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Publication numberUS1548027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1925
Filing dateSep 25, 1923
Publication numberUS 1548027 A, US 1548027A, US-A-1548027, US1548027 A, US1548027A
InventorsCharles J. Dunbar
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Loose-leaf binder and foster
US 1548027 A
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Aug. 4, 1925. v1,548,027

. c. J.'DUNBAR LoosE LEAF BINDER-AND POSTER Filed s gpt. 2 5. 1923 2 smug-sheet' 1 Aug. 4, 1925. 1,548,027

c. J. DUNBAR y LOOSE LEAF BINDER AND POSTER ,Filed sept. 25, 192s 2 sheets-sheet 2 Patented Aug. 4, 19.25.



1,548,027 PATENT oFFlcE.



Application med september 25, 1923. serial No. acacia.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, CHAnLEs J. `DUN- BAR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Kalamazoo, in the county of Kalamazoo and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Loose- Leaf Binders and Posters, of'whicli the Ifollowing is a specification.

invention relates to improvements in loose leaf binders'and posters, and more particularly to that type in which typewrittenfl record sheets are arranged and temporarily bound in such a manner as to permit of the ready removal or insertion of sheets without undue wear on the latter and without disturbing the arrangement of the remaining sheets.

flhe primary object is to provide a generally improved loose leaf binder and posting apparatus which will be etceedinglyl simple in construction, cheap of manufacture, and

efficient in use.

A further object is the provision of a loose leaf binder of the post type in which one or more leaves may be readily removed without the removal of the binderpposts when the binder is adjusted to loosen the leaves or segregatethe same into blocks on the posting stand or rack.

A still further and important object is the provision of an improved support or stand provided at one end with aiXed guide or abutment adapted to support a ledger base or bottom cover and its leaves in either a vertical or leaf-segregating and blocking position, or in an inclined horizontal or posting position-together with an improved follower guided on said support or stand and to cooperate With said fixed guide or abutment in supporting said ledger base'cover and leaves in either of said positions and in forming a posting tray in the first-mentioned position.

A still further object is the provision of an improved binder and binder support or stand having their parts so arranged and disposed relative to each other as to permit of the utilization of the covers of the binder as tray elements in receiving and aligning the leaves upon which entries are made, permitting ready transfer and rearrangement of such leaves by detachment and replacement thereof.

ting posts, together with loose leaves having an improved form and arrangement of notches and perforations with constricted slots at the butt edges adapted to engage the posts so that all the leaves may be arranged in alignment or certain of the leaves may beplaced in offset relation with reference to such aligning or registering leaves and all'the leaves locked in the binder in either arrangement.

Vith the above mentioned and other ends in View, the invention consists in the novel construction, arrangement and combination of parts, hereinafter described, illustrated in one of its embodiments in the accompanying drawings, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.v

Referring to .the drawings, forming a part of'this specification, Figure 1 is a perspective View of the improved loose leaf binder support or stand, the relatively movable mem rl or follower block being moved toward and in-cooperative relation to the fixed member for engaging and holding the connected ledger covers in a vertical or tray-forming position.

Fig. 2, an enlarged fragmentary end elevation of the same with the loose leaf ledger supported therein for segregating the leaves into blocks or' sections, and for offsetting, and the like, certain portions being broken away for clearer illustration of the connected parts.

Fig. 3, an enlarged side elevation of the improved support or stand, the follower block being in its fully extended or Verticallyoffset fixed posit-ion for supporting the lower or pin-carrying binder member and the attached ledger base cover in a posting position.

^ Fig. 4, an enlarged detailed side elevation of one of the improved detachable leafregistering or off-setting posts, and the postreceiving socket in disassembled -position preparatory to the insertion or just after the removal of the improved post.

Fig. 5, a top plan view of the post-receiving or socket member shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 6, a. top plan View of a slightly modified form of post-receiving socket members, detached.

Fig. 7, a cross sectional view of the Asame taken on line 7,-7 ofFig. 6.

Fig. 8, a fragmentary top plan view of one of the loose leaves or sheets provided with an improved form'and arrangement of post-receiving recesses and of eyes or openings having constricted slots adapted to cooperate with the leaf-registering and olfsetting posts. .l

Fig. 9, an end view of the lower binder member, the binder posts being shown mounted in their normally spaced relation.

Similar numerals of reference designate like parts throughout all the figures of the drawings.

The clamping or binder members l and 2 may be of any suitable and convenient construction and so likewise the hinged upper and lower cover members la and 2 a respectively. The upper or follower binder member l is provided with post-receiving openings lb, to removably receive and contain the binder posts, hereinafter referred to. The upper binder 1 and its cover la are movable relatively to the lower or base member 2 and its cover 2a, the post-receiving and containing openings 1b being slidabl on the posts and being secured in any desired adjusted position by suitable post-engaging and clamping mechanism, but such mechanism forming no specific .part ofthe present invention, the same need not be shown or described in detail.

As a means of mounting and demounting the binder posts 3, in the base or bottom binder member 2, the latter is preferably provided on its interior with postsreceiving socket members or blocks 4, provided with post-receiving sockets or openings 4, to removably receive and contain the lower ends of the binding posts 3.

As a means of conveniently inserting and locking or of unlocking and removing the. binder posts 3, the latter are preferably provided at their lower ends with spirally arranged grooves 3, preferably of square shape in cross section, said spiral grooves or threads 3l being adapted to receive and engage with a square shaped rojection 4b in the socket opening 4a. If esired, however, the projection pin 4b may be replaced by spirally arranged screw threads 4, to receive the grooves 3a of the pins 3, as illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7 of the drawings.

