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Publication numberUS1547371 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1925
Filing dateJun 26, 1924
Priority dateJun 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1547371 A, US 1547371A, US-A-1547371, US1547371 A, US1547371A
InventorsFrank L Emerson
Original AssigneeFrank L Emerson
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Centrifugal pump
US 1547371 A
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July 28, 1.925.

F. L. EMERSON CENTRI FUGAL PUMP Filed June 26, 1924 2 sheets-sheet 1 l5 TM fn Veiwz/z wwwmain/5o July 28, 1925. v

Filed June 26, 1924 F. L. EMERSON CENTRIFUGAL PUMP 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented July 2s, l1925.




Application mea June 2c, 1924. serial No. 722,479.

To all whom it may concern.'

Be i-t known that I, FRANK L. EMERSON,

I a. citizen of the United States, land a resiwhereby the pump may be installed and operated between zones of differentpressure and with the greatest facility.

@ther objects will appear from the drawings and specification which follow.

These objects I attain by providing a cylindrical wall member, in combination with the well or well casing and mounting the suction portion of the pump concentric within said wall member and I then provide a cup leather or other suitable packing between the said wall member and the suction element of the pump.

By referring to the accompanying drawings my invention Iwill be made clear.

Fig. 1 shows a vertical type ,of centrifugal pump to which my invention has been applled.

Fig. 2 is similar to Fig. 1 except the packing is shown in a diferent position and enabling the use of a larger runner and diffusing casing.

Fig. 3 is a variation'wherein the cylindrical casing member is Set in the bottom of a well. and no special discharge pipe is employed.

Throughout the figures Similar numerals refer to identical parts.

A conventional deep well is indicated by thev numeral 1, within which is mounted the discharge casing 2, the shaft tube- 3 and the shaft 4. The shaft is driven by the motor 5 and is supported in bearings 6, 7, 8, .and at the bottom of the discharge pipe 2 is the collar 9 integral with or fixed with the cylindrical wall member 10.

A three stage centrifugal pump is here indicated as having the diffusion vanes 11 and an outward flaring collar attached thereto, by which water is withdrawn through a suction pipe 15 and discharged upward 'in the direction ofthe arrow 16, into, through and out of the discharge pipe 2 at the outlet 17, thus providing a smooth channel for the pumped discharge.

The shaft journals and bearings-may be lubricated through t-he pipe 18. The water is closed oli' from the shaft andbearings by the tube 3, thus providing an oiling compartment between the tube 3 and shaft 4 as indicated by thespace 19.

The impellers 12,13, 14, .operate lwithin the casing members 20, 21, 22, and these are threaded together and mounted between 21 and 22 is a cup leather packing 23 which latter frict-ionally engages the wall of the thimble 10 and because of the pressurein the discharge column y24 the cup leather is forced against the wall 10 eil'ectually sealing the pressure compartment 24 from the suction 15.

* In the variation shown in Fig. 2 the pump is mounted -above the packing gland which is here shown in combination with the suction thimble 25. When the pump is built in this way the full diameterof the interior of the discharge pip'e 2 may be employed for the reception of the assembled pump, the thimble 10 having an interior diameter of less than the diameter of the assembled pump but in excess of the pump suction member 25. In this way the largest possible pump may be vplaced within thecasing 2 and its suction and delivery Sides sealedfrom each other by the packing 26 which in this in Stance is mounted o-n the member 25 and held in place with the collar 27 sealingv the packing against'the wall 10.

In the variation shown in Fig. 3, the pump is adapted to operate in the bottom of any conventional well without a discharge pipe but having mounted in its bottom the cylin- -drical wall member 30 against which. bears the packing 31 held in clamped relation between the pump casing elements 32, 33. In each instance the wall member, against hwhich the packing seals, is made with a tapering or Haring throat portion 40, enabling the assembled pump with its cup leather packing to be lowered into the well without damage to the cup leather, the cup leather telescoping within the exterior wall member only over a very short travel and there sealing the discharge from the Suction vas soon as the pump starts to operate and.

simultaneously anchoring the pump in its assembled and operative position.

It will alsobe noted that in each instance the pump hangs suspended on the shaft tube 3 which remains in tension. The shaft -is also in tension due to the weight of the ttl rotating parts and the Water load thereon.

Both the shaft and Shaft tube being in tension therefore contributes to the. maintenance of alignment of the shalt. and its bearings.

l claim: g

l. A centrifugal pump comprising a dis charge pipe, a cylindrical wall member of reduced diameter attached to said pipe, a. pump casing, a tub-e from which said casing is suspended, a driving shaft passing through said tube and an impeller on said shaft and within said casing.

2. rlhe combination set forth in claim 1 and packing means between the casing and the wall member.

3. The combination set forth in claim i and a suction pipe connected with said casing and of less external diameter than said casing and packing means between said suction pipe and said wall member.

d. rllhe combination set forth in claim l and packing means between the casing and the wall member and an outward Haring collar at the top oit said casing providing a smooth discharge for pumped fluid.

5. The combination set 'forth in claim l manera and a suction pipe connected with said casing and of less external dia-meter than said casing and packing means between said suction pipe and said wall member and an out-ward flaring collar at the top ot said casing providing a smooth discharge path for pumped fluid.

6. The combination of a vertical shaft centrifugal pump and a pump casing. a discharge column and a cylindrical wall member tixed to the. lower end of said column and of reduced internal diameter, a packing means between said member and said casing expansible under the pressure of the discharge whereby the discharge side and the suction side of the pump are divide-d.

centrifugal pump and an enclosing casing and a suction thimble. of less external diameter than said casing. ay cylindrical wall member surrounding said thimble., packing means between the thimble and the said member constructed and adapted t-o expand under the pressure of discharge and therebxY seal the. discharge from the. suction side of the pump.


s. rll`he combination ot a vertical shaft-

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U.S. Classification415/182.1, 415/901
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