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Publication numberUS1547080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1925
Filing dateSep 13, 1924
Priority dateSep 13, 1924
Publication numberUS 1547080 A, US 1547080A, US-A-1547080, US1547080 A, US1547080A
InventorsFrancis Swan Emil
Original AssigneeFrancis Swan Emil
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Can top
US 1547080 A
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Jul 21, 1925.

E. F. SWAN CAN TOP Filed Sept. 15, 1924 INVENTOR EM/L E SWAN ATTORNEYS I WITNESSES To all whom it may concern:

j in appearance, and which will most efficient Patented July 21, 1925.



Application filed September Be it known that I, EMIL F. SWAN, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Pelham Manor, in the county of West chester and State of New York, have invented a new" and Improved Can Top, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to container tops and more particularly to an improved closure for cans and the like, an object of the invention being to provide a closure which is designed tobe readily removable, which perfectly seals the can airtight, and which constitutes a transparent portion or window through which the contents of the can are displayed.

A further. object is to provide a closure of this character which can be manufactured and sold at a reasonably low price, which will be extremely ornamental and attractive ly perform the functions for which it is intended.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in'certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts which will be more full hereinafter described in 't e claims.

In the accompanying drawings-,-

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating my improved device;,'

Figure 2 is a view, partlty in longitudinal section, on the line 2 -2 0 Figure 1.

1 represents a can or receptacle which may be made of any desired'shape and any desired size and which is provided with a top 2 having a circular depending annular flange 3, forming a central opening through which the contents of the can can be viewed. This flange 3 at its point of juncture with the top- 2 is curved or rounded as shown at and pointed; out

3 and the flange has an inward taper of the 1a, 1924. Serial No. 737,588.

The ring 5 at its lower portion is made with an inwardly projecting annular normally horizontal flange 9 which at its point of juncture with the portion 6 of ring 5 is curved orrounded as shown at 10.

It is to be understood that the flexible sheet-4 may be shaped to conforin to the exterior of the riiig closure member 5 so as ,to prevent wrinkling or crinkling of the sheet when in operation.

To assemble the parts, the flexible sheet 4 is positioned against the outer face of the ring member 5 and then while the parts are .thus assembled they are inserted wlthin the flange 3 and forced downwardly until the parts frictionally bind and the upper edge or extremity of sheet4 lies against the top 2 and is concealed under the turned over edge 8 of the ring member 5.

The sheet' 4 therefore functions not only as a window but as a close-fitting gasket which seals the can airtight. Furthermore, this sheet while acting as a perfect binder will permit the closure to be manually and readily removed by inserting the finger nails or a tool under the flange 7 and prying the ring 5 upwardly.

With a device of this kind I am enabled to pack goods of various kinds within the can and have outside so as to make an attractive display and yet provide a closure which is airtight so as to preserve the goods.

Various slight changes and alterations might be made in the general form of the arts described without departing from my and hence I do n'otlimit myself details set forth but consider myself at liberty to make such slight changes and alterations as fairly fallwithin the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

- I claim:

1. The combination with a receptacle having an opening, a tapering flange constituting the wall of the opening, a closure constituting a ring, and a flexible transparent sheet fitting, the outer face of the ring, said sheet and rin adapted to be forced within the flange'an said ring having a taper corresponding to the taper of the flange and clamping the flexible sheet between the lnvention, to the precise them seenclearly from the flange and the tapered portion of the rin a means constituting the so e securing means for the transparent sheet.

2. The combination of a rece tacle, a to on the receptacle and a tapering incline this clamping inwardly projecting flange constituting a portion of the top and also constituting the wall of a circular opening in the to of a closure constituting a ring, and a fiexible transparent sheet, said ring having a taper corresponding to the taper of the flange, an annular flange on the ring having a turned over outer edge, an inwardly projecting annular flange on the ring, and said sheet conforming in shape to the outer face of the ring, acting as a gasket between the ring and the flange and having its edges concealed back of the turned over edge of the ring flange said tapered flange and the tapered portion of the ring constituting; clamping means and the sole securing means of the transparent material to the can.


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