Referring now to the improved loose leaf or sheet 5, having intermediate slots orrecesses 5a, and post-receiving eyes or openings 5b, provided with constricted slots 5, as shown most clearly in Fig. 8 of the drawings, it will be understood that the intermediate recesses 5*1 and the eyes and slots 5b and 5c are adapted to receive and cooperate with the intermediate and end posts 3,-re spectively, in the leaf-registering and offsetting operation. The inner ends of the recesses 5a and the eyes or openings 5b are approximately of the diameter of the posts 3 and it will be seen that the constricted slots 5c are formed or defined by the oppositely arranged rounded tabs 54,'and it will yor fixed member 7 tabs 5f is such that when not compressed or restrained by adjacent sheets orleaves such "tabs will be able to pass about the binder posts 3 in the insertion or removal of a single sheet when thev binder posts are in position and the sheets are loosened or segregated into blocks, as shown for example in Fig. 2 of the drawings.

When used as an ordinary ledger and it is desired to retain the sheets 5 in position as against longitudinal movement or detachment relatively of the binding posts 3, three of such posts are used as shown. When it is desired to offset certain .of the leaves or sheets, the two end posts4 are preferably ref' be obvious that the natural flexibility ofthe i moved, leaving the median or middle post tov l stand and utilizing the same' as an offsetting post in connection with the three intermediate slots or recesses 5a, and should it be desired to lock the registering leaves in position in connection with the offset leaves, one or more of the end posts may be inserted.

Referring now to the improved support or stand for a loose leaf ledger adapted to support the covers of the latter in a vertical position as tray members, as shown in Fig'. 2 of the drawings, or to carry the pin-carrying or lower binder member 2, and the lower or base cover member 2a in a posting position, as shown in Fig. 3 of the drawings, it will be seen that a base or support 6, is provided having relatively xed and movable members 7 and 8, respectively, adapted when in one position to support the ledger covers l*1 and 2a, respectively,-in a tray-forming position and in another position to support the base or bottom cover 2a in a horizontally inclined or posting position. The abutment 'referably extends upwardly and outwardf) as shown, at one end of the support or base 6, and the relatively movable member 8 is preferably in the form lof a follower block slidvablvand adjustably mounted on the base 6 and movable toward and from the fixed or abutment member 7. As a convenient means of guiding and adjusting the follower 8, the latterl is prefer! ably provided on its under side with guide and stop members, said guide members, in the present instance, consisting in forwardly extending guides or blocks 8a arranged, in the present instance, in longitudinally extending guide-ways or slo-tsa. As a means of securing the follower 8 in variable positions, the stop members, in the present instance, comprise de ending stop pins or projections 8", adapte to extend into suitably spaced stop pin receiving openings 6b, ar- 125 follower block into cooperative relation to the ledger irrespective of variations in the lengths of the posts 3 and of variations in the thickness ofthe loose` leaf ledger, the follower block is preferably provided with post-receiving openings 8c, to receive the tops of the posts 3, as shown most clearly in Fig. 2 of the drawings. l p

As a means of conveniently carrying and supporting the lower binder memberv 2 and the base cover 2 in proper relative position to the abutment 7 and the follower 8 when the latter is in its extended or elevatedposition for supporting the leaves in a posting position, as shown 1n Fig. 3 of the drawin s, the guide blocks 8*aL are preferably in fiile specific form of offset ledges having notches 8f1 on their upper portions and the rear end of the base or support 6 is provided with a vertically offset or elevated member 9, provided at its opposite ends with openings 9", to receive the stop pins 8b of the follower when the latter is set up in its extended or posting position.

' Having thus described one of the embodiments of my invention, without having attempted to set forth all the forms in which it may be made, or all the. modes of its u'se, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is,-

1. A loose leaf for temporary binders pro'-- vided with-post-receiving eyes having con- V stricted slots and a plurality ot'y intermediate equally spaced leaf-offsetting recesses intersecting the butt ends thereof.

2. A leaf for loose leaf binders provided with marginal post-receiving eyes terminating in constricted slots defining oppositely arranged inwardly extending flexlble tabs and offsetting recesses between said eyes.

3. In combination with a binder, including ledger binder members and covers, one of said binder members having end and intermediate binder posts, a support havino relatively fixed and movable members sai movable member having openings to receive said posts, said fixed and movable members being adapted when in one position to lsupport the ledger covers in a tray-forming position and in another position to support the base cover in a posting position.-

4. A loose leaf for tem orary binders provided with-equally space marginal post-re- 4ceiving eyes and recesses, the latter comprisflexible tabs adapted .to secure the leaves as a whole and permit individual leaves to be removed therefrom when said binder members are loosened.

6. In a loose leaf binder, in combination with a binder member carrying three equally spaced demountable binder and intermediate posts, a plurality of loose leaves provided with mar inal post-receiving eyes having c onstricte slots and aA lurality of intermediate equally spaced o setting recesses all ada ted to receive said binder and intermecfiate posts, respectively, .said constricted slots defining rounded fiexible tabs adapted to secure the leaves a's a Whole and to permit individual leaves to be removed therefrom when the binder members are loosened.

7. In combination witha loose leaf binder, including movable binder members and covers, one of said binder members having end binder posts and an intermediate leafoffsetting post, a support for holding said binder members and covers in a tray-forming position, and loose leaves y'provided with marginal end binder post receivin eyes and three lintermediate equally space leaf-offsetting recesses adapted to receive the end binder and the ,intermediate leaf-offsetting posts res ectively, said eyes terminating in rounded exible tabs extending toward each other forming constricted slots adapted to secure the leaves as a whole and permit individuall leaves to be removed therefrom when said binder members are loosened.

4In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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