referred forms, it is to be understood that 1t is susceptible of various modifications by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope thereof as set forth in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention 1. A lamp fixture comprising a light source provided with a transparent portion for permittin free passage of lightprays upwardly an downwardl and an intermediate portion for restrlcting the direct passa of horizontally projected light rays theret rough, la pair of curved refiectors arranged inversely to each other disposed above and below said light source for refleeting all such direct rays as pass through said trans arent portions of said light source, sai reectors being so shaped as to direct all reflected rays downwardly in planes at a small angle to the horizontal.

2. A lamp xture comprising a base member, a globe and ,a canopy, means for ylocking sald `globe and canopy to said base comprising a rod, one end of which is threaded in said base and the other end of which is provided with a key member, means in said canopy for admitting said key memthreaded at one end in said base, a. key on ber and means for rotating said rod to lock the other end of said, rod and means for said base, globe and canopy together. manually operating said rod. 10 3. A lamp fixture comprising abase mem- In testimony whereof, I have hereunto 5 ber, a lamp and a globe supported thereon, subscribed my name this 23rd day of Dec.,

a cover member provided with a key receiv- 1920. ing means disposed over said globe, a. rod JOHN R. TOWNSEND.

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International ClassificationF21S8/08, F21S8/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21S8/088, F21S8/033
European ClassificationF21S8/03G, F21S8/08H4