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Publication numberUS1548082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1925
Filing dateNov 23, 1921
Priority dateNov 23, 1921
Publication numberUS 1548082 A, US 1548082A, US-A-1548082, US1548082 A, US1548082A
InventorsAdams Thomas O, Wise William J
Original AssigneeWise Mcclung Mfg Company
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Fan for vacuum cleaners
US 1548082 A
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Aug. 4, 1925.

' Fiied Nov. 25, 1921 1,548,082 w. J. WISE ET AL `FAN FOR VACUUM CLEANERS Aug. 4, 1925. -1,548,082

w. J.- wlsE ET Al.

FAN FOR VACUUM CLEANERS Filed Nov. y23, 1921 3 sheets-sheet 2 Aug; 4, 1925.

w. J. wlsE ET AL FAN FOR VACUUM CLEANERS A Filed NOV. 23, 1921 TMI/MJ Adamo Clllwn'l WILLIAM I. WISE ANI) VUnited States,

Patented Aug. 4, 1925.




FAN FQR VACUUM Application led November 23, 1921.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that we, WILLIAM J. WISE andy THOMAS O. ADAMS, citizens of the both residing at New Philadelphia, in the county of Tuscarawas Vand State of Ohio, have invented a new and usef ful Fan for Vacuum Cleaners, ot' which the `following is a specification.

This invention relates to vacuum clean- 'ersvand more particularly to the construc- 'tion and assembly of the fan upon the motor shaft. f cleaner, the fan is located within a fan In the usual portable vacuum chamber having an inlet ope-ning annularly ahgned. with the axis of the fan, the air being sucked into the Jfan chamber against the central portion of the fan and exhausted therefrom to side of the periphery of the fan, and the objects ot the invention are to provide a fan so constructed that the air may be exhausted from the fan is drawn into said chamber, in order to prevent any obstruction of the fan chamber; other objects being 'to provide means for conveniently assembling the -fan upon the motor Shaft.

The above and other objects may at attained -byforming the body of the fan of convex or shallow conical shape, thus slightly restricting the central portion of the fan chamber adjacent to the point where the air is admitted thereto, allowing the air to be exhausted from the fan chamber` more lIgapidly than it was drawn into said cham- The motor shaft may be shouldered and threaded upon its extremity, a flanged, shouldered -an hub being located thereon and carrying the fan which is held fixedly upon the motor shaft by means ot a washer and :iut placed tion of the shaft.

The invention thus set forth in general terms is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which-4 y Figure 1 is a plan view partly in section of a horizontal typeofa portableyacuum cleaner provided with invention;

Fig. 2, a section on the line lI-II, Fig. 1;

Fig. 3, a perspective view of the end portion of the motor and shaft;

i 1113.111181 CllStOl'IlaI the usual dust collector bag f through an outlet opening disposed at one 1 chamber more rapidly than it P over the threaded end por` a tan embodying the CLEANER-S.

Serial N'o. 517,399.



Fig. and

Fig. 7, a perspective view of the nut-which retains the fan upon the motor shaft.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout the drawings.

The motor 1, motor casing 2,' an casing 3, nozzle 4, wheels 5 and dust collector bag 6, may be of any usual construction, the air being drawn into the fan chamber- 7 from the nozzle through the'inlet opening 8, and exhausted therefrom into the dust collector bag through the outlet opening 9 in thein'vacuum cleaners.

Although the Invention is shown in the )resent case applied to a vacuum cleaner of the horizontal motor type, it will be understood that the invention is equally applicable without change to any other form of ortable vacuum cleaner.

The motor shaft 10 is journaled in a bearing 11 carried in the base plate 12 of the motor frame, a felt packing 13 being preferably provided around the motor shaft within the cylindric Opening 14 which contains the bearing for the purpose of preventing dust from working into the lower bearing and also of preventing lubricating Oil from being carried downwardly along the shaft into the fan chamber.

The end portion of the motor shaft is reduced and threaded as at 15, providing an annular shoulder 1G, the fan hub '17 being placed. over the end portion of the yshaft and provided with the internal shoulder 18 which engages the shoulder 16 of the shaft.

The. fan hub 17 is provided midway of its length with the annular flange 19, and the annular body portion 20 of the fan, which is slightly convex or tapered, as best shown in Fig. 1, is provided with the central aperture 21 which fits snugly over the hub, the body portion of the fan being of suitable thickness to extend to the outer end of lthe hub.

The usual curved blades 22 are provided upon the fan, being preferably of greater width at their outer end portions than at the center of the fan, in order to quickly ber through the inlet opening 8.

A washer 23 is placed over the end of the motor shaft and against the body portion 2O of the fan, a nut 24 being placed upon the threaded extremity of the shaft and tightene to hold the washer in frictional engagement with the fan, thus clamping the fan between the flange 19 vof the hub and the washer 23, and clamping the fan hub tightly against the shoulder 16 of the shaft, the fan thus being xed upon the shaft.

As the body portion 20 of the fan is convexed or tapered toward the thus be evident that the central portion of the fan chamber is slightly restricted with reference to the peripheral portion thereof, thus permitting the air to the fan chamber more rapidly than it is drawn into said chamber, preventing any obstruction of the fan chamber and permitting the air to be passed freely therethrough from the nozzle to the dust collector bag.

It will also be evident that 'the fan may be easily and readily assembled upon the motor shaft or removed therefrom, the loosening of the nut 24 allowing the entire fan assembly to be slipped over the end of the motor shaft, while the fan may be held rigidly upon the motor shaft by tightening said nut.

We claim 1. In a vacuum cleaner including a fan chamber provided with an annular depression and having a central inlet opening and a center, it will be expelled from peripheral outlet opening, a rotary fan within the fan chamber comprising a concavoconvex disk having blades thereon', the disk being inclined away from the inlet opening from center to periphery, the periphery of the disk being located within said annular depression.

2. In a vacuum cleaner including a fan' cham-ber provided with an annular depression and having a central inlet opening and a peripheral outlet opening, a rotary fan mounted within the fan chamber and comprising a saucer-shaped disk provided with transversely disposed blades the periphery of the disk being located within said annular depression.

3. In a vacuum cleaner including a fan chamber, a motor and a motor shaft extend- 1n edgshank upon the motor shaft, an internally shouldered fan hub mounted upon said shank, a peripheral flange upon the hub, a

fan mounted upon the outer end portion of the hub and engaging said flange, a Washer upon said shank engaging the fan, anda nut vupon the shank engaging said washer whereby the fan is clamped between said washer and hub flange.

In testimony that we claim the above, We have hereunto subscribed our names.


mto the fan chamber, a reduced, thread-`

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