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Publication numberUS1548046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1925
Filing dateJul 28, 1923
Priority dateJul 28, 1923
Publication numberUS 1548046 A, US 1548046A, US-A-1548046, US1548046 A, US1548046A
InventorsJohn Lally
Original AssigneeJohn Lally
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Building columns
US 1548046 A
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Aug. A4, 1925.

J. LALLY BUILDING COLUMNS Filed July 28. 1925 Patented Aug. 4, 1925.




Application led July 28, 1923. Serial No. 654,404.V

To all whom t may concern: y

Be it known that I, JOHN LALLY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Boston, in the county of Suffolk and Stateof Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Building Columns, ofl which the following is a. specification.

My invention relates to building columns and it is my object to provide web ties for beams carried by superimposed columns so arranged that the columns and beams will be more rigidly united than in prior structures. I-Ieretofore it has been customary to place the beam brackets on a column below its top and to y column between the brackets and the column end so that the web ties will lie against the beam webs when the beams are resting on the brackets. The upper, or superimposed column was then set on theupper end of the lower column and some provision had to be made for uniting the two.

My present` invention contemplates the Y use of a. cap on the extreme end of the lower column on which the beams rest and web ties on the lower end of the upper column so that the beams will rest on, and be carried by, the lower column and tied to the Yupper column whereby the two columns Aand the beams will be solidly secured together.

In the drawing, which discloses a fourway cap column, Fig. l is a side view, partly in section, of my improved construction; and Fig. 2 is a plan View, also partly in section, of the structure of Fig.Y 1V. i

The lower column a is preferably a steel or iron tube l with a plastic filling 2, such as concrete. The cap b has a flat crown plate 3, a neck 4 and brackets 5 ymay be placed under the crown `plate. where the beams rest thereon. This cap is preferably made of cast iron or steel with the tube 1 fitting inside the neck 4 and the inner face of the crown plate 3 setting on the column end.

The upper face of the crown plate 3 may have a ring 6 cast therein to form a socket place the. web ties on the same" or recess to vreceive the lower end of the upper column c which, as is the case of the lower column, is formed of a tube 7 with a plastic filling 8. y f g Vertical slots 9 are cut in the lower part of the upper column and slightly eccentric to its axis as shown in Fig. 2. Web ties 10 are inserted in these slots before the tube is filled and are thereby solidly anchored in the concrete. If desired the web plates 10 and the slot edges may be welded together to increase the strength.

In erecting the lower columnvis set up and the cap is slipped over thegend, the neck 4 holding it in place. The beams 1l are next set in position on the brackets or crown plate after which the vupper column with its web ties is lowered into the ring or socket 6 with the web ties extending Vbetween the beam ends as indicated Vin dotted lines in Fig. 2. The upper column is then revolved until the web ties lie up against the beam webs when they' are bolted thereto. If de sired the beam anges may be bolted to the crown plate so that the upper and lower columns` and beams are all solidly united.

I claim Building column construction comprisinga lower column, a bracket cap thereon adapted to carry a plurality vof beams, an upper column resting on the top of the lower column cap and provided with a plu rality of slots near its lower'end, said slots being eccentric to the column a-Xis, a filling of plastic material within said column, a web tie secured in each of said slots and extending into the plastic material, beams resting on the bracket, each web tie being secured` to a beam web whereby the beam webs are radially located with respect to the column a-Xis and the upper and lower columns and beams are united into a solid structure.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification52/283
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